20. “Because.”

Mark: “Because it’s cold!” You ran over to Mark and pushed him away from the thermostat. “Hey!” he yelled at you as he fell to the ground. He got up and saw that you were blocking the way. “Just let me turn it up two degrees higher!” You shook your head, still standing in your position. He scratched his head as he fought his way past you to press the temperature up one. “Ha!” he taunted you. “Just leave it there!” he yelled as he victoriously walked back to the bedroom. Before you followed him, you put the temperature back with a giggle.

JB: “Because you’re hungry! Yah!” He handed you the bag of food, but you refused to take it. “Ah, why are you like this?” he grunted. You crossed your arms and turned your head as he took the food out of the bag and placed it in front of you on top of a napkin. “I bought it for you because I know you didn’t eat all day.” You shifted your eyes in his direction as his facial expression changed. “I know you get cranky and upset when you have nothing in your stomach. Please eat,” he begged. With a sigh, you nodded.

Jackson: “Because it’s late.” You kept refusing his offer, telling him you’re fine. “Nonsense! It’s so dangerous at night,” he said as he walked up right next to you. “You need at least a buddy with you to accompany you. Please, let me walk you to your dorm.” Thinking about it, it was very sweet of him to walk you, especially this late at night. You accepted his offer, making him smile. On your way, you began to learn about him: his hobbies, his passions, his interests. And that night, you learned about how much you started to like him.

Jr: “Because you need to sleep,” he chuckled as he caught you yawning while you were stretching. While you were arguing with him that yawning was automatic for you whenever you stretched, he nodded as he walked over to grab the blanket in his room. He came back as you were still defending your action as he fluffed the pillow next to you and slowly pushed your head onto it. You yawned again as he covered you with his blanket. Pouting at him, he looked at you before kissing your forehead. “Sleep now, work later,” he smiled.

Youngjae: “Because I love you!” he confessed out of his mouth. You dropped the bowl in your hands as you stood there in shock, lucky that it didn’t break once it reached the floor. “There, I said it!” he screamed before he opened his eyes and looked up at you. “I did all of this for you!” There was anger and sadness written all over his face “You never even realized it. I can’t believe you!” he screamed. As you were about to approach him, he swatted your arm away and ran from you, leaving you speechless and alone.

Bam Bam: “Because you’re tired,” he said. You scratched your eyes as you shook your head in denial. He smiled to himself before cupping your face. “Well, if you’re staying up, I might as well get you some brain food.” You nodded with a sleepy gaze at the idea. He grinned and kissed your forehead. “The usual?” he asked as he was about to exit the room, you nodded. As he left the room, you turned back to your papers. It was late, and you were pretty tired, but at least he was there all night to keep you company.

Yoogyeom: “Because you need to get out!” Without any other words, he lifted you above the ground, making you gasp as you held onto his shoulder. You kept fidgeting but it was no use, considering the fact that he was much stronger than you. You kept commanding him to put you down and he kept shaking his head. “You’ve been inside all week, we’re going outside whether you like it or not!” he chuckled. You stopped moving as you saw there was no use. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll make sure we’ll have a fun time outside together.”

A Full Moon Claim

Character: GOT7′S Mark/Reader

Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Werewolf!AU

Word Counts: 2 475

Summary: What would happen when a fierce, horny Alpha found his mate during the mating season?

A/N: This is a request from my Dangerous Fantasy applyfic on AFF. Please check it out (through my previous post) if you want more like this. And my request box is open, dropped in your request if you have anything in your mind!

Stalking to his locker, people scurried away as Mark set his glare ahead of him, piercing through whoever dared to stay on his way. Nobody even dare to mess with this Alpha. He looked as human, but nobody knew that he is not. Being an Alpha is not quite an easy life, especially if you are single. It is very essential for an Alpha to find their mate because of their wild, uncontrollable wolf nature. And the approaching mating season, which is tonight, is not helping at all. Mating season happen once a year and can last up until one month and it’s quite ironic since it would usually come on the first day of the summer. It was a hell for a single Alpha like him as the season made them all horny and in heat. He couldn’t just sleep with any girl as it won’t satisfy his wolf. But it was easier for normal werewolves as they could screw every girl they wanted. After finding out that Yugyeom had found his mate, Mark felt jealousy burnt in his chest. That’s why the foul mood. He cracked opened his locker, took everything that he needed and slammed it close. “Woah there! That locker gonna fell out soon.” Mark glared at Jackson who was grinning at him instead of cowering away. “Aww, come on. Cheer up. We don’t want that sour face for tonight’s party right?” Mark sighed when he remembered the party. Every starting of the mating season, a party would be held at his pack house, which is a mansion actually. It was held for his pack to quench their lust for the first night of the mating season.

And the night couldn’t come any faster. Music was booming through the house which made Mark’s head hurt. The mansion was now filled with people that he knew and strangers that he never met before. But they were all humans which were confirmed by Jaebum beforehand to avoid any danger. Mark’s head thumped as he grabbed a bottle of liquor before taking a swig of the liquid, burning his throat. His body was searing hot, not only from the summer heat but from his growing lust, seeing half naked bodies dancing and grinding on each other doesn’t help it all. Mark groaned as he grabbed random girl from behind and buried his face on her neck as she grinded on his hardening member. He was thinking of dragging her upstairs when a strong scent hit him making him froze on the spot. The girl in his arm had turned around and was planting kisses on his jaw when he grabbed her hand and pushed her away, eyes frantically searching for the source of the scent. It was subtle but strong enough for him to catch on it. And Mark knew it belong to his mate which made his blood stirred. He had to find her.

You groaned and pushed away a drunken man who was trying to grope on your ass as you made your way upstairs, trying to find any available room for you to sulk in. Your friend had dragged you here saying that you should have some fun since summer break is here. You decided to follow her and regret it when you arrived. Looking down on you knotted checkered shirt and ripped jeans, you were relieved when she didn’t insisted on choosing your outfit. Or else, you’re going to end up in skimpy dress or super short shorts. This mansion was huge with lots of rooms but none of them were empty. There would be couple humping on each other or it would be marked by black ribbon, which is a restricted area. You almost groaned because you couldn’t find any empty room when a strong arm wrapped around your waist and slammed you to the wall, trapping you between his strong body and the wall. Still in haze, you attacker were sniffing of your neck as the smell of alcohol hit you. “Mate..” You heard him grumble which made you frown as you tried to push him off you but he was too strong. You felt your heart pounded, still trying to push him off you when his growl made you froze.

Mark followed the scent upstairs as it got stronger until his eyes landed on a figure that made him see red. His wolf goes berserk as he stormed towards her before grabbing her small frame and pushed her against the wall rather roughly as he felt his wolf took over. He buried his face into her neck as her scent assault him making his blood boiled as his cock twitch with desire, his body burnt with lust.  “Mate..” He heard himself growled before he could even realize it.

Pulling away from your neck, Mark stared down into your eyes making you gasped. His eyes were blazing gold as he stared at you full of lust, his breathing had quicken as his lips were carved into a snarled. You didn’t know him but it felt liked you had met him before as your heart started to pound in your chest. “What’s your name?” The conscious side of Mark’s mind demanded from you as you breathed an answer making him smirked before crashing his lips onto yours, earning a gasp from you. Taking advantages, he tilted his head and rammed his tongue inside of your mouth cavern, battling with yours, stroking every inch of you mouth as you let out a trembling moan feeling yourself melt in the kiss as your body mold to his. Your fingers had found themselves in his hairs, tugging on them making him groaned. The kiss was rough and demanding, spreading heat all over your body as wetness started to pool between your thighs. Mark pushed you harder onto the wall as he bit onto your lower lips, hard enough to draw blood and the pain achingly stung as he pushed his knee between your legs, pressing onto your wet core making you flinched. His nostril flared at the scent of your arousal making his wolf growled with hunger. Upon hearing his inhuman growl you snapped your eyes open as you tried to push him away but he grabbed both of your hands and held them still. ‘Why is he so strong?’ The thought that occurred your mind as you tried to pull away from him when he grind his knee on your core making you moan and stopped struggling, pressing your hips down on his thigh unconsciously trying to increase the friction.

Mark broke the kiss as both of your breathing had turned hectic, chests heaving up and down as swollen lips parted in pants and gasps; your hooded lids were filled with lust as they stare into his golden irises. He could see that you were trying to fight him, your mind was asking for you to fight him but your body was doing the opposite. You didn’t know why, you were attracted to him just like how the moth attracted to the fire. He was a stranger, gosh you didn’t even know his name, but you were dripping wet for him and lust was burning your body right now. Smirking with satisfaction, Mark dragged you to one of the rooms that were marked with black ribbon. Still in daze, you just complied as he pushed you in when the click of the lock making you snapped back to reality. You looked around the room when a rough hand circled around your waist, turning you around and a pair of lips latched onto your neck, making your eyes fluttered closed, lips parted to let out a shaky breath. Your body quivered with lust as your mind had gave up on resisting. Without you realizing, he had walked you towards a bed before pushing you down on them, lying on top of you before kissing his way down the column of your neck as you tilt your head away exposing more skin to him. He marked his way down to your collarbone with red bruise that would take days to disappear. At this moment, your sense had gone numb as waves of heat flowed into your veins. You could no longer feel anything beside his blazing hot touches against your exposed skins making every of your nerves awake in his touch.

He caressed your exposed waist before ripping your shirt open, revealing your white bikini top before he clawing them in half making your breast tumbled out as you gasped when the cold air greeted your hardening nipples. He stopped marking your neck to pull off his shirt, revealing his hard chest before throwing it off somewhere; his eyes were burning with desire that made you squirmed under his gaze. When he grabbed both of your hands and pushed them above you head before pinning them there, a question filled your mind. “What are you?” You breathed against his lips that were only a breath away from yours; he had pushed your legs apart to fit himself between them with his bulge pressing against your core, distracting you. Mark just smirked before grumbling an answer. “I’m a werewolf baby, and you are my mate that I was about to claim.” Before you could even registered his respond he had captured your lips once again, pinning your hands in one hand before kneading with your breast making you moan as desire flooded back in your mind. Trying to resist him, you tried to free your hands but he was too strong and the pleasure is too overwhelming. Your gasps turned into a wanton cry when he grind his hardness against your wet core, the friction felt so good but not satisfying. “Please..” You whined once he broke the kiss. “Mark. My name is Mark.” He whispered against your lips before reaching down to unbutton your jeans. “Gosh, I can smell your arousal already. So sweet..” He growled while pushing down your jeans, revealing you white panties before sliding his hands under it and scraped his fingers against your clit. Your back arched at the contact as your hips grind onto his hands, trying to increase the friction when he dipped his long fingers into your wetness, rocking your body with pleasure as a wanton cry escaped your lips. You just couldn’t contain it anymore. The pleasure was so intense that you felt like you going to burst anytime soon. In the midst of the pleasure, he had pulled off your panties as your hands were now free but the heat between your legs was still building up as he kept pumping his fingers in and out of you.

Nearing the edge, you humped on his fingers as you gripped on the sheet, your legs were spread wide for him as you chased on your orgasm but he stopped his pace making you whined, pressing yourself onto his hands but he held on your hips, preventing you from moving. “I want you to scream my name sweetheart. Or we can go on like this all night.” He grunted into your ears. Your fingers reached for his hair, tugging on them while he attached his lips onto your shoulder, his finger sliding in and out of you in slow pace which was making you frustrated. “Please..” You whimpered, trying to grind on his fingers but he just chuckled. “What is it baby? What do you want me to do?” His fingers were scraping against your hot wet wall as he thumb was firmly pressing against you swollen clit. “Mark please, I want you inside of me!” You cried out making him grinned in satisfaction before kissing your shoulder. He pulled out his fingers making you whined and frowned at him when the sight of his tongue licking your juice off his fingers making you moaned. He pulled away to unzipped his dark jeans before pulling it off along with his boxer, his hardness bouncing out as he caressed them, spreading precum all over his length. He crawled on the bed, stalking towards you, before grabbing you by your waist and flipped you on your stomach, his calloused fingers on your hips, drawing them up making you on your knee but your face flat on the bed. As you squirmed, trying to protest at the position, you felt his cock against your dripping core and his strong grip on your ass cheek making you stopped squirming. Mark leant down to whisper into your ears. “Good girl would stay still. Or you won’t get to cum.” Your lips parted in silent scream as he slowly pushed himself fully into your wet slit in one strong thrust, going deep inside of you that made every inch of your nerves burnt with pleasure.

Mark pulled out and when he was almost fully out, he slammed back inside of you making you cried out in ecstasy. After a while, the room was filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin, moaning and grunts as his finger laced with yours up above your head, his chest mold against your spine as he thrust roughly into your core. He suddenly pulled away from your body before pulling himself out of you making you whined. Wordlessly, he flipped you over, a sudden urge to properly claim you flooded in his mind. He positioned himself back at your entrance before thrusting in with one hard thrust making your back arch as your yelped at the sensation. He lean down and nibbled on the flesh where your neck and your shoulder met as his arms circled around your arch back. His pace was never slowing down as you gasped for breath. Mark knew you were approaching your orgasm as he is too. “Cum for me sweetheart. Scream my name. Let everyone in this mansion know that you are mine.” With that, you threw your head back, screaming his name as your orgasm hit you. Mark cum after a few more thrust, grunting as he clamped his teeth of your shoulder, marking you as his so that no other wolf could ever claimed you. Both of you were now panting for breath, coming down from you high as licked the wound he had caused. You started to get drowsy when Mark pulled out of you earning a groan from you before collapsing on the bed next to you, pulling you against his chest and buried his face in your hair.

“You better have some explanation prepared tomorrow morning.” You mumbled, wrapping your arm around his torso, your body sticky with sweats. His chuckled vibrated on his chest. “Get some rest. I’m not done with you yet.” With that being said, you felt a wave of desire flooded your body once again as you rubbed your thigh together making Mark growled. “Or we can start it now.”