Help me to carry the fire - Enjolras x Marius fanmix

Part 1. Help me to carry the fire

  • Hurts - Confide In Me
  • Civil Twilight - Human
  • Editors - No Sound But The Wind
  • Muse - Invincible
  • Portishead - Roads
  • Michal Pavlicek - The Burial

Part 2. You’re still alive

  • Vib Gyor - Red Light
  • Ray LaMontagne - I Still Care For You
  • Kissing Cousins - Don’t Look Back
  • Depeche Mode - Ghost
  • Marillion - It’s Nor Your Fault
  • Editors - Push Your Head Towards The Air


anonymous asked:

for the OTP thing: Majolras



Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: marius because no one hugged him in his childhood

Who’s the funniest drunk: ENJOLRAS because hes normally the stoic leader but then when hes drunk he hangs on marius’s arm and tells marius how wonderful he is and plays with his hair and giggles at everything

Who texts the most: enjolras omg i bet marius is one of those people who cant figure out how to text

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: enjolras does he’s in love with taylor swift

Who reads the most: MARIUS!!!!!!!! marius reads so much marius is addicted to books

Who’s better with kids: marius bc enjolras needs to learn how to tone down the scariness

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: eponine does. neither of them have any idea how to fix things they were both sheltered rich boys

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: marius videotapes the growth of plants

Who cooks and who cleans up: THEY ORDER TAKEOUT

anonymous asked:

Marjolras high school teachers au- Enjolras teaches AP World history, and Marius teaches all the language classes, except Korean (but he's totally learning it from the teacher, Cosette (Arden Cho is my headcanon Cosette))

THANK YOU OH MY GOSH and they spend a lot of time in the teachers lounge together debating about politics and all the other teachers are kinda like “will u guys keep it down???” so they go into a room alone together and argue

and they complain about obnoxious students together and marius is the teacher who isnt that great at keeping the students under control because hes too nice and enjolras is too scary all the students are really scared of him so they help each other with this

and then when they start dating enjolras (who has prep first period) always brings marius starbucks and squeezes marius’s hand right before he leaves and all the students giggle and marius blushes and enjolras yells at them to stop it and they stop it immediately 

and marius and enjolras laughing about funny things that the students did and marius and enjolras helping each other when its finals week and theyre super stressed because marius has 1928383 timed writings to correct and enjolras has a bunch of essays and multiple choice tests to grade and they drink 40 monster energy drinks and stay up all night leaning on each others shoulders while they grade papers


Marjolras Writing To Do List

Since I notice we have a shortage of fics on Ao3 (Only 37) I decided on some things I kinda wanna write

  • Bottom!Enjolras
  • Alpha/Omega
  • Hate Sex 
  • Virgin!Marius/Experiance!Enjolras
  • Asshole Friends making bets on them
  • Matchmaker!Amis group
  • Sub!Enjolras verse*****

I have a whole list that I’ll be getting to with a lot of fluff also, but I think I’ll hit these first ;)

Why’d you have to be so cute?

It’s impossible to ignore you.

Being the new choreographer of the Musain Ballet Company is more stressful than Marius had ever anticipated  He considers it a successful day if Bossuet doesn’t bruise Joly too badly, Courfeyrac doesn’t sneak away with Jehan into the costume closet (more than once) and Grantaire is in the studio by noon. There is one very lovely perk, however. A particular blond principal dancer, with his ridiculous love of hazelnut macchiatos and Imogen Heap, has become much more to him than a colleague.