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“We all knew it was a risk. Look it was somebody’s truth. And it becomes your responsibility as an artist to step into the shoes of other people. And help shine a light on somebody else’s journey and other people’s stories. And we all knew the importance of Moonlight,. Upon reading it, we all had really strong visceral reactions to the project and i’m really pleased that people have responded this way to our film.” -  Mahershala Ali, winner of Best Supporting Actor for Moonlight, attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards on February 26, 2017.

@reelnewshawaii ~ “Triple Frontier” is looking for background extras

Triple Frontier
🎬 An action-adventure story set in the notorious tri-border drug warzone* between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil where the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge — making ~la triple frontera~ difficult to monitor and a haven for organized crime. Sources: Variety, theFilmStage

Director: J.C. Chandor
Writers: Mark Boal (screenplay), J.C. Chandor
Producers: Charles Roven, Alex Gartner of Atlas Entertainment
Starring: Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum @channingtatum, Mahershala Ali is reportedly in talks to join @mahershalaali

*original version of the script, which has been kicking around for some years, concerned a black ops in the region and followed 5 men

“A casting call for paid extras and actors will be held on Saturday, March 25th from 10am – 4pm at the Olelo TV Studios in Mapunapuna over on Oahu.”

If we’re gonna talk under appreciated starkid women, let’s talk

Devin Lytle, Bonnie Gruesen, Alle-Faye Monk, Elona Finlay, Tiffany Williams, Arielle Goldman, Ali Gordon, Lily Marks, Jamie Burns, Julia Albain, Lauren Walker, and Sango Tajima.

They’re all beautiful, they’re all talented, they all deserve more love.

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mustafa charging out here and truly believing he can at least hold five discrete dudes at bay for long enough to rescue kalisto? mustafa’s not an IDIOT, he knows that’s a lot of dudes, he’s fought them, he knows he can’t take them all on at once, but he had to try. he got his ass kicked but he HAD it held down at first. it didn’t work and it didn’t save kalisto, but it split the damage among them, and it gave kalisto an ally, and it was the right thing to do. 

god i fucking love mustafa ali

One-Shot Masterpost

(will be updated each time I post)

The One That Started it All- Drunk!Emily spills details about hers and Ali’s sex life to the whole group (x

Part 2, Emily is in trouble and morning sex ensues (x)

Ali gives birth to a baby boy (x)

Ai’s crazy cravings, Em will go anywhere (x)

Kenneth meets his grandson, learns Emison are engaged (x)

Emison’s child has a bad nightmare (x)

Ali is self-conscious about baby weight, Emily comforts her (x)

Ali finds herself in hospital (x)

Em comes home from work to find Ali and the baby sleeping (x)

Emison’s baby takes his first steps (x)

Fetus Emison, Emily is confused ‘That night’. Ali helps her out (x)

Em takes baby in the pool for the first time, Ali is nervous (x)

Em’s first day back at work (x)

The girls surprise Ali with a baby shower (x)

Ali and Em spend date night playing truth or dare (x)

Em gets overly protective when AD chooses Ali to have a turn at the game (x)

Emisons baby gets sick (x)

Em is tired of waiting for an answer as to why Ali kissed her (x)

Fetus Emison,Ali gets texts from A at a sleepover and turns to Em for comfort (x)

The baby hasn’t kicked for a while, the girls comfort each other (x)

First night home with the baby, Grandma Pam helps out (x)

Ali and Em explaining to their teenage child how he came to be (x)

Ali and Em find out they’re having a son (x)

Ali gets jealous as Emily gets hit on in a bar (x)

Ali and Em bring their new-born baby home (x)

Emily tells Toby about Ali and the baby, he offers some good advice (x)

Em and Ali decorate the nursery together, after Em has cold feet (x)

The girls meet baby Finn for the first time (x)

Emison have a fight, Emily spends the night outside Ali’s door (x)

Part 2, make up cuddles and fluff (x)

Em talks to Ali’s stomach as she thinks she’s sleeping (x)

Em comforts Ali during a hormonal moment (x)

Em runs into an old girlfriend while catching up with Ali in California (x)

Drunk Ali, first night out after baby is born (x)

Emison deciding on their baby’s name (x)

Emison taking Finn, Grace and Lily to Disney Land (x)

Emily drags a homophobe/a guy trying to hit on Ali (x)

Spoby come to Emison for parenting tips (x)

Finn gets in a mood at Spoby wedding, Hannily take him outside (x)

Emily gets into a car accident (x)

Part 2- reunion (x)

Emily gets Jealous as Ali makes a friend (x)

Emison move into their new home (x)

PLL’s go to the beach and Em can’t stop staring at Ali (x)

Emily gets overprotective when Ali is chosen to play the game (x)

Emily leaves a mark on Ali, payback ensues (x)

Sabrina turns up on Emison’s doorstep demanding answers (x)

Emison get a print of new-born Finn’s handprint (x)

Emily asks Ali about the scar on her thigh (x)

Emison and Finn morning fluff (x)

Finns first Word (x)

Emison, the morning after 5x05 (x)

Fetus Emison on New Years Eve (x)

Ali discovers Emily’s secret tattoo (x)

Emily finds herself in an awkward position after losing her engagement ring (x)

Emison take a bath after a hard week, Em says ‘I love you’ for the first time (x)

PLL’s get drunk, leads to questions about 5X05 (x)

Overprotective Emily at school with very pregnant Ali (x)

Finn finds a photo of Wayne and starts asking questions (x)

Lunch time with Finn doesn’t go well (x)

Emily gets annoyed that Ali took Ian to the kissing rock first, fluff (x)

Emison reunion after Ali goes to Jason’s in 7x16 (x)

Spencer struggles with Eleanor as Toby is away, Emison save the day (x)

Emison pack the bag for the hospital (x)

Emison tell Grace and Lily they’re going to have a brother (x)