mark boxer

Edward Nygma (aka The Riddler), based on Capullo’s verson (my favorite version of him).

I was inspired by @ritzy-biscuit‘s drawing of Eddie in sock-garters and could not get the idea out of my head.

Prompt request

Request Prompt. Aka I’m sorry mom

PET PLAY (cat style)

“Come here my good little kitten”
Marks voice was deep and his hands were laid behind his head, giving I’m a spectacular view of his boyfriend. Jack had been rutting against the bed post for roughly half an hour, filling the room with his moans and whimpers. He frantically crawled towards Mark , desperate for release. The end of the long cat tail plug dragged the ground as he moved to the edge of the bed. Mark sat up and grabbed at the pink collar around jacks neck, making the Irishman moan.
“Do you want to pleasure me kitty, hm?” Mark asked in jacks ear and watched goosebumps rise on his pale skin. Jack lazily nodded his head,“ yes daddy, please let me make you feel good”
Mark slid down his boxers, letting his dick spring up and slap against his stomach. Jack stared for a moment before wrapping his hands around marks thick length, giving it a few slow strokes. Mark rewarded him with a low moan and pet jacks head, running fingers through his soft locks. Jack moved his hands away from Mark, and lowered his head down to give little kitten licks to the head. The grip in his hair tightened as he wrapped his lips around the head and sucked his way down. Jack could feel the tip pressing against the back of his throat, and Mark’s hair tickled in face.
“That’s a good boy, so good for me” Mark groaned out and pulled again on the collar. Jack hummed and swallowed around Marks cock a few times, before being forcefully pulled off. Jack looked up at Mark in confusion,“did I do something wrong?”
Mark put his hands on the sides of jacks face,“No baby, you were perfect,”
Jack blushed at the praise and nuzzled into marks touch.
Mark spoke again, but now his voice was low and husky, “I just couldn’t wait any longer to fuck that pretty hole of yours.” Jack swallowed thickly and felt blood rush to his dick. Mark pat the space beside him and Jack crawled up beside him and laid down on his back. Mark shook his head,“ no baby, not like that.”
Jack nodded his head in understanding, then flipped himself over, propping himself up on his hands and knees. Jack shivered as Mark rubbed his ass cheeks. Marks hands moved to Jack’s hips and held them in place while he ground his dick against Jack’s ass. “Do you like that, kitten? Do you like feeling my dick against you?”
“Yes daddy!” Jack arched his back, pushing his backside closer to Mark.
Mark chuckled and placed a hand on the hilt of the plug, pushing it further in, before slowly retracting the toy. Jack whimpered as Mark pushed the toy back in, brushing it against his prostate.
“Mark, please don’t tease me.”
Mark stopped his movements and leaned over Jack to whisper in his ear, “Beg. Beg me for my cock, baby.”
Mark nibbled the top of Jack’s ear, “tell me how much you want me.”
Jack panted and wiggled his hips against Mark,“ Please daddy, please fuck me! I want your cock so bad, daddy!”
Mark stood on his knees behind Jack and smiled,“ such a good little pussy.”
He slid out the toy with ease and leaned over to the night stand but stopped when Jack spoke.
“ N-no”
“Excuse me?”
Jack lifted his head to look over his shoulder at Mark, a heavy blush on his cheeks, “do it dry.”
Mark hesitated, before leaning back over Jack and nodding,“ this is gonna hurt like a bitch tomorrow.”
Jack nodded and spread his knees further, allowing Mark to get closer. Mark slid into jacks heat slowly, grunting as he did so. Jack wiggled his bottom, adjusting to Mark’s girth and after a quiet minute he let out a raspy, “move.”
They set a slow pace, nearly too slow as Mark thrust in and out of Jack, who was a panting mess. Gradually, Mark’s thrust sped up. The room had become filled with the sounds of desperate moans and skin hitting skin and an occasional knock of wood as the bed frame hit the wall. Jack moaned loudly as Mark hit his prostate directly, sending jolts of pleasure coursing through him. Jack curled his fingers and toes, and let his lower jaw fall so that he could breath heavily, “ M-Mark, please, oh fuck! I’m so close!”
Mark pulled out, nearly all the way, before slamming roughly back into Jack, making him almost scream. The lewd sounds of Mark repeatedly entering his boyfriend, drove him forward, until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Mark came with a grunt inside of Jack, filling him with hot seed. Mark rode out him orgasm until Jack too found he was finished for. Hot spurts of white stained the bed spread below the Irish man, and Mark pulled out of him with a sigh. The two cleaned themselves and the bed, before laying down next to each other. Mark hugged Jack, and kissed his neck, where the collar had rubbed the skin red. Both men fell asleep in a matter of minutes, comfortable in each others embrace.

Destressing ~ Mark Tuan

Warning: Blowjob,a lot of naughty words and a few curse words.

I haven’t written a scenario for a long time and the one I come back with is a smut what a surprise.

Mark’s voice might be nice, but his moans are truly a work of art, like a sweet symphony and something anyone would enjoy fully. His moans are the best just when he’s about to cum, they become breathless, high pitched and needy for release.

Mark had been stressed due to his work for days. He hadn’t slept well lately and had started to become moody from it. Of course he tried his best not to take it out on anyone, but that’s not how humans work. It hurt you to see him keeping it all inside and you only knew one way to relax him.

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New favourite expression

It was quite the thing, then, to present oneself as homosexual. I used to wear fantastically tight white trousers and tell the rugby players that they were the creamiest darlings in the world.” - Mark Boxer, as quoted in The Fry Chronicles

The creamiest darlings?



i come up with random headcannons a lot so here are some of my favs

-Jack really likes the feeling of Mark’s stubble on his neck
-Mark sleeps in his boxers and Jack sleeps in a t shirt and pj pants
-Jack really likes to cook for Mark
- Mark gets up to make Jack coffee just how he likes it!!!
- Mark carries Jack to bed and covers him up when he falls asleep waiting for him to finish recording.
- Jack is so used to falling asleep to Mark’s voice over Skype that when he’s busy, Jack plays his videos to help fall asleep
- Mark hates sleeping with socks on but his feet are really ticklish so he has to in order to keep Jack from being a shit head
- Mark is a cuddler and is almost always big spoon
-Jack likes cuddling but gets squished and grumpy when he’s not in the mood and Mark is


MK: Wearing his clothes

Mark: “Just choose whatever you want” he yelled through the closed door. You planned to surprise Mark by visiting him on their dorm but unfortunately, it seems like the rain wanted to surprise you too. You got out of Mark’s and Jackson’s room satisfied with your clothes. You flopped down on the couch grabbing the popcorn Mark had in his hands. “Oh, you’re done?” you nodded filling your mouth with popcorn. Mark chuckled. You stood up heading to the kitchen wanting a glass of water “Yah! Is that my boxers?” Mark said. You turned around nodding “Mhm. You said whatever I want?” you said. He walked towards you “Go change” he said as he drags you to his room “Whyyyy? I’m comfortable with it” you pout “Ani, that boxer is a little fit for you. The other members might stare at your butt the whole night when they come home” he said while looking through his clothes. You laughed. He pulled out a gray joggers for you to wear “I’d look like a joke wearing this” he handed you the pants “Ani. You’re still gorgeous” he said planting a kiss on your forehead.

Well then. So. For 100% Septiplier accuracy reasons.. for those, uh, more detailed fanfics.. or for whatever your ‘useless Markiplier or Jacksepticeye knowledge’ is used for.. Jack wears boxers and Mark wears boxer briefs.