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It’s simple, choose one or more of your characters, make a playlist for them and tag a few more people so we can all discover awesome music! Feel free to choose as many songs as you want.

I tried picking songs, that in some way reflect their personality and that they would actually also listen to (because not always are the songs I associate with a character for some reason, songs that character would listen to. At all. XD)

1. Hou

01. Mucc - Saishuu Ressha
02. Tsukiko Amano - Koe
03. Aural Vampire - PNFPN
04. James Shimoji feat. Rob Laufer - Redline Day
05. Nujabes feat. Shing02 - Luv (Sic) pt.2

2. Methos

01. Natalia Kills - Nothing lasts forever
02. Lana Del Rey - Lucky Ones
03. Diary of Dreams - She and her Darkness
04. Within Temptation - Stand my ground
05. 2NE1 - I’m the best

3. Marius

01. Shakira - Try everything
02. DJ Okawari - Flower Dance
03. Zedd feat. Echosmith - Illusion
04. NamNamBulu - Alone
05. Shinhwa - This Love

4. Victor

01. Arkona - Yarilo
02. Diatek - Out of time
03. Ghinzu - Blow
04. Skream & Example - Shot yourself in the foot again
05. t.A.T.u. - How soon is now

5. Asmo

01. SAM - Mindfuck (beware of noise and foul language?)
02. Reaper - X-Junkie FSK18 ver. (more noise and more foul language?)
03. The Crüxshadows - Winterborn
04. Sisters of Mercy - More
05. Fever Ray - If I had a heart

Some gender related stuff under the cut:

I set up this blog before I realised I was/came out as non binary, so I still have my dead name in my bio. I’ve never been quite sure how to make a post about it, so I added the name I’d prefer into my bio as a nickname? I’ve been trying to figure out for a few months how to blog about it/explain to my internet friends.


I’m currently going by Marius or by Mars, for short.


Because I dealt with about two metric tons of guilt trying to pick a new name and feeling like I was discarding/‘throwing away’ the name my parents picked for me.

So I chose a masculine version of my middle name, Maria, to allay the guilt, and quite honestly, Marius/Mars is the name I’d prefer to go by.

I won’t attack anyone for using ‘Francesca,’ though, so don’t worry.

anonymous asked:

Do you know if the floors at Vaganova are raked?

Yes, the Marius Petipa studio has raked floor that replicates the slant of the Mariinsky stage. The studio is named after Petipa because he created his ballets here. If you think about it, it’s absolutely insane that VBA students get to train and dance in the very room where Don Q, La Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker and other great ballet were created…

Nous serions-nous rencontrés à cent reprises avec Enjolras, si pur, si droit, si chaste en sa foi républicaine
—  La Vie quotidienne, 1 June 1899

Gallica has some hilarious references to Enjolras - from autobios in which the author declares he didn’t like Marius and was drawn instead to Enjolras, to the list of nicknames for people from Napoleon to Shakespeare which had Enjolras as “The Archangel of the Barricades”. And radical writers - or one radical writer? - signing themselves as “Enjolras” in the early 20th century, following in the fine tradition of Louise Michel. And then there’s this gem above, in a general article about Hugo’s works.