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Wanna-One, NCT 127, and ASTRO are going to be on the same stage in KCON LA.

This means that Jihoon gets to see Mark and ASTRO, who he said are his close celebrity friends.

GOT7 Reaction // Seeing another guy flirt with their s/o.


When he saw someone flirting with you, that wasn’t him, his blood would boil. He would simply pull you away from that guy and put his arm around you to show that you were his.

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He had no idea how you got out of his sight, but once he found you and interrupted your conversation with the guy.

“Sorry but you’re flirting with the wrong person.”

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Just seeing you with another guy would automatically piss him off. He would casually hop into the conversation and scare the guy away.

“I’m gonna give you thirty seconds to back the fuck up”

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He would be slightly confused as to why you let another guy flirt with you. He stood up to the guy and told him to run. You were only his.

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He would be very upset that another man was flirting with you, but he would just freeze up. He could not physically move his feet to carry you away.

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He would not hesitate. He would be so quick to threaten the guy and carry you away asap. He would most likely lecture you about flirting with other guys.

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He would be so angry when he saw someone else flirting with you. So he would start to feel insecure. When he dragged you away he had a heart to heart with you.

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GOT7 Reaction to walking in on you dancing to their song


Jaebum had promised you he’d be out all day working all day, so you decided to give your apartment a thorough cleaning. You had blasted through the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and now you were busy spraying fabric cleaner onto the sofas, GOT7’s music blaring out of the speaker in the corner of the room. You twirled around, bopping to one of your favourite songs ‘Let Me’. When it reached the first chorus you flung the bottle to the floor and spread your arms, belting the song at the top of your lungs-

“Let me hold your hand!”

You screeched as someone gripped at your hand. As you tried to turn you were pulled quickly into the waiting arms of your boyfriend, JB. He caught you easily as you stumbled and fell into his arms, a broad grin on his face. You let out a very undignified screech and smacked your hands onto his chest.

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yooooo i gotta address some stuff that I’ve been seeing lately so here we go 

1. Do not ask for other members during Vlives. It’s so fucking rude and disrespectful. If you don’t like the member that’s broadcasting, don’t watch the broadcast. 

2. Do not ask them to speak English and then make fun of their accent. They are trying to do right by you and impress you and it’s really fucking hard when you throw it back in their face. 

3. The one I’ve been seeing most recently is regarding Mark specifically, and it’s been that he’s lost a lot of weight. If he has lost weight, you don’t need to say anything. Yes, we’re worried, okay? Yes, he should be eating but you do not need to fucking say anything. Stop badgering him about it, and let him live his life in peace. I’m just as worried as you are, but seriously, stop that shit right now. 

4. Please be respectful and kind to our members! Remember that they don’t have to do Vlives, and they don’t have to read any of the comments and that they do not have to do any of the extra shit that they do for us or cater to us in any way. Please, please be respectful of them!!

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Soy quien pidió lo de NCT, lo siento, olvide ponerlo 😬 de NCT 127. Por favor y gracias 😊

NCT 127 como personajes de Disney

  • Taeyong - Bestia 
  • Taeil - Campanilla
  • Johnny - Tarzan 
  • Yuta - Peter Pan
  • Jaehyun - Príncipe Eric
  • Doyoung - Tambor
  • Mark - Simba 
  • Haechan - Pinoccho 

Dad!Xiu + Son!Mark then vs. now