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headcanons about The Martian universe:

-something goes wrong at NASA, or anywhere where Mark Watney frequents, blame it on mars. it started as him mumbling about it, and it spread. coffee maker breaks? “goddamnit mars.” somebody’s computer fucks up? “fuckin’ mars!” another rocket explodes upon being launched? "I BLAME MARS”

-the people in Watney’s household, his students, and the people at NASA when he’s around like to play disco music at increasing volumes. they see how loud they can get it till he notices.

-Mark Watney starts listening to disco music on his own sometimes. nobody’s really sure if its ironically or not.

-everytime someone fucks up at NASA, they are met with a (mostly) joking remark along the lines of, “Mark Watney, space pirate, colonized MARS, and you can’t even transfer files correctly!!!!”

-the above but with the next manned mission to mars. someone’s like “ugh i spilled the dirt sample i just took so now i have to recollect it” and their crewmate is overdramatically like , “ mA RK WATNEY, SPACE PIRATE, COLONIZED THIS GODFORSAKEN PLANET, AND U CANT EVEN COLLECT DIRT ?  U CALL URSELF A GOOD ASTRONAUT”

-”remember this, class, you might need it if NASA leaves you behind on a desolate planet someday”

-the crew with kids, at some point, all go to their kids school during “job day” or whatever where they talk about their jobs. the crews like “i was an astronaut! we accidentally left our friend on mars, but let’s not talk about that.” except Mark Watney and hes like “U WANT A JOB WITH A LOT OF EXCITEMENT? GO BE AN ASTRONAUT. THEY MIGHT LEAVE U ON MARS TOO, THEN PAY U A LOT BECAUSE THEY FELT BAD.”

-right after they found out that Watney was alive on mars, commander Lewis turns to Beck and is like, “uh huh. he’s dead, SUUURE” and cocks her eyebrow and beck is like “o H SHIT” bc hes the one that first plain out said that watney was dead and they had to go fast off the planet

-every year on his birthday NASA/the ares III crew/friends/family/fans send Mark Watney at least 80 different space/mars related things, including a card every year that says “sorry we left you on mars” with another sheet of custom made stickers that say “I SURVIVED MARS” with a lil thumbs-up astronaut

would you rather got7

#1 would you rather fall walking on the stage to meet got7 or have one of the members trip you on accident

#2 have a lazy day with jaebum or go shopping with bambam

#3 visit the art museum with jinyoung or explore seoul with youngjae

#4 make jaebum angry or make yugyeom cry

#5 betray jackson or spread false rumors about got7

#6 become bestfriends with Mark or be neighbors with jackson

#7 meet jinyoung or bambam

#8 go backstage after their concert or visit their dorm for the whole day

#9 never be able to hear their music or never be able to visit them live

#10 visit the amusement park with the hyung line or maknae line

#11 never have yugyeom to dance again or hear jaebum sing again

#12 hug jackson or bambam

#13 have yugyeom as your dance teacher or youngjae as your cousin

#14 facetime or phone call them

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Imagine Mark Watney, after many years of being indoors with no direct sun, feeling sun for the first time. I imagine it happens when he’s first out of quarantine, and the crew comes to visit him. I imagine he’s sitting there, staring at the sun, and somebody, maybe Johanssen, because for all her computer-ness she still knows what he wants, offers to move the party outside. Maybe Beck protests a little, but one of the doctors says it’s ok, he can go out, but he can’t walk out there, so mark sits in the wheelchair, and they roll him outside, and he just lets the sun hit his face, enjoying the warmth and the light, and breathing in fresh air and maybe someone (vogel) takes a picture of him. It doesn’t leave their phones, but the whole team has a pic of Mark basking in the sun, and they feel bad, Lewis especially, because in their minds, it’s their faults, they did this, but that pic reminds them that, regardless of what happened, they fixed it. They brought him home, and they have the picture to prove it.

say amen for got7 in my swagger say amen for yugyeom’s little rap say amen to markgyeom say amen for markjae and markjin sharing that one part say amen for jjp on a yellow car say amen for jackjae’s double dab say amen for jaebum’s hips say amen for jackson say amen for bambam say amen to youngjae’s visuals say amen for got7 say amen for got7 say amen to got7