Jan. 03, 2012

How will I start this? Should I post Tagalog post instead of English? Why am I asking this to you guys, the reason is… some of the blogger’s here in tumblr. might say that I’m a filipino and I’m posting blog’s in english. You know other tumblr. bloggers “I don’t care if i write and type in English”, That’s me and I cannot change who the way I write my blogs. I’m used to write and type in English, so Please I Hope you guys understand why do I write in English… Plus many of my followers are from different countries which have different nationalities, languages, plus cultures. And the world’s national language is English, that is why I’m blogging and typing with this language. This is also a respect for my followers, if they don’t understand our language (w/c is tagalog) how can they understand my posts/blogs? See the benefits of writing in english? 

My opinion here is, I don’t care what language you write on your blog. But the problem is some blogger is so fucking stupid who told me that I don’t need to type in english. So pls. do understand, THANK YOU :)

“I just want respect from you, no need to argue with this, this is what I want. This is my blog, so you don’t care if I write in English…”


I miss my Sketch pad, pen, ruler, colored pens, :(( I also miss using my WACOM Bamboo pen Tablet for digital drawing :(( I really miss editing videos, making videos, editing pictures :D After working and having a stable job in the future I will still study Multimedia Arts :)) (Which is my first choice :D)

This man who study at MAPUA makes me feel that i need to get a pen and start sketching again :D

But the problem is I’m busy with my studies at Southville Foreign University… My second choice is Hospitality and now un un inaaral ko :D Skolar ako and Proud ako dun. But nasayang un MAPAU ko :(( Nakapasa ako sa MAPUA sa MAS, sayang…

Ang pangarap ko talaga maging isang animator pero aun sayang…

I told to my mom kasi na sayang un opportunity kung hindi ko ginrab un skolarship ko kasi sa MAPUA wala akong skolarship :D kahit Valedictorian :D LUL's 

Now I want to grab a pen and a paper and start to sketch :D

This guy is awesome :D His artworks are very interesting, and full of twist :D

– marius.virus

Jan. 05, 2012

I'am so tired :| and I’m not feeling well, my tummy is still aching, I bought Buscopan and I thought it was cheap but it isn’t hahaha 3 buscupan tablets for 63.00  Pesos. It’s not for those who have diarrhea its for those who have tummy aches like me :D 

Today was really a slow day super slow as in, nothing is special :D

My crush is absent so i haven’t seen her :(( I really miss her so much, i wonder why she’s not coming to our classes :((

So tired to come up with a blog today, nothing much really happen today, I’m so tired that’s all and until now I’m still not in a good mood, still I’m not feeling well i feel sick…

We have a hands on exams for FIDELIO class for tom. and I’m not even reviewing for it hahaha :P maybe later, :D


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#30ThingsAboutMarius :)

30 Things about me :)

30. I’m one of the Bullies when i was an elementary student#30thingsaboutme

29. I Don’t have a voice, me no have talent on singing :(#30thingsaboutme

28. I Love to dance :) #30thingsaboutme

27. I’m a friend that u can TRUST :) #30thingsaboutme

26. I love to swim,but when i turned 14 my doctor said I can’t swim, because i have a sinusitis #30thingsaboutme

25. I’m scared to go to school when i was 5 yrs of age#30thingsaboutme

24. I’m an easy go lucky person #30thingsaboutme

23. I love to watch Comedy Shows, even though that’s @iCarly I will watch that it makes me laugh all the time #30thingsaboutme

22. I Hate Math and Numbers :D #30thingsaboutme

20. I’ve been stupid for love many times :| #30thingsaboutme

19. I Love to eat a lot :) But no veggies pls. :D #30thingsaboutme

18. I Love to play Lego’s #30thingsaboutme

17. I love white chocolates #30thingsaboutme

16. I don’t like and I’m scared on Doctors plus hospitals#30thingsaboutme

15. I have a box of sketch pads which my mom sold it to a Junk shop -_- #30thingsaboutme

14. I Love to Draw, I’m an Artistic Person. Give me Pen and Paper and I’ll make it into an Art #30thingsaboutme

13. Everytime i look into time or numbers, i always see number 13, CREEPY? but for me it’s lucky #30thingsaboutme

12. I cannot sleep without any lights on my room. :O#30thingsaboutme

11. I Believe in 11:11 But I do believe in God :) I have Faith#30thingsaboutme

10. I Love my Family so much :) I will never be like this without them :)

09. Studying and memorizing is one of my specialties :)#30thingsaboutme

08. I’m a COMPETITIVE PERSON. I expect to much.#30thingsaboutme

07. I pray every morning and everynight :) Actually before I pray the rosary everyday :) I’m a religious person #30thingsaboutme

06. I Love to go to awesome places I’m one of the ADVENTUROUS Person :D #30thingsaboutme

05. I’m not confident in front of my classmates, but in front of people i don’t know I’m Confident #30thingsaboutme

04. I’ve been busted alot of times but still pursue on the person that i’ve Like and Love :D #30thingsaboutme sad but true

03. I Love my grandma a lot :))) She took care of me when I was young :D That’s why i love her like the love to my parents#30thingsaboutme

02. I love to edit and make vid’s. I’m a blogger at tumblr. :) I’m a Gadget Geek :D #30thingsaboutme

01. No Girlfriend Since Birth :) But i’ve tried to court girls#30thingsaboutme

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