Ady Endre: A fehér csönd

Karollak, vonlak s mégsem érlek el,
Itt a fehér csönd, a fehér lepel.
Nem volt ilyen nagy csönd még soha tán,
Sikolts belé, mert mindjárt elveszünk,
Állunk és várunk, csüggedt a kezünk
A csókok és könnyek alkonyatán.
Sikoltva, marva bukjék rám fejed
S én tépem durván bársony-testedet.
Nagyon is síma, illatos hajad,
Zilálva, tépve verje arcomat.
Fehér nyakad most nagyon is fehér,
Vas-ujjaim közt fesse kékre vér.
Ragadjon gyilkot fehér, kis kezed:
Megállt az élet, nincsen több sora,
Nincs kínja, csókja, könnye, mámora,
Jaj, mindjárt minden, minden elveszett.
Fehér ördög-lepel hullott miránk,
Fehér és csöndes lesz már a világ,
Átkozlak, téplek, marlak szilajon,
Átkozz, tépj, marj és sikolts, akarom.
Megöl a csend, ez a fehér lepel:
Űzz el magadtól, vagy én űzlek el.

Got7 reaction - you only having one parent

Would be surprised about you only handing one parent and brings it up time to time to comfort you about not having two: Youngjae, Mark,  Yugyeom

Wouldn’t really be surprised, but will comfort you if you needed any help about it: JB, Jinyoung

Would care a lot, and send you love until you die of it: Jackson, Bam Bam, 


a continuation, of sorts, of this

anyway my friend @lady-kima-of-vord suggested this is how Marj and Azura would meet in the Heroes world and I had to do it. I’m gonna go under the assumption that their story hasn’t happened yet (ignoring dragon f!corrin, but whatever)

one day I will summon f!Corrin to match my Azura. Maybe. if my luck ever turns gold again

  • su fandom: oh this episode is super lovely oh look at peridot hahaha love
  • me: ooh lovely how are the other fandoms doing
  • me: um k
  • me: welp can't get any worse
  • phandom: yeah we are the worse because daN THINKS WE ARE HIS BSHHHH IT IS NOT OKKKKKKK #PAHN FOR LIFE YAYAYAYA
  • me: ok hello su help me

Today I was downtown at the convention center. As I made my way out of the full underground parking ramp a Very Important Person cut me off. He had somewhere to go. Cross traffic be damned.

I slammed on my brakes and avoided hitting his car. Honking was pointless because he was already screeching up to the next level.

Here’s the thing. I was leaving but he was looking for a place to park. At the next level he had stopped at the sight of someone’s brake lights. Another driver appeared to be leaving a spot but it turned out she had just entered it. Oh that’s so sad for our impatient VIP. He took off but this time I was right behind him.

In his hurry he passed by an empty slot that was sort of hidden by a mini-van. Now it was time for VIP to hit the brakes. Which meant I had to stop - in front of the empty parking spot.

He put his car in reverse. Oh yeah, sure dude, when I see your reverse lights I’ll get the hell out of your way.


VIP waited for me to back up. No one was behind me. Yeah I moved… to pick up my phone. Then I started scrolling Tumblr.

I wanted to see what you guys were doing. Mallory had a graphic t-shirt post but she was wearing a sweater. That’s twice she’s broken the rules. Jenni sure does need a haircut. Jess’ mom came out of surgery OK. Marj danced in her classroom. None of the men posted anything; they must be busy working!

VIP beeped his horn. I scrolled my phone some more. It seemed like a long time but was probably just 90 seconds. The reverse lights went off and VIP left for another level to search again.

I won.

That bumper sticker in the other picture is on an early 80s Ford station wagon with fake wood grain paneling. “Hang up and drive” it says. I’m sure the owner of that Ford never has to be told that because he probably doesn’t have a phone.


Vanilla Fates Marj: constantly frowning, squints angrily at not being able to be gay, face pale at the threat of marrying men

Gay Fates Marj: softer face, eyes open to better take in all the ladies, slight perma-blush of happy and gayness