Azurrin Week Day 4: Color

I’ve always thought Conquest’s ending is the worst in regards to Azurrin, because they don’t necessarily know Azura is….dead. She just disappeared. And everyone else moving on when Corrin can’t.

I’ve also always associated Azura with forget-me-nots, both color scheme wise and because i’m annoyed how she’s always forgotten in the end slates. 


Beefcake 🐮🍰

It’s come to my attention that a lot of folks in this fandom are young people. I’ve seen you guys talking about family issues, and I just want you guys to know that if you need to talk or want “parental” advice or have questions or need to vent about something you can’t talk or don’t feel comfortable talking to your own parent about. I’m here for you.

Ady Endre: A fehér csönd

Karollak, vonlak s mégsem érlek el,
Itt a fehér csönd, a fehér lepel.
Nem volt ilyen nagy csönd még soha tán,
Sikolts belé, mert mindjárt elveszünk,
Állunk és várunk, csüggedt a kezünk
A csókok és könnyek alkonyatán.
Sikoltva, marva bukjék rám fejed
S én tépem durván bársony-testedet.
Nagyon is síma, illatos hajad,
Zilálva, tépve verje arcomat.
Fehér nyakad most nagyon is fehér,
Vas-ujjaim közt fesse kékre vér.
Ragadjon gyilkot fehér, kis kezed:
Megállt az élet, nincsen több sora,
Nincs kínja, csókja, könnye, mámora,
Jaj, mindjárt minden, minden elveszett.
Fehér ördög-lepel hullott miránk,
Fehér és csöndes lesz már a világ,
Átkozlak, téplek, marlak szilajon,
Átkozz, tépj, marj és sikolts, akarom.
Megöl a csend, ez a fehér lepel:
Űzz el magadtól, vagy én űzlek el.

Everyone in the SP fandom has such beaitiful art! I have been on an art hiatus for a few years, and you’ve all inspired me to start really trying again. I’ve never loved a fandom more than this one.


Hi! I’m Desiree and this is my girlfriend marj! We are just your average madly in love couple from New York! We’ve had so many adventures together and we have so much to share! Our love is just too good to not share with the world! Come check us out!


a continuation, of sorts, of this

anyway my friend @lady-kima-of-vord suggested this is how Marj and Azura would meet in the Heroes world and I had to do it. I’m gonna go under the assumption that their story hasn’t happened yet (ignoring dragon f!corrin, but whatever)

one day I will summon f!Corrin to match my Azura. Maybe. if my luck ever turns gold again

Only The Beginning

Author: marj-n-ken
Fandom: South Park
Pairing: Butters/Kenny
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Series: one-shot
Beta: basicbewitch
Summary: When Butters calls crying, all Kenny wants to do is make his best friend happy again.

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“The jail nurse also came in while I was there and changed the bandage on his wrist where he had slashed an artery in one of his four suicide attempts after his arrest.  

‘Would you like to see my wound,’ he said, holding his arm out to me.  (The cutting instrument he had used to make the suicidal incision had been fashioned from the metal casing of a ball point pen I had given him. Jailers at the neighboring San Mateo county jail, where he was kept for security reasons after two suicide attempts in Santa Cruz, had failed to remove the pen from his folder of papers when Kemper returned from court).

He had previously assured me, ‘It’s not your fault.’ He tried to explain his suicide attempts, saying that he did not have a suicidal feeling when he was first ‘locked up.’ Then the ‘kindness and respect with which I was treated by the people [jail personnel] after a while started to get to me …’

‘I started feeling like I didn’t deserve all that nice treatment after what I had done … and I guess that’s why I started cutting myself up.”

–An excerpt from an interview with Ed Kemper in Front Page Detective Magazine (March 1974), Marj von Beroldingen