Explains the JB situation

So a lot of people are really upset about everything JB said with his bromance episode with Youngjae today but without the proper context it really looks like JB said something really homophobic which isn’t the case.

What happened was Youngjae took JB to a COUPLES CAFE!

People are leaving out that part which I find really funny because if y'all knew it would have made sense.

Youngjae then sits down talking about the cafe and which JB said “this place isn’t mean for two guys.”

I know without proper context that looks super bad but he was talking about him and Youngjae. They aren’t a couple and are just friends. JB definitely could have worded that better but that was what he was meaning not it being okay for gay guys.

Then, Youngjae *jokes*( people forgetting that part) that he wanted to bring him here( couples cafe) which then he says he will hit him.

Now this is what really happened, watching the video I didn’t even see a problem until everyone started throwing around the word that he’s homophobic. JB has not done or said anything outside of this about it not being okay to be gay. Please stop taking stuff out of context and actually watch the episode. Guys please spread this clarrification. JB is getting a lot of hate right now and he really doesn’t deserve it.

Me, still surprised that SM is taking their time to drop NCT’s teasers, despite NCT not already coming back yet with the endless rumors, their producer announcing an album that’s on its way, 29 hairstyle changes and a new song being performed on one of the largest stages:

Meeting Choi Youngjae for the first time. It just like a dream for me. ❤❤

Hi my dear followers, 

Last Sunday I had a chance to see Youngjae for the first time in my life. Finally, I met my sunshine, the person who brighten my days and nights. To have him right in front of you, breathing the same air as you, being in the same venue with you felt really really a dream came true to me. I’ve never thought I would have the chance to meet him and the rest of the boys in real life. They’re so so good looking. I screamed so hard for Choi Youngjae that day. I hope he heard me…hahaha 

I can say I was really lucky that day during the fan meeting. Two days before the fan meeting I was informed that camera wasn’t allowed in the venue and I was so disappointed because I was planning to buy a new camera just for this fan meeting. Though I knew there will be a possibility that I will get caught for trying to bring a camera inside, I didn’t care and went ahead and buy one. hahaha So, during the fan meeting, I came super early at the venue 10AM though the FM only start at 6PM. As you know, I’m also an admin to for Choi Youngjae fanbase in Malaysia (follow us at MYSunshineYJ on twitter) so I prepared 70 sets of Youngjae’s selca to give to IGOT7s who attended the fan meeting. 

Oh ya, I also helped Youngjae’s chinese fansite masternim, 4EverYoungjae to give out 200 Youngjae’s slogans during the Fan Meeting. She was so nice. She even gave me free 4EverYoungjae’s towel…kekeke 

For the fan meeting, my fanbase also did a bunting banner for Youngjae and it was placed outside the venue during the fan meeting. Our bunting for Youngjae from MYSunshineYJ. I’m so happy it turned out good.  ❤ ❤ ❤

I had super fun during the giveaway as I was teaming up with other members’ fanbase of Malaysia like Mark & Jaebum. I got to know a lot of IGOT7 who came not only from Malaysia but also all the way from Kazakhstan to see GOT7. Wow, the power of GOT7. kekeke 

For the fanmeeting I wore this T-shirt to the fanmeeting which I personally designed with my fanbase logo in front and CYJ logo behind it…kekeke (I’m crazy right) 

Not only that, I also went crazy before the fan meeting starts hunting down all the freebies given by GOT7′s fansites. I constantly, checked on my twitter if there was any announcement made about the freebies. lol These what I managed to get during the fan meeting, 

There were not many as this was only FM and not a concert so I’m planning to go the GOT7 Concert next time to collect all these beautiful freebies by GOT7 fansites. haha

I met with some fansites masternim and there were all so pretty. I’m jealous. kekeke During the fan meeting was also the place where you can get many GOT7 merchandises and because I didn’t bring lots of cash to the FM I only managed to buy my ahgabong, Youngjae’s cute headband, FLY Album signed by Youngjae & ASiGoKi CYJ set.  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Oh ya about the camera, I managed to sneak my camera in..kekeke I was so happy when GOT7 came out to the stage our sunshine was standing at the right side and I was on the right side. I knew that Youngjae liked to be at the right side at every fan meeting or concert and I’m glad I’m right. kekeke  So during the first segment, I took out my camera and silently recorded Youngjae’s parts. I was very scared because I saw two people in front of me got caught using their camera but luckily until the end I was safe.  Too bad I can’t record the whole thing but I was so happy I managed to record my Youngjae parts especially when he danced sexily. Oh gosh such a blessing sight…hahaha I need to learn the secret from fansite masternim how they managed to bring their camera in without being caught…if you know the trick do tell me…hahaha 

That fan meeting was too short and I need more. Now that I saw the boys right in front of me I’m kinda want to see them all the time. LOL. Anyway, I was so happy that they came to Malaysia this time and I hope they’ll come back to my country or else I’ll be flying all the way to Seoul to see them..hahaha It’s such a fun time for me as I made a lot of friends with not only Malaysian IGOT7 but also IGOT7 who came from different countries. I want to experience it again soon…maybe. I spent a lot of money for this GOT7inMY from the FM ticket, flight ticket, hotel, giveaways  & fan projects but I didn’t mind for GOT7 & my sunshine Youngjae ❤ ❤ ❤ #crazyfangirl 

Just sharing…I’m sorry that you had to read this… kekeke 

Got7 Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being Affectionate/Clingy

Reaction Masterlist

deeimana said:

got7 reaction to their gf being very affectionate and clingy?

Mark: *totally into it. He’s already pretty clingy with some of his members and he’d want to be even more skinshipy with his girlfriend. Literally makes him unable to stop smiling*

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JB: *just embarrassed and happy all at once in a totally adorable way. He would probably be shy about reciprocating the same stuff himself, he go with his girlfriend doing it, praying the other members don’t tease him too much for it*

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Jackson: *He’s just generally very affectionate towards the people he cares about anyway, so they would just be a super skinshipy couple all the time, almost like if they were together some part of them had to be touching so they would be reassured they were still around*

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Jinyoung: *a bit more embarrassed like JB although not that embarrassed, probably falling about where mark would be on the spectrum, he’d love that his girlfriend was affectionate and would be affectionate with her as well even if he got shy about it.*

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Youngjae: *I think he’d also get embarrassed and when he gets embarrassed or feels uncomfortable, he laughs. Over time, his girlfriend’s affectionate actions would get less of a reaction as he got used to them and he’d never push her away, just get a little uncomfortable*

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BamBam: *As always, a little extra. I picture him alternating between overreacting to her actions like yah what are you doing? and then going along with it too far like why hello there jagi, did you want a kiss? Either way, he’d be into it, but he’d also be really into lovingly teasing his girlfriend about it too.*

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Yugyeom: *another one who is going to be a bit shy and awkward but he’d also like it. Each time his girlfriend was affectionate, he’d get a big dopey smile on his face and subtly pull her closer. He’d really enjoy being close to her, there’s something about skin to skin contact (oxytocin is amazing) that made him feel amazing*

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