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(1) no but really dick and snafu share a birthday, can you imagine the whole warpartment coming up with all sorts of ideas for a huge birthday party on the roof for both of them, nix and sledge declaring themselves the official party planners and vetoing some of the meme team ideas bc lbh they're ridiculous (some are not only accepted but also encouraged tho bc nix is very amused), runner taking charge of the baked goods and summoning all the boys who know at least 2 shits about cooking to help

(2) and when some of them think about wrecking havoc runner kind of becomes a shorter version of gordon ramsey and scares everyone ??? hamm making sure his gift to snafu involves lots of photos he took of snaf and the rest of the boys and ofc himself, in the end the party is a success nix gets drunk and makes speeches about dick every 5 minutes (they grow more and more ridiculous as the night goes) and both dick and snaf are just so happy and that’s all that matters

ohh my god, wow, im just imagining this endeavour. them all trying to plan this big party. trying to create something thats fun and nice for winters but also weird and wild for snaf. amazing. lmao legit though, most of them havent encountered runner in his Element like this before and usually he’s so easy going that just one raised-voice command gets them all scrambling back to do their jobs. !!! hamm putting together a little scrapbook photo album type thing with photos of snaf and the kco boys and stuff!!!! nix keeps getting back up like ‘wait wait i forgot!! to tell you guys how GREAT my good pal buddy richard winters is!! hes so great!!! happy birthday, man!! luv u!!!’

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k co’s kitchen is kindly nicknamed hell’s kitchen for the day. there’s a lot of ice cream bc dick. nix insists on making his speeches standing on top of a table, everyone just agrees on letting him at least sit on it for the whole night.

HELL’S KITCHEN yes it is, i love it. ice cream cakes for both of them, probably. nix keeps trying to stand up and three people have to jump up and stop him like ‘hey buddy how about you just sit on the table yeah? we can all still hear you, promise’ to make sure he doesnt fall