mark barden

My reaction to [being a political pawn] is, ‘Do you not think I have my own reasons for doing this?’ Here, let me show you. Is that not reason enough? Senator Jim Inhofe said that we have no business engaging in the debate, and I called his office and I asked to speak with him. He was too busy to speak with me. I said, 'Here’s my cell phone. Call me.’ I’m still waiting for him to call me. Rand Paul, I think, has the same notion. If he wants to ask me what my motives are for advocating for a safer culture, he can call me too.

“My wife Jackie and I still, we cry together every day. We still try to come to terms with, ‘Is this really possible that this actually happened to us and to this community to Newtown?’” - Mark Barden, whose 7-year-old son Daniel was shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December along with 25 other people. He gave a tear-jerking interview to Rachel Maddow Thursday night.