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Champion Pt. 3 (M) ~ Boxer!Jackson AU

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You nodded and bit your lip, “Okay, baby.”

Jackson smiled and picked you up and carried you into your shared bedroom. He kissed you softly at first but it soon became a heated make out session and his hands were exploring your body.

He squeezed your hips when your legs wrapped his waist and you ground down on him. You broke the kiss to let out a moan and he kissed down your neck.

Jackson bit and sucked all over your neck and left hickeys on your collarbones.

He moved his hands to your shirt and removed it, leaving you in just a bra and shorts.

“Jackson please..” You moaned, impatient, but happy he was taking his time.

“Please what (Y/N)?” He smirked against your skin and softly blew on the newest hickey he left on your shoulder.

“Touch me.. Please.. I need you so bad Jackson!” You whined, trying to push him down by his shoulders.

“Not yet baby.” You groaned and tried to be patient but your panties were already soaked. His right hand trailed behind you and went to unclasp your bra… but there was no clasp.

“What the fuck?” He furrowed his eyebrows and ran his hand over your back, searching for the clasp.

You laughed and watched him, “It’s at the front.”

He pulled away and sat up, seeing the small clasp in between each cup.

He used both hands and tried to unclasp it but he failed and groaned.

“(Y/N)! What is this shit?”

You used a hand and twisted it before pulling up and it easily unclasped.

“You’re not wearing this again.” He pulled it off of you and before you could protest, he ripped it.

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Imagine hooking up with young Mark Wahlberg...

You had been a Calvin Klein photographer for about 5 years. You had worked with thousands of gorgeous men - you were used to dealing with them. When you first started the job, 5 years ago you used to blush an awful lot and giggle at some of the models you had to photograph, now you had matured. It was easy. Until now, you found out you had to photograph Mark Wahlberg.

You had posters in your room of him when you were a teen. He was your idea of perfection. How were you going to cope with this? 

It was 30 minutes before the shoot would begin. You had heard Mark had arrived. You let out some deep breaths before going to set up your studio. “You can do this.” you whispered to yourself. “Who are you talking to?” a deep, morning voice asked you. In shock, you turned to see Mark leaning on the door frame. “erm…ERM.. just. myself I. guess.” you mumbled while picking up your camera. Mark giggled at you. You walked towards him holding out your hand. He took it and held it gently. “Pleasure to meet you, Mark” you said with a smile before walking out of the room but Mark didn’t let go of your hand. “What’s your name sweetie?” Mark looked at you with curiosity in his eyes. “I’m Y/N, see you out there.” You walked away with a smile scarring your face.

The photo shoot was about to begin. Mark walked in with just a pair of Calvin’s on. You tried to stop you eyes from descending south many times. It was difficult. “Right, you ready Mark?” you asked him without looking at him. “Yeah, darling - let’s go.” After a set of shots, Mark asked you to stop. “Why won’t you look at me, Y/N? Is it something I said or did?” His face dropped and he made his way towards you. “Er.. no. It’s nothing I was just making sure the camera settings were okay.” you didn’t take your eyes off of your camera, even though Mark Wahlberg was stood right next to you in only a pair of boxers. You felt a hand lift your chin and turn it. You were now facing the hottest man ever & he wanted to talk to YOU. You bit your bottom lip as you got lost in his hazel eyes. He came closer to your face with his, laying a kiss on your lips. “Y/N, I want to take you to dinner tonight.” a smiled appeared on his handsome face. “I want to go to dinner with you - now get over there and let me take some more pictures of you!” you laughed and carried on biting your lip.


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“I Can Last Longer” (Archie Andrews)


Rating: R

Pairing: Archie Andrews x reader

Summery: Jughead and Veronica challenge Y/N and Archie to see how long they can go without sex.

Requested: No, this is purely for my own enjoyment

“My god, look at you guys. You can’t stand two minutes without sucking each other’s face off.” Veronica says, pointing her fork accusingly at us. To be fair, Archie and I were staring into each other’s eyes dreamily. 

“You’re right, these two are magnetically drawn to each other’s lips.” Jughead says, peaking up from his computer. Archie’s face turned as red as his hair, I just hid my face in his chest. 

“I bet you two couldn’t last one week without fucking in a closet.” Veronica smirks up at us.

“I mean, I probably could. Y/N not so much.” Archie says, his eyes looking me up and down. 

“Oh shut up, Archie. You get hard every time I walk into a room.” I retaliate. 

“It’s not my fault you’re a constant fucking tease.” Archie defends.

“I could probably last longer without sex than you could.” I shoot back. 

“No way, I totally can beat you.” Archie shoots back. 

“You’re on.” I challenge. 

“What does the winner get?” Veronica asks. “I mean, what’s the point of going sexless with no prize?”

“I don’t know, what do you want baby?” I ask, making doe eyes up at him because I know he likes it. More so, his dick likes it. I’m gonna win this thing.

“How about blow jobs for a week?” Jughead suggests. I almost laugh at he idea, he does’t even have to ask at this point in the relationship.

“Okay, but what does Y/N get if she, somehow, wins?” Archie says. 

“What about the same thing for her?” Veronica suggests.

“Sounds good for me.” I say. 

“And so the game begins.” Jughead laughs menacingly. Just then Betty walks over, her tight blonde ponytail swinging behind her. She takes a seat on the bench next to us.

“What are we talking about over here?” Betty asks, resting her head in her hands. 

“Y/N and Archie are having a contest to see who can last longer without sex.” Veronica states smoothy, not missing a beat. 

“Winner gets oral for a week.” Jughead comments. Betty’s face falls and she pokes at her lunch. 

It’s been almost a week since we started the contest and so far, neither of us are winning. I had woken up with my panties damp and ready to hump anything that moves. I know it was stupid but I was determined to win this competition. 

We were currently sitting at Pop’s with the rest of the group. Jughead and Veronica were promising to monitor us to make sure we didn’t bang in secret. I guess they had money running on who would win. 

With Jughead sleeping in Archie’s room and Veronica constantly calling me, I don’t know how we even found time to be together in the first place. We were currently discussing Cheryl’s crazy antics on coping, I was starting to get a little bored.

I slowly reached my hand onto Archie’s knee, something I do all the time. I watched his face, waiting for change. I slowly reached my hand farther up his muscular thigh, his eyebrows furrowed for a second but he tried to regain composer. 

I slowly put my hand on top of his crotch. Archie bit his lip and let his eyes glance over at me. I slowly palmed him through his jeans, feeling him getting hard beneath me. 

“Well how have you been coping so long without sex?” Veronica asks. I pick my pace up on the rubbing. 

“Oh you know, Jughead has cock blocking us. We can barely hang out.” I joke, glancing at Archie who looks like he’s about to explode. He’s biting his lip with his eyes closed and head back on the booth. He’s breathing heavily and I know he’s close.

“Hey, I’m determined to win this twenty bucks.” Jughead laughs. I smile widely, looking innocent as ever. I feel Archie’s body tense up, a small groan leaves his lips that he’d been holding in as he releases. 

“Y-You okay there, Archikins?” Veronica ask. The restaurant is almost dead silent and all eyes are on Archie.

“Y-yeah I’m fine.” Archie stutters out, his face bright red. I press a quick kiss to his cheek. Archie glares at me from the corner of his eye. He leans in close to me, so close that his lips graze my earlobe. “You’re gonna pay for that, Y/N.”

We decided to relocate the group hang out session to Archie’s house. We had on some slasher film that we were talking over. I had my legs over Archie’s and was laying across the couch. There was a break in the conversation and most everyone’s focus was on the TV, everyone but Archie.

His hand crept up from my knee to my thigh, to my stomach. I sucked in a sharp breath in attempts to keep from giggling. Veronica was sat on the floor right besides me, she turned around. Archie’s had migrated back from my stomach to my panties. 

“You okay, Y/N?” Veronica asks. Jughead’s eyes lit up, I guess he had money on me being the first to crack. 

“Yeah, Y/N. Are you okay?” Archie says before biting his lip, his hand was vigorously rubbing over my clit. 

“I’m-” I swallowed and tried to regain composure. “I’m fine, just a bit chilly.”

I doubt anyone bought it but didn’t feel like interrogating me anymore and turned back to the movie. I sat up on the couch and cuddled up close to Archie. Betty moved from the floor to the end of the couch.

“Using my own tactics against me, Arch? Very original.” I mumble to him. I can sense the smirk on his face. “Meet me in the kitchen?”

“Does anyone want anything to drink?” I ask, getting up from the couch. Everyone shakes their head ‘no’ and I head to the kitchen. I peek around to see Archie rushing to follow me. We immediately smash our lips into each other’s. 

I run my hand through Archie’s fiery locks as he pulls my leg around his waist. I subtly grind into him, making him moan into my mouth. Archie lifts me up and places me on the kitchen counter. Archie takes his top off and I pull my sweater off. 

Archie’s hands immediately cup my breasts as I leave hickeys down his neck. He reaches around and unclips my bra, throwing it across the kitchen. His hands massage my breasts, rolling the nipple between his fingers and pressing sloppy kisses around them. 

“I’ve missed these.” He groans out.

“You should have gave in earlier, then we could have had lots of fun.” I giggle out as I trace over the hickeys I’d just left. 

“I’m pretty sure you gave in first.” Archie chuckles, placing a few kisses over my neck till he reaches my lips.

“Alright maybe I did.” I admit. “But I blame the fact you’re so fucking hot, Andrews.”

Archie blushes and grazes his lips over mine. I run my hands from his shoulders down to his abdomen. He shutters under me and I smile. 

“Are we gonna keep waiting or what?” Archie mumbles quietly. I smirk and nod. He drops his pants and I can see his prominent bulge through his boxers. I bite my lip and almost moan at the sight. A week is too long to go without Archie’s heavenly touch is torture. 

I hike my skirt up as Archie rips my red Lacey panties down. They’re one of his favorites, he lets out a groan at just the sight. I smirk up at him as he grinds his clothed crotch against me. My wetness leaves a mark on his boxers, he almost groans at the sight. I slowly reach my hand out to his boxers, pulling them down lightly.

His member springs free and hits abdomen, my mouth waters. Archie presses kisses on my lips as he starts to line himself up at my entrance. I bite my lip to keep from moaning, remembering our friends in the other room. He slowly pushes in and I almost scream. I rake my nails down his back as I adjust to his gurthy size. 

“F-fuck, Arch.” I whimper as he starts to thrust. He slams right into my G-spot making me almost squeal. I dig my nails deeper into his back. 

“God, Y/N. I missed this.” He mutters into my ear as his thrusts continue. I throw my head back and let out a loud moan as he continues. He removes himself completely, running his tip over my clit. I almost let out a scream but bury my face into his neck. 

I feel a knot forming in the pit of my stomach. I feverishly press kisses from his shoulder to his earlobe. Archie’s fingers are digging into my hips, surely going to leave bruises. Archie thrusts into me faster and harder than he ever had before. I attempt to hold in my moans of pleasure so my friends don’t take notice but it’s almost impossible.

“Come on, babydoll. Be loud for me.” Archie grunted out. I finally let go and just let out almost an ear piercing moan. Archie smirked in satisfaction. “Archie! Oh, Archie- I’m gonna cum!” 

I felt waves of pleasure wash over my body like the ocean. I pulled myself close to Archie as I came. I clenched around him and threw my head back with a loud scream. Archie thrusted into me as he reached his climax, letting out swears and groans as he came. 

Archie lay panting over my naked body, still inside of me. Just then we heard a few pairs of feet coming into the kitchen. My face immediately turned a bright red.

“Well, who won?” Veronica’s voice asks. She wasn’t even phased by her two friends’ bare naked bodies in a compromising position. 

“Archie won.” I say. “Would you guys give us a second?”

“I’ll be taking that twenty bucks now, Roni.” Jughead says back. “I don’t think we should ever challenge them to a week without sex again.”

“I’m gonna need therapy after the things I heard and saw.” Betty says. 

Got7 Mark Smut- Spilled Candy

Spilled Candy

A Mark Tuan Smut

“Come on Y/N” Mark yelled to me. I sighed at his impatience and continued to slide on my black sweatpants. I grabbed my yellow sweatshirt and stood in front of the mirror. I admired my reflection. Staring back at me was a beautiful woman of color. Curly hair and brown skin.

“Y/NNNNNN” Mark shouted again, dragging out the last syllable of my name. Not wanting to hold him up anymore, I quickly grabbed my phone and made my way to the kitchen where Mark was.

“Finally! We are only going to the drive-in. No need to get all dressed up” he said, glancing up from his phone.

“Is it a crime to look good everywhere?” I question, lifting my eyebrow up.

“No, but it’s a crime to make me late to this movie” he said. I rolled my eyes and made my way out the door. Mark followed closely behind.


“Y/N hurry up and get in the back” Mark said, keeping his eye focused on the road.

I made my way quickly to the backseat and put the blanket on top of me. Whenever we were at the drive-in, I hid in the back so we wouldn’t have to spend so much money on tickets.

Once Mark paid, we drove into the lot where the movie was playing. We parked towards the back. The movie was playing in five minutes so I hurried to get popcorn from the concession stand.

“Hey beautiful,” some guy said to me. I turned my head and there stood Jackson Wang.

“Jackson what are you doing here” I replied flashing a smile at him.

“Mark told me you guys were going to the drive-in and I figured I’d join in. I actually parked right next to you guys.” He responded.

“Oh okay. I guess I’ll be joining you in your car once Mark goes to sleep on me” I said nudging him in the arm. He smiled.

“I won’t be going to sleep anytime Y/N” Mark said. I didn’t even notice him come behind us.

“I guess we should get back now. The movie is about to start,” Jackson said. The three of us all headed to our cars.

As the movie began to play, Mark remained silent. He didn’t even glance at me.

“What’s wrong baby” I questioned turning my head to the side a little bit.

“Oh nothing. I am surprised you haven’t joined Jackson in his car yet” He responded, not looking away from the screen.

I shook my head. Mark was really salty about that. “Maybe I will,” I said getting ready to open the car door.

“I don’t think so. ” He replied reaching over and grabbing my sides. I giggles slightly at the reaction he had.

“Here come sit in my lap” Mark said patting his upper thigh.

I was hesitant at first because if Jackson looked over, he might get the wrong idea. But then again, why would I miss an opportunity to sit on his lap?

I crawled over carefully making sure not to spill any of the drinks we had in the cupholders.

“You smell lovely Jagiya” Mark spoke softly in my ear.

“Thank you babe. Now pass over those skittles” I said keeping my eyes fixated on the movie screen.

Mark held out the skittles and when I reached for them, he pulled his arm back fast.

“Quit playing with me boy and pass me the skittles.” I told him. He handed them over and pulled back once again but this time he spilled them all.

“Dammit Y/N” Mark hissed at me.

“It wasn’t my fault”

“I think it was. Clean it up” he said sternly. Normally I would oblige but he was making me miss the movie and I just wanted him to shut up.

“Fine” I responded. I bent down and started to pick them up. Then I realized what he was trying to do.

“I think I saw some on the passenger side” I said wiggling my way up. I made sure my ass was on his dick. I leaned over lifting my ass in the air and placing my hand on his upper thigh for stability. It was dangerously close to his bulge.

“Jagiya what are you doing” he hissed at me like a snake.

“Cleaning up like you said oppa”

“Stop wiggling your ass on my dick” he said sternly.

“Oh. Like this?” I said moving around.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me up aggressively. I hit my head on the dash bored and cried out.

“I’m sorry jagiya. You are just making me hard and I kinda need you” He said softly. He rubbed his hand on my head full of curls.

“Please” he pleaded.

“Okay let’s get in the back. I don’t want anyone to see us, especially Jackson” I said. We both eagerly climbed into the back, hungry for each other’s touch.

“I want to try something a little different tonight” He whispered into my ear. His voice made the hairs on my arms spark up.

“We are kinda limited with the space” I said.

“I think it will work. ” He replied. He began tugging his sweats down.

“Here let me” I said pulling his sweats down. Once they were off, I palmed his bulge and leaned into him.

“What do you want to try oppa” I whispered seductively into his neck. I kissed around his neck and trailed my hand up and down his body. He moaned and bit his lip.

“I want to sixty-nine. Do you want to?” He questioned.

“Hell yeah” I said turning around.

Mark rubbed my ass slowly. He used his fingers and rubbed my heat. I was already beyond turned on and eager.

“Leave your panties on. I think they are sexy” he mumbled as he continued to rub me.

I tugged his boxers down and let his thick cock sprang free. Mark was a bit insecure about his dick so every time I saw it, I made sure to praise him and boost his ego.

“Mmmhhmm Oppa. Did you already get this hard from me?” I asked spitting on it and rubbing. I ran my finger over the tip and he moaned.

“Yes jagiya. I’m this hard for you and only you.” He replied.

“I love your dick Markie. It’s so big and nice. Do you want me to suck it for you?” I said, giving it a little squeeze.

“Fuck…. yes… Y/N. ” He stuttered. He moved my panties over, exposing my pretty pussy.

I kitten licked his tip before swallowing his length. Whatever I couldn’t fit in my mouth, I rubbed. Mark sucked on me as I sucked on him. He tongue glided up and down. He spent extra time on the small bundle of nerves.

“Oppa I can’t fit all over your dick. It’s soo big. God I love it” I said before continuing. I rubbed his balls which earned me a throaty moan.

“I am already close jagiya. Keep going. Just like that” He told me.

Mark sucked hard on my sensitive area. If it wasn’t for dick in my mouth, I would have moaned.

“Where do you want me to come baby?” He asked.

I stopped for a moment and said “right in my mouth. I want your cum in my mouth”.

He came in my mouth and I let out a moan. His warm cum and his tongue on my pussy had me on edge.

When he came down from his high, I continued to suck him. He was so sensitive. I loved giving him the extra pleasure.

“I’m close Mark” I moaned. He moved his tongue faster and entered his fingers. The amount of pleasure I was feeling was beyond extraordinary.

I finally came and pulled his fingers out.

“I love you so much Y/N” he spoke, softly out of breath.
I grabbed some napkins from the front and began to clean up.

“We should do this more often” Mark said pulling his boxers and sweats on. I put the napkins in the bag we were using for trash. I put my bottoms back on and climbed back into the front seat with Mark.

After two minutes, we heard a knock on the window. Mark rolled it down and we were greeted by a smiling Jackson.

“Did you two just do the nasty?” He smirked.

“Shut up Jackson. Go away” Mark said. He was annoyed now and wanted Jackson to leave.

Jackson laughed and turned back to his car.

“Thank you jagiya” Mark said then proceeding to kiss me.

“Anytime oppa”.

Of Dim Lights and Silent Nights (M)

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Characters: Mark Tuan (GOT7) x Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7) x You (OC/Reader)

Genre: Smut 

Length:   3,761 words

Plot:  Nothing seems unusual when your boyfriend invited you to drive to their dorms to give him and the boys’ ramen, until you step foot inside the dorm that you’ve realized something strange is happening.

Warning/s: Strictly boy x boy smut, Extreme make out session between two men, Voyeurism, Female Masturbation, Pillow humping (don’t ask alsdkgha), dirty talk, etc. (shit I’m going to fucking hell)

A/N:  HEY guys… SO this is again abrupt writing and I am honestly a thirsty hoe for Markbum and there’s not much Markbum smut out there so I wrote a quick (I guess) smut for the two of them (but this involves a female reader also) and it’s in the 2nd Voyeurism POV SO THAT’S IT ENJOY (I guess I should consider this as a birthday gift for myself LMAO)

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Gift - Jin (BTS) and Mark (Got7)

You and Mark had been bffs for a really long time. In fact he was the one who introduced you to your boyfriend Jin. Jin and you had a great relationship, you barely fought and always showed a lot of love towards each other. You two had been together a year now and had moved in with each other. Recently you had noticed that anytime you left your phone alone and came back Jin would be in it. You had nothing to hide of course, but him doing this every time made you feel like he didn’t trust you.

 Eventually you had had enough. On one particular Saturday morning you were laying in bed with him as the bedroom TV was on. He was watching a show on it and you were texting Mark constantly, since he was your best friend after all. You had to go visit your mom so you went into the bathroom to get ready. When you came back he had your phone in his hands yet again and was looking through it. You rolled your eyes and sat back down besides him with a huff.

“Seriously Jin? What is the issue?” you asked, attitude clear on your voice. “Recently you’re always on my phone, why? Do you think I am doing something wrong?” you questioned.

He bit his lip deep in thought before he looked up at you. “Why have you been messaging Mark so much?” he asked.

You scowled at him, “Because he is my best friend why else? Do you think I am cheating on you with Mark? You can read all of our messages none of them are inappropriate.” You said defending yourself.

“I don’t think you’re cheating on me but…” he said trailing off.

“But what?!” you asked raising your voice at him slightly. 

“But…I think that you think he is attractive.” he whispered softly.

“Of course I think he is attractive Jin, I mean obviously he is but don’t you think he is attractive too? That doesn’t mean I will cheat on you with him.” you stated. Jin had said before how handsome Mark was which wasn’t so weird for him to tell you because Jin was bisexual. Jin just looked back at you with an expression that you could not read and it was pissing you off so much. You rolled your eyes at him and said, “You know what Jin I’m just going to go now ok.” You grabbed your purse and phone and stormed out of the house getting into your car and driving off.

During the day with your mom you forgot about the stupid fight. You returned home at night and entered your house. Jin was in the bedroom laying in bed as if he hadn’t moved since you left, however you knew he did since he was wearing different pants. Seeing him reminded you of the fight and you became annoyed again. 

However, when he saw you he smiled widely. “I missed you baby.” he said sweetly as though the fight didn’t even happen. 

You bit your lip to stop yourself from smiling back. He looked so angelic on the bed in just some grey joggers that hung low on his hips leaving his toned abs and piece of his hip bones on display. His hair was slightly messy and he had his lip in between his teeth. “I’m going to shower.” you quickly muttered and disappeared into the bathroom shutting the door quickly so as not to give in to him.

You got into the shower and let the warm water flow over you, running your hands all over your body with your eyes closed. Your mind couldn’t help but drift back to Jin laying on the bed looking so perfect. You wanted him but you were supposed to be angry. Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring. You thought nothing of it, maybe Jin had just ordered take out. You let your mind drift back to his body. His toned sexy body that knew how to please you. You groped your boobs softly with one hand as the other went in between your legs. You rubbed your clit softly and moaned Jin’s name softly. 

You opened your eyes and realized how ridiculous you were being. Your sexy man was right in the bedroom. Why should you please yourself?  You could never please yourself the way he can. You turned off the shower and grabbed your towel wiping your body off and then wrapping the towel around yourself.

You made your way to the door and pushed it open. What you saw made your knees grow week. Your sexy boyfriend was on the bed in just his boxers with your equally as sexy best friend, Mark also in just boxers. They laid beside each other with their mouths attached as they kissed each other, their hands roaming the other’s body and they both sported erections. It was such a sexy sight seeing two beautiful men on your bed like that. You took a step forward but your knees gave out and you fell to the floor alerting them both of your arrival into the room.

They both sat up but didn’t seem shocked or anything by your presence. Jin got up off of the bed and came over to you helping you up to your feet. “What’s going on?” you asked as you squeezed your thighs together, your arousal was so great at that point.

Jin smirked, “I know I got you angry this morning sweety, so  I have a gift for you.” he said seductively. Your eyes flashed to Mark on the bed who was also smirking. His hard on so evident in his tight boxers. You had never seen Mark like this before but oh my god was he fucking sexy. 

Jin pulled you into him and pressed his lips to yours in a brief but heated kiss. He nipped your bottom lip before pulling away leaving you breathless. “Go play with your gift a little.” he whispered and you couldn’t help but moan in response. 

You looked at Mark again as Jin swiftly rid you of your  towel. Mark bit his lip as he looked at you and shifted in his boxers, he was obviously pleased with what he saw. You slowly walked over to him as he sat on the edge of the bed. His eyes stayed trained on you the whole time like a dog on a bone. 

You straddled him immediately and put your face very close to his, as you took his hands in yours and placed them on your bum. He squeezed instantly and you whimpered. You leaned in to him and pressed your lips to his hungrily. He kissed back with the exact same vigor as you connected your hands behind his head, deepening the lustful kiss.

He pushed his tongue into your mouth as he squeezed your bum again and you moaned into the kiss gripping a little of his hair at the nape of his neck and pulling it hard. His tongue played with yours making the kiss even more sexy and creating moisture in between your legs. 

You pushed down your naked crotch onto his boxer covered boner and both of you moaned this time. The friction felt amazing. The soft material of the boxers against your wet heat and his hard boner beneath that was absolutely heavenly. You moved against him again and he pulled away from the kiss and gazed at you through hooded eyes. He loved the feeling just as much as you did.

Before you could move against him again, you felt Jjin’s presence behind you. He bent down and pressed a kiss to your shoulder making you shudder as he let one of his hands crawl up to your boob and squeeze it hard. He placed a kiss by your ear next before whispering to you, “Suck him off.” You moaned at his order and nodded getting up off of Mark and kneeling in front of him. Jin then moved and sat beside Mark on the bed, both of their eyes were on you.

You reached forward and pulled Mark’s boxer’s off painfully slow. His huge cock sprang up as you got rid of the boxers. His cock was beautifully pink with one prominent vein running through it. It almost made your mouth water for it. You took it in your hand and brought the tip to your lips licking a soft, teasing lick on it.

“Fuck.” you whispered. Mark barely swore, so to hear him swear in this context made you clench around nothing. You took the head in your mouth and sucked harshly as he breathed hard above you. You continued to suck on him taking more and more of him into your mouth until you gagged around him making him moan out in absolute pleasure. The noises he was making were so sexy.

You swirled your tongue around what was in your mouth and he gasped when you began to bob your head on him. “Holy shit!” he groaned looking down at you. However your eyes were closed savoring his taste. 

Suddenly you heard strange noises from above you so you opened your eyes and looked up. The sight made you moan around Mark’s cock. Jin had pulled Mark in by his hair and was now kissing him sloppily and sexily. Their lips moved fluidly against each other, it was so sexy. When you saw Mark’s tongue go into Jin’s mouth you moaned again around Mark’s cock.

Mark reached over with one hand and began to palm Jin through his boxers and Jin moaned into the heated kiss. You couldn’t help but to reach in between your legs. You felt how very wet you were as you began to rub your clit furiously causing you to bob on Jin even better than before. Your fingers on your clit was making you feel good but not good enough but you kept doing it getting some relief.

You began to bob your head even faster making him pull away from Jin and moan loudly. Jin looked down at you and bit his lip lustily. “Stop.” he mumbled and you knew he was talking to you. You pulled away from Mark and looked up at Jin with big innocent eyes.

He chuckled, “Don’t look at me like that love, you were just sucking off your best friend.” he said and you smiled. He pulled you up and swiftly switched positions with you. You were now on the bed, sitting whilst he knelt on the floor. “You did a great job on Mark didn’t she?” he said turning his attention to your best friend.

“Yes she did.” Mark responded as he looked at you, his eyes looking over your naked form.

“That’s why I’m going to reward you baby.” he whispered and you shuddered as his breath hit your inner thigh very close to your heated core. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to your inner thigh making you squirm slightly. Mark leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your shoulder making goosebumps appear on your hot skin.

He pushed you back on the bed so that your back was against the mattress now and you couldn’t see what Jin was doing. Mark pressed his lips to yours as you felt Jin press his lips against your lower lips. You gasped into the kiss allowing Mark to slip his tongue into your mouth and wrestle yours. You reached up and gripped the back of his head deepening the kiss.

Jin began to slowly and teasingly lick up your core making you squirm slightly. However, he used his strong hands to push your hips back onto the bed and keep you grounded there. You pouted into the kiss and Mark bit your bottom lip before pulling away. He looked from your face to your neck and then to your boobs. “You’re gorgeous.” he praised as he pecked you lips again before he went down to your perky boobs. 

He pressed a kiss to one of your nipples at the same time as Jin sucked on your clit and your body jolted from the pleasure making both boys chuckle. Jin continued to suck on your clit as Mark began swirling his tongue around your nipple. “Shit you moaned arching your back slightly and giving Mark even better access to the nipple he was working on.

Having both you sexy boyfriend and your sexy best friend please you was almost too sexy. It was like a dream come through. You clawed the sheets at the sides of your body gripping a bunch of cloth in each hand and squeezing tightly almost screaming when Jin grazed his teeth against your bud.

He then began to circle your clit as Mark began to suck on your other nipple. “Oh god it feels so good.” you moaned as you closed your eyes and just enjoyed all of the pleasure that you were receiving. You could already feel your first orgasm start to build and it was building very very quickly.

“Guys.” you whimpered and Jin picked up immediately, since he always knew when you were close. He began to suck harshly on your clit sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout your body. Mark just continued to assault your nipple.

“Oh fuck!” you screamed as you gripped the sheets harder, curled your toes and came hard. Mark pulled away admiring your orgasm face as Jin continued to lick your juices. Your body shuddered. He eventually pulled away and stood up. 

“You taste amazing as usual.” he said and you smiled at him. “Want a taste Mark?” he asked seductively. Mark nodded eagerly as he stood up also. Jin pulled him in and they tongued each other sexily again making you moan.

When they pulled apart Mark said “She tastes delicious, I need some more.” and before you knew it, he was where Jin was previously, between your legs and his mouth was on your core greedily licking your over sensitive pussy.

“Mark!” you screamed from how sensitive you were and also because he was giving you even more pleasure. He was moving his tongue quickly against you, ravishing your pussy, trying to draw out another orgasm from you.

He took it up a notch as he pushed two fingers into your wet core easily and began to finger you quickly. “Yes Mark!” you moaned your sensitivity creeping away as you felt more and more pleasure from his fingers and expert tongue. His tongue was sloppily licking you and it felt amazing. You looked up and saw Jin biting his lip and looking at what Mark was doing, his boner looked almost painful.

You motioned for him to sit on the bed beside you as you sat up. He smirked and did as you asked. You pulled him in for a heated, passionate kiss as your hands wandered his toned body. One of your hands grabbed his hard cock and began to pump it slowly, teasingly and he groaned against your lips.

Mark’s tongue was moving faster against your core and his fingers were pushing deeper and deeper into you. You could feel that orgasm approaching hard and fast already. You squeezed Jin’s cock hard and pumped it faster and faster as your orgasm came closer and closer to a release.

You bit Jin’s bottom lip before sucking it into your mouth making him moan into the kiss and thrust up slightly in your small hand. Mark suddenly arched his fingers up inside of you and it hit your g spot. “Holy shit!” You screamed pulling away from the kiss and closing your eyes. You were still pumping Jin, as fast as you could now.

Mark continued to hit your special spot spiraling you into a huge orgasm where you screamed loudly. He continued to please you throughout your heavenly orgasm. You collapsed back onto the bed breathing hard from that second orgasm. You felt exhausted. You closed your eyes and felt the bed shift beside you. When you opened your eyes again both guys were standing in front of you looking at your naked, exhausted body in lust.

“You don’t think you’re getting to sleep without me fucking you now do you?” Jin asked with a smirk on his lips.

“But…” you began but he swiftly interrupted you.

“No buts princess, on your hands and knees like I like it.” he said. You bit your lip and looked him up and down, looking sexy as ever and any thoughts of your exhaustion left you as you became aroused yet again. You crawled fully on the bed and got on your hands and knees positioning yourself at the center of the bed, head facing the headboard.

Jin moved from his spot and got onto the bed behind you. You felt his hands on your ass squeezing it gently before one hand came down and spanked your right cheek. You moaned and he chuckled as he hit you again. You suddenly saw Mark coming towards your top half. He knelt in front of your face, his cock right by your mouth. You moaned and looked up at him. 

“Suck it.” he said. You didn’t need telling twice. You leaned a little forwards and took his cock into your mouth for a second time that night. Mark groaned and gripped your hair slightly as you began to bob on his dick.

“Yes keep doing that baby.” Jin said from behind you as you continued to suck off Mark vigorously. Suddenly without any warning at all, Jin gripped your hips tightly and slammed his massive cock into your pussy. You moaned around Mark causing him extra pleasure as he gasped and threw his head back.

Jin gave you not a second to adjust as he began mercilessly pounding into you deep and fast. Jin really knew how to please you from countless nights of sex with you. Jin was gripping your hips so tightly that you knew there would be marks there in the morning which Jin would love to kiss over which would only lead to another heated session.

Jin wasn’t relenting with his thrusts and you weren’t relenting with sucking Mark’s cock. You were determined to make him cum. You wanted him to cum in your mouth for you to swallow it like a good girl. You glanced up at Mark. He looked so hot with his eyes closed, head back and mouth slightly opened, it made you even more determined to give him release.

“Fuck baby girl you’re so sexy.” Jin groaned from behind you spanking your ass again. The mixture of the intense pleasure he was causing you and the slight pain from the spank made you clench hard around his cock. “Shit.” he moaned as he thrusted even deeper into you now.

Mark grabbed your hair roughly and began to thrust his cock into your mouth, completely fucking your mouth now and you loved it. He pushed a little too deep and you gagged around it making him curse under his breath. Your eyes were a little watery from the gagging but you didn’t care, you were enjoying yourself.

Jjin spanked you again and you moaned around Mark’s cock making him tug harshly on your hair. Jin thrusted extremely hard at a different angle and hit directly on your g spot. You tried to scream but couldn’t since Mark was fucking your mouth so instead you gagged around him again and he groaned your name, he was very very close.

A few more thrusts into your mouth and he came, shooting his salty cum down your throat. You swallowed it all. He pulled his cock out of your mouth and smiled down at you “Good girl.” he praised making you smile. 

Jin however at this point pulled out of you and flipped you over so quickly, the next thing you knew was Jin had thrusted back inside of you at the perfect angle to continue hitting that spot inside of you and you were screaming his name as you clawed down his back. Mark had collapsed beside you both and was just looking on lazily as you screamed in pleasure.

Jin was looking down at you with dark lust filled eyes as he absolutely pounded into you. His cock hitting your g spot was making you close to your third orgasm already. You felt like you couldn’t control yourself due to all the pleasure.

Jin’s intense expression and the way he was fucking you pushed you over the edge. “Yes Jin Yes!” you screamed arching your back and closing your eyes as you came clenching around him hard.

 “Shit Y/N” he groaned into your neck as he came as well inside of you. He continued thrusting into you, riding out your high before he pulled out and collapsed beside you. At that moment all your exhaustion came back to you and you felt like you couldn’t move. Mark was already sleeping beside you whilst Jin panted on your other side.

You turned to look at him and smiled. He smiled back and pressed a kiss to your lips. “Did you like your gift?” he asked. 

“Fuck yes.” you replied.

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This is the first fanfic I have ever written from start to finish. I just had this idea pop into my head, and I though it was fluffy and cute so I made it happen.

EDIT: now available on ao3!

Title: Countdown

Fandom: Batman Rogues

Relationship: Jonathan Crane/Edward Nygma, aka Scriddler - established relationship

Genre: Fluff, comfort

Rating: SFW

Word count: 1342

Summary: Edward has been working on his latest scheme for too many consecutive days without a break and Jonathan thinks enough is enough.

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Needy Boys pt.1 (MarkJin)

Requested: Nope. I am 100% responsible for this trash. And it was an accident. This was meant to be a cute fluffy scene but ooops my hand slipped and now we have 2k+ words of smut. #SorryNotSorry.

Genre: Smut. Pure smut.

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Park Jinyoung

Word Count:  2,552

a.n: I have a few more parts planned but have zero idea when they will actually get done.-Gabby


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Project Partners

NSFW - Septiplier Smut Fanfiction

This is my first fanfiction on Tumblr, I have a wattpad but I thought, hey why not share it with other people and spread the sin? Hope you enjoy:)

Third Person POV:

Jack entered hell, early Monday morning… wait, I mean school…yeah that’s what I meant…

Anyways, Jack was walking into class, receiving strange looks from the new freshmen at the two lip rings he wore, his gauges, and, of course, his hair, the colour of freshly cut grass. He wasn’t bothered by the looks because, frankly, he couldn’t care less of what everyone else thought, he was happy, so who gives a shit? Despite Jack looking and acting like a badass, he’s kind of a goodie-goodie. He is a straight A student and he has never gotten a detention. He’s also a teacher’s pet, all teachers like him, and Jack is quite proud of both his reputations.

Stepping through the doorway, Jack arrived at his English classroom, smiling at his teacher, Ms. Suzie, before taking his seat, not too close to either the front or back of the room. He didn’t want to look like a bad kid in front of his favorite teacher, but he didn’t want to look like a kiss ass in front of his fellow students.

After taking out his books and two pencils, freshly sharpened, he waited for Ms. Suzie to start today’s lesson. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Mark walk in, well, shoved in by his friend Wade, both giggling loudly. Letting out an annoyed sigh, Jack watched Mark take a seat in the far back, walking past Jack’s desk, flashing a small smile to the boy before looking away. Confused, Jack just brushed it off. Who gives a shit if the most popular dipshit in school smiled at him, they were probably making fun of him.

*Time Skip To The End Of Class*

Nearing the end of class, Ms. Suzie announced a project out of nowhere, “You will be working in partners, but don’t worry, I saved you all the hassle of choosing!”

Groans could be heard all over the classroom as Jack’s hand bolted into the air.

“Yes Jack?” She asked.

“Can I work alone?”

“No, I’m sorry but this is a partner project, it’s good for all of you to get to know each other and bond over some good ol’ literature!”

Jack sighed as Ms. Suzie began to call out names.

“Felix and Cry, Dan and Phil…” Jack slightly zoned out, almost having a panic attack over the idea of who he might be forced to work with, until he heard his name and he began hyperventilating. “Annnndddd….Jack and Mark! Alright! Try and exchange information and set up a plan for your project in the last 5 minutes!”

Jack’s breath quickened as his anxiety kicked in. ‘Fuck fuck fuck! I have to work with that asshole?!’ Jack thought. A tan hand landing on his desk broke him from his thoughts, the hand, of course, belonging to Mark, a smirk plastered on the red haired boy’s face. His warm brown eyes met Jack’s, stunning baby blue ones.

“Meet me at my house after school, ok?” Mark instructed.

Jack nodded just as the bell rang, and Mark left the classroom.

*After School*

Jack walked to Mark’s house, knowing exactly where it was, frowning as to why. Mark and Jack were best friends in primary school, they were always hanging out, practically connected at the hip, but…something changed. In secondary school Mark started making more friends, and Jack became more and more of a loner. They just drifted apart, and Jack became depressed because of it, but he met someone, Felix, who became friends with him. Now he and Felix are really close, they smoke pot together and hang out all the time, talking about anything. Felix convinced Jack to get all the piercings he loves and just become the person he is today.

What Jack doesn’t know is, Mark was jealous of Felix. Mark absolutely despises the Swede, and he’s become more of a jerk to the both of them. He started picking on them and calling them names all the time. Thus Jack’s hatred for Mark was created. Honestly though, Jack could never hate Mark, he’s always had the smallest of crushes on Mark. Although, he’d never admit it, Jack would jump at the opportunity to  hang out with Mark again, just like they used to. Jack wants to play video games and goof around like the good ol’ days! Sure, he can do that with Felix, but it’s not the same.

Arriving at Mark’s house, backpack slung loosely over his left shoulder, Jack rang the doorbell, hesitantly. After a few loud thumps, possibly of someone running down the stairs, Mark answered the door. His hair was messy and he wore an oversized red football jersey and some jeans that, not that Jack was looking, emphasized his bulge, quite nicely. A slight blush appeared on Jack’s pale face while he looked the jock up and down, noticing how attractive he looked.

Smirking at the way Jack’s eyes scanned his body, Mark spoke, “My eyes are up here, Jack.”

The Irishman’s face turned bright red as he cleared his throat awkwardly, looking to the pale grey pavement, “S-sorry, let’s just work on the project, alright?”

Rolling his eyes playfully, Mark led Jack into his house, “Feel free to grab a drink or anything. I figured we could work up in my room..?”

“Whatever you want, Mark. Whatever gets me out of here faster.”

Mark frowned a bit, hurt by the statement before brushing it off and smiling again, “Don’t act like I’m such a nuisance, Jack, we used to be pals, remember?”

“Of course I remember those terrible times,” Jack joked, following Mark up the stairs.

“Whatever, you know you liked hanging out with me,” Mark stated, flopping down onto his bed, leaving enough space for Jack to sit beside him, which Jack did.

Jack pulled out his notes, flipping through, “Whatever, I guess they weren’t terrible memories.”

“You loved me, remember? We were best friends forever?”

“I guess forever doesn’t last very long..” Jack muttered, quiet enough so Mark could barely hear him.

“Remember when we kissed?” Mark asked, looking at the boy’s face turn pink.

“Don’t talk about that…”

“So you do remember, and I do too. I also recall you enjoying it.”

“I think you did too, Mark,” Jack said, trying to turn on him a bit, still flipping through his notebook, licking at his lip rings nervously.

“Maybe a little..” Mark said, noticing Jack’s nervous habit, biting his lip.

'Why does he have to be so cute?!’ Mark wondered.

“So shut up, we both liked it.”

After a moment of slightly awkward silence, Mark spoke up, “Didn’t we agree to do it again?”

Jack’s eyes widened, “Y-yeah..”

“But we never did..”

“No, we didn’t..”

“Perhaps we should then..? I’m a man of my word, Jack.”

Mark sat up, noticing the way Jack blushed, smiling at how adorable and nervous he was, “Would you want to do it again?”

“B-but we’re supposed to be working on the project…not kissing.”

“C'mon Jack, you know you want to..”

“Mark we’re supposed to be working..”

“Don’t be a pussy!”

“Fine!” Jack grabbed Mark’s face, kissing him deeply.

It took him a moment to realize what he just did, making him pull back when he did.

“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-”

Mark quieted the Irishman by connecting their lips once again, the cold metal from Jack’s piercings touching his lips, making him smirk. Mark always thought Jack’s piercings made him way hotter.

Jack kissed back, making the Half-Korean boy smirk, moving his lips faster while resting his hand on Jack’s thigh, rubbing slightly on his black skinny jeans. The small boy was the first to break the kiss.

“Mark we can’t, we have to work on the project..”

“I don’t care about the project, I want you.”

Jack blushed as Mark slowly pushed him back on the bed, kissing him roughly. Slowly, Mark inched his hand up the Irishman’s shirt, making Jack shiver from his touch. Mark’s lips moved to Jack’s neck as he began sucking and nibbling on his pale flesh, gently. A small moan escaped the small boy’s lips, making him cover his mouth quickly.

“Don’t be shy, you sound pretty when you moan,” Mark complimented, pecking the small boy on the lips before sucking on his jawline.

“M-Mark…” Jack whimpered.

“I swear to god if you say one more thing about the project-”

“N-no I want you to do something for me..”

“Oh, of course, what is it?”

“I want you to fuck me..” Jack said, softly, blushing and looking away.

Mark grinned, “Gladly.”

Mark pulled off his shirt revealing his honey coloured abs. Jack blushed and looked him over. Grinning, Mark kissed Jack, licking at the piercings on his bottom lip, asking for entrance. Easily enough, Jack granted the red haired boy access to his mouth, feeling his tongue travel his mouth. Deciding he wanted to stop taking his sweet ass time, Mark began to palm Jack through his jeans. Moans and whimpers filled the room, thank god Mark’s mom isn’t coming home for a few hours.

“Fuck, Mark~”

Grinning, Mark pulled away, “Take off your clothes.”

Jack blushed and stood up, noticing Mark watching him, waiting intently. Slowly, Jack pulled off his shirt, dropping it to the floor. Next came his jeans, which he inched down his waist very slowly. Mark enjoyed the show but noticed Jack was still in his boxers.

“Well..?” Mark questioned, in a slightly impatient manner. “Aren’t you going to finish? I told you to undress.”

“A-all the way?” Jack’s eyes widened as Mark nodded.

Shyly, Jack slid off his boxers, in an extremely slow manner. Soon enough, Jack’s boxers hit the floor and his half-hard cock was released, making Mark’s dick twitch in his jeans.

“Good boy, looks like you can follow orders.”

The praise made Jack harder than he was, but why? He loves praise.

“You like when I tell you you’re a 'good boy’? Someone’s got a praise kink, huh?” Mark grinned. “Lay down on you back.”

Jack did as he was told, watching Mark stand up and unzip his pants, pulling them off. Feeling even more turned on, Jack began to slowly jerk himself off. Mark pulled off his boxers, his cock springing free. Then, Mark noticed Jack pleasuring himself.

“Did I tell you you could touch yourself?” Mark’s dominant voice made him pull his hands back from his cock, nervously, shaking his head. “Good boy, don’t ever touch yourself without permission, or daddy will have to punish you, baby boy.”

Mark’s warning made Jack bite his lip, while Mark referring to himself as 'daddy’ made him hornier. Jack also enjoyed the nickname, 'baby boy’ was both cute and very hot.

Their lips rejoined, Mark beginning to palm Jack once again.

“F-Fuck, Mark~”

“Ah ah ah,” Mark corrected. “Be a good baby boy and call me 'daddy’”

“Yes daddy,” Jack whimpered. “I’m a good boy, see?”

“Yes you are, you’re such a good boy, Jack.” Mark stated, starting to jerk Jack off while nibbling on the smaller boy’s collar bone.

“Daddy, please~” Jack moaned.

“Mm, please what, baby boy?”

“Fuck me.”

“Only if you beg for me.”

“B-but, daddy,” Jack whined, feeling Mark release his cock.

“Beg, slut.”

“Fuck, please daddy, fuck me! I want your huge cock inside me! Please, I’ve been a good boy for you, daddy! Please fuck me!”

Mark grinned, flipping the Irishman onto his stomach, taking in the view of his perfect little bum, “Do you want daddy to stretch you?”

Thinking for a moment, Jack shook his head. He knew he enjoyed the pain he received while being fucked before being stretched. Sure, he had only fucked a few times, his first time with Felix, but he knew what he liked.

“Are you sure? It’s going to hurt a little..”

“Please just do it daddy, I can’t wait much longer, I need your thick cock inside my tight hole, please!”

Well, Mark couldn’t deny Jack what he wanted. He wanted to please the small punk boy the best he could. Unsure of the next time he’d be able to fuck the boy, Mark decided he’d better make the most of this opportunity. Spreading the boy’s legs a bit, Mark aligned his cock with the his hole, preparing to thrust into him.

Giving a small warning, Mark pushed inside Jack, quickly. Whimpers and winces escaped the Irishman’s lips. Mark gave him almost no time to get used to his size before he began thrusting in and out of Jack, quickly. Jack was overwhelmed by pain, so much pain that it began to seem pleasurable. Soon enough, the punk boy began to moan as the jock thruster faster.

“Daddy! Fuck, faster, harder, please~!”

Doing as requested, the red haired male began to thrust harder and faster. Jack felt he was reaching his high, attempting to warn Mark in between moans.

“Daddy, I’m g-gonna….I’m c-close~”

“Me too baby boy,” Mark said, aiming his cock in different directions, trying to hit that one spot that would make Jack scream for him.

Then, he hit it. Jack came as if on command.

“F-Fuck, DADDY~!”

Hearing Jack scream for him made Mark cum almost instantly. A warm sensation filled Jack’s rear before he felt Mark pull out of him. Both of them were panting and laying on their backs on Mark’s bed, smiling like idiots.

“H-how was that?” Mark breathed out.


“Good, then we’ll have to do t again sometime.”


“I am a man of my word, I hope you are, too.”

“Of course, I would jump at an opportunity to do this again.”

Mark x Reader { Boxer Thief }

Request: Can I request 16 and 19 with Mark. Where you two are roommates and the reader constantly steals his boxers because they are more comfortable to sleep in? Lol Thank you <3 P.S I love your blog

16. “Can you stop stealing my boxers/bras?”

19. “Why do you keep stealing my clothes?”

Awe. Thank you very much for the love. It means so much to me.

Mark was chasing me all around his dorm. Why? Because I stole borrowed his boxers again. This was a reoccurring thing between us. I would borrow his boxers and he would chase after me when he found out. 

“Why do you keep stealing my clothes?” Mark yelled after me. “I don’t steal them, I borrow them. There is a difference.” I yelled from behind the couch, where I was hiding.

“Come on Y/N you have ton stop stealing my boxers. If you keep on taking them, I won’t any to wear.” Mark sighed. “But they’re really comfortable.” I popped out from where I was hiding. “But I still need to wear my own boxers.” Mark walk over. 

I jumped on to the couch and patted the open seat next to me ton signal Mark to sit down. He walked over and sat down . As he sat down, I rested my head on his shoulders. 

“How about we come up with a solution?” I asked. “Ok. How about you keep the ones you have and I buy new ones.” Mark suggested. “Good idea.” I said. “Glad we settled this.” Mark smiled.

About a week after our agreement Mark had bought new 8 new pairs of boxers and I have stolen borrowed 2 of them. I am surprised that he had not noticed yet. 

I laid on Mark’s bed checking for any new messages on my phone while Mark was looking in his closet for a jacket. We were both going out on a date. 

“Y/N, I have something to ask you?” Mark said. “Sure.” “Can you stop stealing my boxers?” “No way. They’re just so comfortable.” I whined. “I guess I will have to buy boxers for you then. Just so you stay out of mine.” Mark laughed. “Not gonna happen.” I replied.

Sorry if this seen crappy. I am just really tired.

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Oooo Mark x mc and stress from the prompts list? Thank you!

My first Mark X MC prompt! I’m so excited! My MC’s name is Zoey, so I wrote this using her name. This got a little bit racier than I initially intended. I hope that’s okay! 

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No Going Back

Zoey slowly wakes up to the feeling of a laying a blanket being laid over her. She’s lying on the couch and the last thing she remembers is settling in to watch a movie with Mark. The two of them had decided a low-pressure first date was the way to go. They’d ordered in and found something to watch on Netflix. Since Brooke and Sereena were working late at some sort of event at Solstice, it was a perfect chance to have the apartment to themselves.

As she opens her eyes, Zoey finds Mark is sitting on the edge of the sofa cushion. He’s gazing tenderly down at her and she smiles up at him sleepily.

“What happened to the movie?” she asks.

“Well, Sleeping Beauty,” he teases gently, “you’d know what happened if you hadn’t dozed off after half an hour.”

“Oh, Mark, I’m so sorry,” she apologizes. “It’s just that I’ve been under so much stress and working so hard with Leah on getting Persephone up and running. I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was.”

Mark takes hold of Zoey’s hand and chuckles, “Hey, don’t worry about it.”

“No, I’m so sorry. I’ve been looking forward to this night for so long. And then I fall asleep during our very first date? It’s so embarrassing.”

“What a second,” Mark interrupts, a shy smile spreading across his features, “You’ve been looking forward to this?”

“Of course, I have! Mark…” Zoey sits up and lifts a hand to cup his cheek, pulling him close for a kiss. She tilts her head and Mark mirrors her movement. He tangles his fingers in the hair at the nape of her neck. Their kiss deepens and she slides her tongue along Mark’s lips making him moan. Zoey smiles as she pulls away.

“Wow,” Mark says breathlessly. “Well, I’m glad you were excited about tonight because this is all I’ve been able to think about for….well for way longer than I probably should have been.”

Zoey blushes at his words and the way he’s looking at her. She kisses him again and leans back to pull him until he’s laying atop her. Zoey can’t believe how good it feels, the weight of him pressing down on her. Mark shifts so his thigh rests between her legs and Zoey grinds down on him.

“God, Zoey,” he groans against her neck. He starts sucking on her pulse point and Zoey gasps and squirms beneath him. She’s certain this is the most turned on she’s ever been. The man kissing her is not only incredibly hot, wonderfully sweet, adorably nerdy, smart and kind, he also happens to be her oldest and best friend.

Desperate for more contact with his skin, she tugs at the bottom edge of his shirt, trying to lift it over his head. Mark complies and throws his shirt across the room. It knocks one of Brooke’s tchotchkes, the ones that Sereena complains are dust magnets, off the end table.

“Oops,” Mark grimaces.  

Zoey just laughs and then turns her attention back to Mark’s now shirtless upper body. She runs her hands over the muscles of his chest and Mark shivers at her touch. She places soft kisses along his collarbone as she moves her fingertips to trail along his ribs and abs.

“Zoey, you’re driving me crazy,” he groans. “I thought you were tired and stressed tonight…”

“Well, I was, but I seem to have gotten my second wind,” Zoey whispers in his ear. She slips her hand to his waist and unbuttons his jeans.

“And…I think I know just what I need to destress.” She bites his earlobe as she slips her hand past the waistband of Mark’s boxers. Mark thrusts into her hand with a moan.

“I think we should slow down, Zoey,” he gasps out.  

“Slow down?!?,” Zoey asks incredulously, “Mark, haven’t we both waited long enough for this?”

“Exactly, I’ve wait for nearly a decade to be with you like this and I plan to take my time.”


Mark and Zoey lay tangled together on the floor, a blanket haphazardly thrown over them. At some point, they’d fallen off the couch though neither had much cared at the time.

“That was…” Mark pants.

“Unbelievable,” Zoey breathes.

“Yeah,” Mark agrees.

They turn to look at each other and they both start laughing.

“I can’t believe it took us this long,” Zoey shakes her head in disbelief.

“Well,” Mark says, “there’s no going back now. Any regrets?”

He’s still smiling, but Zoey can see uncertainty in his eyes.

“Not a single one,” she replies and kisses him tenderly.

Suddenly, the sound of a key in the front door lock interrupts them.

“Crap!” Mark yelps. He and Zoey both hurriedly stand up. “What do we do?”

“Get in my bedroom,” Zoey hisses and shoves in him the direction of her room.

The two of them stumbled over each other in their rush to get out of the living room. Zoey gets into the room first and Mark follows closely behind, but apparently they’re not quite fast enough because a scream rings out from the entry way.

“OH MY GOD! Did I just see Mark’s ass? My eyes! They burn!”

“Sereena, stop such a drama queen,” Brooke voice chides. “Mark and Zoey are two consenting adults engaging in a perfectly healthy sexual relations…..aaagh! My Precious Moments figure! Noooo!”

SIN - Septiplier

Mark slowly opened his eyes. The morning light beamed through the large window across the room. Mark groaned at the light and rolled on to his other side. To his surprise, his boyfriend wasn’t in bed next to him. He began getting out of bed, but stop when he noticed he wasn’t wearing anything.

Mark almost forgot what happened last night. Upon remembering, Mark grinned devilishly as he walked out of the bedroom. In the kitchen, Jack stood at the stove, humming to himself as he cooked pancakes. He wore only his boxers and an oversized t-shirt. As Mark walked in, he glanced over and smiled. “Mornin’ Marky, pancakes ar’ ready,” he chirped, placing the plate down on the counter.

Jack didn’t seem to notice the smile across his boyfriend’s face nor the fact that he was completely naked, he continued to remove pancakes from the stove. Mark casually walked over and wrapped his arms around the Irishman from behind, placing kisses along his neck. Jack became aware of Mark’s lack of clothing pressing against him through his boxers.

Mark moved his hand up under Jack’s shirt and slipped a finger underneath the waistband of Jack’s boxers, kissing the shell of his ear. He grinned at Jack’s reaction, blushing deeply and gripping the spatula tighter. Mark slid his hand down more into Jack’s boxers, brushing his index finger along the base of Jack’s length. With his other hand, Mark grabbed the boxers from the other side and pulled them down, watching with delight as the thin clothing fell to the floor.