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From Ditko to Romita to McFarlane to Bagley (and beyond), an infographic illustrating how Spider-Man’s primary costume has changed since 1962

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From Ultimate Spider-Man #13 by Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley

Ultimate Spider-Man #54 by Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis & David Lafuente

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6 by Brian Michael Bendis & David Lafuente

Ultimate Aunt May sure hates hanky panky inside the Parker home.

Weird Moments in Comics: That Time The Trinity Got Married

Does anyone remember the time that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman got married?

Like three-way, menage troi married?

Like that was a real thing that happened to the real Diana, Bruce & Clark?

I feel like that was weird. I feel like we don’t talk about this enough.

Trinity is a weird series. Ostensibly it’s about how Wondy, Bats and Supes are important to the world, but it ran weekly and it has, like, 8 billion characters in it.

So anyway… Halfway through, our heroes get sucked into a magic egg and end up the gods of a baby universe in another dimension. Like ya’ do…

But, because they have the emotional maturity of teenagers, they get in a fight and start a war with their god powers.

(Yes, that’s really Bruce. Yes, he’s a giant furry bat monster. Stick with me here.)

The fight is so intense that by they end they’ve burnt most of each other’s clothes off and their powers are threatening to crack the planet in two.

So, they look around at the giant crater of lava they accidentally made. They’re standing there, sweaty, half naked, feeling a little foolish and ashamed of themselves.

And then they decide they need to make up and be friends again, so….

So the way they decide to do this, is they call together the high priests of their three religions, and they stand publicly before the people …and they get God-Married.

They “pledged themselves to one another”?

They were “bound together in a great ceremony as the Three Who Had Been Three became the Three Who Were One” ?!?!

That sure sounds like a wedding to me.

(It was a beautiful ceremony. Diana wore a white dress. Bruce …was still a giant, naked, furry bat monster.)

So what is the first thing our three newlyweds do after their wedding?

They build a house so that they can all move in together.

I’m not kidding. They Build a House. With Their Bare Hands. And Move In Together.

So how do our trio feel about their new living arrangements? In their new dream home? I’ll let them tell you, in their own words:

SUPERMAN (Bites lip. Closes eyes.): “It was GOOD.”

WONDER WOMAN (Closes eyes. Shudders.): “Hell Yeah, It was.”

BATMAN: “I Concur …You are both Fantastic Lovers.”

Did this not strike anyone as odd at the time? That this was a real thing that happened in canon?