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The Council: Teaser

How far would you be willing to go to find the truth? Would you knowingly throw yourself into the lions’ den? 

Glamour. Sex. Deceit. Danger. It’s all so enticing.

The deeper you go, the more you begin to realize that all things aren’t quite as the appear. 

All the answers you seek lie with them. 

The Face:

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The Architect:

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The Shadow:

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The Enforcer:

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The Negotiator:

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The Collector:

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The Virus:

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Got7′s Reaction to their s/o being in a super cuddly mood

This got posted way after school started so I’m very sorry about that but I hope you’ve had a good school year so far… even though it’s kind of ending xD. But I hope you enjoy the reaction. I tried my best to make it with extra fluff on the side so yeah… lol @the-riseofbangtan

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*When you asked him to cuddle with you, he’d start to joke around and ignore the fact that you just really wanted to cuddle.*

BamBam: *gif* “You want to cuddle with ME????” *smirks*

Y/n: “Yes! I just really want to cuddle.”

BamBam: “So you really want to cuddle with ME???”

*When he noticed that you were starting to get a little annoyed, he grabbed you and then layed down with you. While he was cuddling you, and some point you felt him hugging you tighter, which made you feel safe. He then kisses your forehead and the both of you fall asleep holding each other.*


*When you see him sitting down on the couch, you quickly walk up to him and tell him you want to cuddly with him. He ignores you and continues doing whatever he was doing.*

Y/n: “Oppaaaaaaaa, please cuddle with meeeeee!!” *acts cute*

Yugyeom: “If you continue to call me Oppa, I’ll cuddle with you.” 

Y/n: *cute voice* “Oppaaa. Oppa. Oppa. Oppaaaaaaaa” 

Yugyeom: *gif* “Ahh so cute!”

*He pulls you down to the couch and starts cuddling you. While he cuddled you, he started to play with your hair and then softly tracing your facial features. When he noticed you were falling asleep, he whispered that he loved you.”


(You’re Jinyoung)

Y/N: *gif* “Youngjae! Let’s cuddle.”

Youngjae: “Right now?”

Y/N: “Yes right now! So go, take me to where we are cuddling.” 

*He’d then, while holding you, walk to the couch and the both of you lay down. He’d start to cuddle you while rubbing your back. He would also kiss your forehead and admire all your facial features while telling you everything he loved about you.”


*You thought he needed a break from work so you took advantage of your super cuddly mood to get him to take a break.*

Y/N: “JB. You should take a break from all this work and like… cuddle with me.” *cute smile*

JB: *gif* “I have to finish, Jagiya.”

Y/N: *grabs his arm and pulls him to the bed* “It’s okay you can finish it later. A little break won’t hurt.”

*He’d laugh and then would lay with you and cuddle you. He’d look at you and give you a little kiss on your nose and would tell you that he loved cuddling with you because he gets to hold the most precious thing that made him happy. Then the two of you would end up falling asleep.*


*As you see him already laying down, you take advantage of it and just lay really close to him.*

Y/N: “Jinyoung.” *hugs up* “Cuddle with me.” *holds him tight*

Jinyoung: *gif* “You still want to cuddle with me?” *smirks*

Y/N: “Yes.” *holds him tighter so he couldn’t get up.*

*He would then laugh and shower you with small kisses until he got tired of it. Then he’d hold you while his hands intertwined with yours.*


*After you ask him to cuddle with you with a cute sad face, he couldn’t help but smile.*

Mark: “What if I don’t want to?” 

Y/N: “You don’t have a choice.” 

Mark: *laughs* *gives you a tight* “AHH Fine… I’ll cuddle with you.”

*He’d then lay down with you and hold you tight. While cuddling with you, he would just look at you and admire every single thing about you and would smile at himself, thinking of how lucky he was to have you.*


*Right when you ask him to cuddle without hesitation he would open his arms wide for you.*

Jackson: *gif* “I’d cuddle with you anytime. I get to hold the most precious thing I have with me. And I also get to tell her that I love her.” 

*He would stay cuddling with you even after you didn’t feel like cuddling anymore because he just wanted to be close to you and show you how much he loved you.”

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I swear they are trying to kill us! Jackson thank you so much for writing this penalty down for Markjin (very glad to see you in a better mood, hope he is staying healthy as he always tells us to), MARKJIN KISS! YAYYYY!

Creds: markjin_luv - Who I recommend to go follow if your a lover of Markjin or other otp’s from GOT7

Got7 in a Group Chat
  • Jacks da king: you guys should appreciate me more!
  • Hit the Spot Yeomy: no
  • Jacks da king: I AM OLDER THAN YOU
  • bam dat dab bitch: he said no that is not disrespectful
  • Hit the Spot Yeomy: FACTA TELL EM BAMS
  • bam dat dab bitch: ...
  • Hit the Spot Yeomy: ......................
  • Mork tana: wtf jackson
  • Jacks da king: so you cuss now???
  • Mork tana: I've always cussed whats up?
  • Park Gae: *lurks*
  • Jacks da king: I AM LEAVING ALL OF YOU

Y/N accidentally confessing to GOT7

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“I’ll be home later tonight I have some errands to run”, her voice rang through the Bluetooth in his car. “I’ll see you then sweetheart I can’t wait to see you it has been so long”, he smiled when he heard her giggle. “I love you Mark”, he sighed in content, “I love you too Yeobo”, she clicked off the call and focused on the road but nothing foreshadowed what was to come. Mark had just gotten home as his phone rang in his pocket, he answered immediately when he saw the caller ID. “Is this Mark Tuan?”, a deep voice came from the other side, “Yes this is him”, worry filled his tone. “I hate to inform you but your wife was in a head-on collision with a driver that fell asleep and drifted into oncoming traffic”, he grabbed the keys he just placed near the front door. “Where are you taking her?”, he heard a sigh on the other side. “Your wife is in critical condition she is being taken to the ICU at the LAC+USC Medical Center”, he cussed under his breath. “I’ll be there in 15 minutes”, he threw on his jacket and ran out to his car the man on the phone was long forgotten. He got there 3 minutes after the ambulance showed at the hospital and they had already taken her to the back. They told he wouldn’t be able to enter until she was stable and sadly she was far from it. It took everything in him not to yell at them to let him in, to let them know he was her husband, but that wouldn’t make a difference. Nothing would until you were alright again and even he wasn’t positive that you would ever be. He collapsed in a waiting chair outside the ICU just waiting to see someone walk out he didn’t like crying, but this is an exception she has always been an exception. A doctor shook him awake hours later it had to be at least 2 in the morning, and he had been here since 4 in the afternoon. “She’s stable, she did suffer from a major concussion, and she had to have stitches in her right arm and left leg. We’re lucky we got her here in time to save the baby!”, Mark looked up in relief but a look of confusion crossed his face. “Did you say baby sir?”, the doctor nodded yes. “She looks to be around 2 ½ months pregnant the baby will be fine because she did not pertain any injuries to her abdomen but watch her carefully. She did lose a lot of blood so is a chance that she can have a miscarriage, but I’m positive that the baby should be fine”, the doctor smiled and congratulated him on becoming a father. He was told her room number by one of the nurses he asked and he headed up to the top floor. He had informed his parents and siblings on what had happened around 10 last night the boys would find later. They all told him that they would be there as soon as they could in the morning hours after sending children to school, and actually getting out of bed for the day. He sat in one of the chairs on the left side of her hospital bed and even in a hospital bed covered in wires and tubes she still looked breathtakingly beautiful. The blankets on the bed showing the little bit of her protruding belly that had begun to grow. They had only been married a year so they didn’t really have baby fever, but this lingering want was always there because he was gone so often for work. He scooted the chair closer to bed and placed a hand on her stomach after pulling the sterile white blanket down. “Hey little miracle I know you can’t hear me right now, but never give up on coming to me and mommy we’ve waited so long for you. So stay strong my little miracle and I’ll protect you and mommy with all that I have”, tears started to roll down his cheeks again. He placed a kiss on her stomach and walked out into the hallway to his family little ways down the hall. His mother ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly, “My boy will she be alright?”, he nodded as she let go of him. “Then why are you crying? I mean I know your wife is in the hospital and all but she’s going to be fine. You don’t have to worry anymore about if she’s going to live son”, he chuckled as his mother looked at him. “She told me she had a surprise and that she was going to tell me at dinner last night. I found out what is was the hard way, and I’m overjoyed, to say the least, but I wish she was awake so I could show her”, his mother wiped the tears from his cheeks. “You’ve always been a big softie little bro”, his sister lightly punched his arm. “I’m going to be a father she’s 2 ½ months pregnant and the baby survived”, he has never been embraced tighter than he was now. A struggled “Mark” could be heard from inside the room and he’s never escaped from his family’s arms faster. He came in and kissed her forehead as she slowly sat up on the bed and looked at him. “Be careful you hurt your head badly Yeobo”, all she did was smile at him. “I’ll be fine Mark I always am aren’t I baby?”, she chuckled lightly and held his. “Your little surprise is amazing princess”, a look of shock crossed her face. “The baby is alright?”, she asked and he nodded happily. “Our little miracle survived”, he placed a hand on her stomach and kissed her forehead. “Nothing will ever stop me from loving you”, and they both knew no matter what happened that they would always be together.

Come Back (Park Jinyoung)

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Word Count: 680

Genre: Angst, Drama

“I swear I’ll score higher.”

You quickly walked down the hallway of your high school down to your AP chemistry class, clutching your books in your arms as you raced the bell. You reached the door, flinging it open and sitting down, only to find there were only a few other students in the class. You sat next to a boy with black hair and a large navy cardigan who was already reading the textbook, eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

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