I’ve Seen Troubles- Marjory the Trash Heap, Philo and Gunge

Can you believe Fraggle Rock is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year? This show was definitely a staple of my childhood, and continues to hold a special place in my heart to this day. Threadless is celebrating with a Fraggle Rock tshirt design contest. I just had to jump in on the fun o^u^o.

Marjory the Trash Heap gives the Fraggles bits of wisdom and knowledge whenever they come to her. She is always accompanied by her best friends, Gunge and Philo. In the episode “Home is Where the Trash Is”, we learn that Marjory can’t exist without her two buddies. Their bond is an extra special one :).

If you like my work and wouldn’t mind wearing a bit of nostalgia like this on a tshirt, I’d love your vote! Link to my submission is here: Home is Where the Trash Is

The great trash heap has spoken! Nyaaah! :P


Interesting sidenote re: Marjory the Trash Heap–

When I went to double-check the name, I saw that someone with imperfect English had added this to the Wikipedia page:

“The character has a popular aftermath in the German version of the serial where Marjory owns no accent, is it named Allwissende Muellhalde (engl. all-knowing trash heap). And today this name is used as a common synonym for search engines; especially Google.”

Maybe this note from the German Wikipedia page explains it better:

“Innerhalb der Netzkultur werder mit ironisch-kritischen Unterton auch das Internet allgemein beziehungsweise Suchmaschinen wie Google als ,,allwissende Muellhalde” bezeichnet.“

It pretty much says–I think–that ironical netsters call Google that to be cool and snarky.

Alright. Party on.