mark andrew pontius

Dear Foster the People Fandom,

Through this post, I would like to ask a huge favor for you all.
For those who following the band in the last two months, saw the absence of Cubbie Fink in South America Tour and yesterday, at Rock in Rio USA. This worries me a lot, because Cubbie is part of the band and he’s in our hearts since the beginning. It’s not easy to think on his exit. They had many speculations, but so far, none official information. And this fact bothers me a lot, as a fan, we need a statement explaining the absence, we deserve know first.

I want to ask all the fans and supporters of the band, for rise up the tags #WheresCubbie #CubbieBack #WeWantCubbieFink on social media and especially in the Mark Foster Instagram @mistersmims in order to get a RIGHT answer of what is going on.

Let’s join forces to take this forward. It’s hard when your favorite band is “disintegrated” without a justification or any information.

I count on your help, thank you for your time and let’s go! #FosterThePeople


Isom video made by meeee