You Came Back When I Was Saying Goodbye

Pairing: Marius Pontmercy x Reader

Request: @accio-hp-imagines: Hello! I saw you write for Marius Pontmercy and let me just say thank you!! Anyway could I request a oneshot where you are his girlfriend or just a very close friend in love with him and you are begging him not to go out and fight because you don’t won’t him wounded. He says it will be okay, but goes out and gets wounded and doesn’t come back for a few days, but eventually you two find each other again. Thank you so much, and sorry if that was a lot. You can change whatever you did too!

Warnings: Death? Sad sad sad! Oh and you get dumped in a boat..

**= flashbacks


The cries of anguish and war rang all around you. You were never supposed to be here..

*”My darling, you can’t go out there. Word from nearby barricades gave word that their armies are too strong. You get hurt or killed even. Please Marius, you cannot go out there,” you usually weren’t this.. weak, but, you couldn’t help but beg. If Marius left he would be killed in the storm of bullets.

“My love, I must go. I can’t leave my brothers to die,” he pleads.

“What are you even saying? We can run. We can run as far as we need to as long as it means you’re safe. I’d run to the ends of the earth for you.”

“I know my darling.. which is why you must run for the both of us.” “What do you mean?” “(Y/n), you must leave. You cannot stay here for me to only be captured and taken with those barbarians.”

You were struck to the core as if he shot you with his words. “You cannot possibly be asking me to leave you. No. I know you’re not. You know I’d never go.”

He looked down at his feet and gave a chuckle. “I know you’d never leave me.. which is why I had to do what I had to do.” “I don’t understand Mar..” you were so confused. What could he possibly have done?

As if some force heard you’re thoughts, your love pulled you close and kissed you with everything he had. Emotion and passion poured from his touch, almost as if saying goodbye… oh no.

You suddenly felt yourself being ripped from your beloved. “What’s going on? Marius?” “I’m sorry, my darling. This is because I love you. Never forget that.”

Enjolras dragged you away as Marius averted his eyes, trying not to focus on your screams to let you go, back to your love. Your so called ‘best friend’ placed you on horse and rode you to the docks. He dropped you in a small ship hugging the fences. “Enjolras!” You were most definitely enraged.

“I’m sorry, me dear. I’ve done this by Marius request. A man by the name of Pollox will meet you where you dock. He’ll give you food, shelter, money. You’ll be well looked after.. goodbye, my friend. I hope we will one day meet again.”

At these words, Enjolras hurried back to his post. The jolting of the ship brought you back to reality. You leaped from the boat into murky water below. Swimming back to shore, you climbed the fence and sprinted back to the barricade.*

Here you were now. Dripping wet and frantically searching for you beloved. Guns were blazing and yells were released all around you. Chaos. Sadness. Strife. The air was thick with smoke and the smell of blood. You coughed and stumbled behind the barricade just in time to see Marius getting shot in the leg.

“MARIUS!” You tried to climb to reach him, but, Courfeyrac pulled you back.

“Are you crazy?? You can’t go out there!” “LET GO ! I have to get to Marius!” “IT’S TOO LATE!’s too late.” He embraced you in the middle of the gunfire. “It’s too late..”

You cried for the loss of your lover. You’re rock. You’re best friend.

6 months later:

You were walking down the street that once held that forsaken barricade. The past six months were hell for you. After the death of Marius, you tried to move. Start a new life. You moved in with Enjolras, one of the few barricade survivors, so you wouldn’t be alone. It wasn’t romantic at all, just two friends moving on with the loss of their brothers in arms. Renovations and repairs were almost done with marking the half year point past that dreadful night. You were on your way home from visiting Courfeyrac and Govroche when a young man caught your eye. Usually, you would pay no mind to handsome stranger walking the streets, but, him.. he seemed almost.. familiar.

He slowly turned around and you gasped, tears wetting your eyes. You couldn’t speak. You couldn’t breathe. After all this time..

You fell to your knees in the dirty street, sobbing for the time spent away. The man turned his line of sight, gaze landing on you. The crying woman in the street. You blinked up at him in awe, not caring about the stares directed towards you.

“(Y/n,” he whispered. That voice. It was the voice of a fallen angel. One you thought would never grace your ears again.

“M-Marius.” He collapsed next to you, enveloping you in a warm embrace and dug his face in your neck, crying into you.

“My darling. I found you.”

2 hours later:

When the tears faltered, Marius explained to you what happened.

“They took me, (y/n). Those scoundrels took me behind their lines. They bound my wounds. I would have told them to kill me, but, that would mean I couldn’t see you again. I fought tooth and nail and snuck myself away from their camp. It took forever to get back here, (y/n) but I made it. I got here for you, my love.”

You finally realized how exhausted he looked. “Come. We can catch up in the morning. Right now you must rest.”

He changed into fresh clothes and you took him to your room. Tucking him in you kissed his forehead, lingering a bit longer than needed. He closed his eyes, relishing the feeling of being back. Being with you. Being home.

“(Y/n)?” “Yes, Marius?” He patted the side of the bed.

“Will you stay with me? Just until I fall asleep?” “Of course.”

You settled next to him, overjoyed to be in the arms of the one you love again. You didn’t think you’d see this day. He came when you were getting ready to say goodbye.

“I love you,” he whispered in your ear.

“I love you too, my soldier,” you replied, safe in the arms of Marius Pontmercy.

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I hope this isn't too silly for you Lestat, but if you are acting as the vampire Saint Nick this year, does this mean Marius is going to be the Krampus? ;3

♛He’s certainly been something of a Krampus to certain people in the last few years, so it wouldn’t be a tough role for him to play *cracking up*


© Jack Devant

Maria Beck Мария Бек as “The Queen of the Dryads” and Artem Lepkov Артем Лепков as “Don Quixote”, “Don Quixote” music by Ludwig Minkus, libretto and choreography by Alexey Chichinadze-Marius Petipa, Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre (Stanmus) Музыкального театра им. К.С. Станиславского и Вл.И. (MAMT), Moscow, Russia (December 3, 2016)

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I hope everyone is staying alive and not dying from finals!

I am surviving entirely off of dinosaur fruit snacks and jelly beans so i don’t really know if that’s considered staying alive.

-Marius, a tired man

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What gifts do you think les amis would get each other for Christmas if they did secret santa gift exchange? (And who would be the secret santa of who) :D - your secret santa :p

Aaaaah I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this. Being an adult is silly (don’t do it kids!!!)

Happier things though!

I stuck with the main Amis and Marius (to make it an even ten) for this…

So I know it’s always fun when the otps get one another but things don’t always work out that way so….

Grantaire gets Jehan and buys them a book of really risqué latin poetry since he knows that they will both love it and go ridiculously red to match the Poinsettia he also bought because Jehan loves having plants in their flat.

Bahorel and Marius hilariously both get one another and Marius is terrified. Bahorel gets crazy with glitter and glue and makes a little wedding scrapbook for him and Cosette… he also gets Marius a little pocket dictionary of French to Korean because Marius told them his new years resolution was going to be to learn it for Cosette. Marius buys him a selection of truly outrageous socks in literally the brightest colours imaginable and a pink t-shirt that says “I came here to fight and honestly I’m having such a good time right now”. Bahorel bear hugs and nearly breaks him and immediately pulls on a pair of socks (it clashes horribly, it’s great).

Courfeyrac is sooo relieved when he gets Bossuet because Bossuet is like the easiest person to buy for ever since whatever you get him he will just love. Courf knits so he makes him a bobble hat where the turn up is blue the main hat is green and the bobble is magenta and it’s gaudy as hell but it’s the poly flag colours so… And he also gets him a little toy ‘pot of gold’ you know… Luck of the Irish and all.

Bossuet gets Combeferre and this whole thing is just his luck really because he was super late to the meeting the day they decided to do Secret Santa because he was out making sure his Christmas shopping was all done… He didn’t want to get caught out like last year so he’s already bought EVERYONE presents… Anyway he got Combeferre an X Files ‘I Want To Believe’ Christmas jumper. He saves everyone elses for future birthdays.

Jehan gets Enjolras and they go back through old photos and newspaper reports and put together a framed collage of all their best moments with protests and campaigns… Enj’s first mugshot may have made the cut… Enj may cry.

Combeferre gets Joly and he buys him a super warm scarf as his is getting very worn and he knows he worries about his throat getting cold. Also a toy stethoscope and other little plastic doctors tools that Joly then spends the whole evening testing out on the others.

Enjolras gets Feuilly and is literally dying inside because oh my God this has to be perfect because Feuilly is perfect and what the hell is he going to do. In the end he can’t decide on one thing so he puts together a care package with all kinds of relaxing bits and pieces and he turns completely red telling Feuilly it was from him… It’s adorable. R teases him about it mercilessly.

Feuilly gets Courfeyrac and makes him the most extravagant tophat he can put together which is pretty extravagant - seriously there are feathers and glitter and sequins and… So much - Courf may wear it nonstop for a good two weeks in a row.

Which leaves Joly for Grantaire. He buys him a new sketchpad with one of his own drawings in the front… It’s basically stick figures of all the Amis but it’s cute. He also puts together a pocket sized photo album full of pictures of R looking happy with all his friends to remind him how loved he is.

  • Someone: I love that one Musical! The one with the cute French guy!
  • Me: Do you mean Phantom, Hamilton or Les Mis?
  • Someone: Idk, but it was set around 1800...
  • Me: Do you mean Phantom, Hamilton or Les Mis?