Extra tidbit from the Yuri on Festival drama

TeleUsa, TV Asahi’s event producer character(?), posted on Twitter the full lyrics of the song they sung in the Yuri on Festival drama to defeat the dark squid!
(”Usa” is because usagi = rabbit, it’s unrelated to the US, and it’s also a pun with TeleAsa = TV Asahi)

You can find the original here.

Translation below:

Katsuki Kunchi*
(*play on words because “Kunchi” is the name of the festival but “Katsuki-kunchi” can also mean “Katsuki-kun’s house”)

Lyrics: Georgi Popovich

Onsen are fun
Yuuri’s house, Yutopia
His papa is Toshiya, his mama is Hiroko
His older sister is Mari, his older sister is Mari
We have come here
We are Hasetsu people, Hasetsu people
Ahh davai, davai,
Davai, davai

Katsuki-kun’s house, Makkachin, Makkachin
Victor is a sponger
Yakov’s message
A favor to ask Yurio
Shower toilet
With gentle water pressure
Buy it for me, buy it for me
Ahh davai, davai
Davai, davai

Now you have a weapon to fight in case you need to confront a dark squid that is trying to destroy the world…

EDIT: so part 2 is here if anyone wants it?

So it’s hella late where I am right now and I need to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning but I don’t care cuz @smosh-stuff has a musical theatre camp AU going right now and I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE IN MY LIFE

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So I have some ideas…. Hear me out guys

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