mariya mania


the things i bought .. last month lol. i get this a day before michaon’s album’s release date (bless fedex) but i only get to listen to it 2 weeks after that because college life desu /sobs/

been meaning to post this but i keep procrastinating and these photos stayed for long in my dslr /forever lazy

anyway, bought these at cdjapan, as usual. 

for bigger resolutions, i’d prolly post it in my blog once i get Sakuretsu Girl’s album and Kato Kazue’s Time Killers manga ;u;

/bye money

Mariya Mania Photobook

Sorry for the lack of updates, but now I’ll update you to this important news about Mariya ^_^y 

Mariya is releasing her very own photobook MARIYA MANIA. The price of the photobook is 1000 yen :) Her photobook is like the book version of her segment in Seventeen which has the same name Mariya Mania :) 

It will be her 2nd Photo book as a model, the first one is her collaboration with Lindsay (clothing store) when she was still in Nicola Magazine