[ENG SUB] 170115 NCT LIFE MINI Behind ‘Director Johnny NCT 127 Waiting Room’



Look at how he glows in these. It is most definitely my favourite look on him because dark hair really suits him. Don’t get me wrong. Blonde Jackson is my fav too but the dark hair makes me feel some kind of way. Like he’s sooo boyfriend material. I can’t believe he doesn’t think he’s attractive because this. screams. VISUAL. Jfc. I should stop before before all the feels will consume me.


[ENG SUB] 170116 NCT LIFE MINI Game - Music Game

GOT7 Shippers January 2017

Markjin: still pretty happy and content little fluffs still so many moments to fangirl/boy over patiently waiting for a marriage proposal and lowkey keeping an eye on the the rise of markson

Markson: HAPPY AS YOUNGJAE….all the markson moments in 2016 *cough* couples costumes *cough* markson is on the rise once again and with asc hinting at bringing the markson show back they have zero chill rn

Jjp: still probably the most mature shippers there keeping their love for got7’s parent duo on the down low every last one of them praying to every god ever to exist to have a JJP subunit soon

Yugbam: *ded from all the moments* mothers to their two soft children basically screaming over the jungkook+ yugbam love triangle and decide whether thy should cry or eat or be proud of their sons, probably a combo of all three

2jae: * intensely stares into distance* “2jae will rise again”

Jackbam: ded

NCT when they see your reaction about them kissing you

all of nct? haha okay seems there are a few people ill try my best to give you a good post. ill group them seems there are quite a few members so i hope you dont mind. If i missed anybody please let me know and i’ll add them in. Thank you for your request. (Just over 6 hours later and realised I read your request wrong, I’m so so sorry)  

Wouldn’t tell you he found it but would make an account just so he can follow and see what other cute stuff you have to say about him: Taeil, Johnny, Ten, Jisung, Jeno

The ones that would tell you that he found it and would tease you about it all the time: Doyoung, Jaehyun, Haechan, Chenle,  Jaemin

The ones that would just tackle you because they found it too cute for their hearts to handle: Taeyong, Mark, Winwin, Yuta, Renjun

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