Quite aside from his boyish good looks, Eddie is by far one of the best actors I have ever seen. Why? Because every role he has played has been so different from the others & yet he is absolutely, 100% believable in every single one of them. You don’t watch him act & see Eddie - you see Newt, Marius, Stephen, Qwerty, & so on. His talent & skill are formidable!This is why he has won so many awards.. & no doubt there will be more in his future!

(Disclaimer: This is the first time I ever attempted a collage in photoshop, so please excuse the imperfections. Photoshop hates me! Also, I know not all of his many roles are represented, but I tried to choose my favourite from each year. And I couldn’t choose between Birdsong & Les Mis! I also just realised that I left out My Week With Marilyn… gah!!!)

Antoine, light of my life, makes my heart sing

- Montparnasse’s child by blood, but everyone insists he has Jehan’s eyes. Large, round, so dark they’re almost black. Jehan knows he can’t really have their eyes, not like that, but the resemblance is uncanny.
- He has always been the best dressed of all the Amis children because his father is a tailor (now). His fashion sense falls squarely in the middle of both his parents; he’s a fan of patterns and bright colors, but he matches them way better than Jehan does. Parnasse lets him pick fabrics for anything he’s going to wear.
- All the Amis are some form of relative for him. He knows they aren’t blood family, but he also couldn’t care less about blood. 
- Also one of the oldest among their children, just behind two of Marius/Cosette/Eponine’s kids.
- He’s so sweet, angelic even. A social little thing, though he tends to be a bit shy about adults and blushes a lot.
- Jehan is the one he usually goes to for emotional things. Not because he doesn’t think he can talk to Montparnasse, but because Jehan has always been incredible with emotions. They know when he’s feeling off before he says anything most of the time. They don’t want him to deal with any of the confusing, awful stuff that usually goes hand-in-hand with school.
- Very tactile. He loves hugs and cuddling and leans on people a lot when he’s comfortable with them.
- Jehan taught him flower meanings and Italian while Montparnasse taught him how to defend himself. He has used the former far more than the latter.
- He grows up to be both soft and passionate, handsome and sweet and kind. He reads a lot and seems aloof and mysterious, has no idea how to flirt or tell if someone else is flirting, stores facts in his head for any occasion. Stylish and Romantic, tenaciously loyal, completely and totally and unapologetically himself.
- His parents couldn’t be prouder.

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Okay okay hey can I have a ship? I'm 5'3, A Hufflepuff, I have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. I (same as the last person) Can play 4 different instruments (5 if you can count the fact I can play a B flat on flute lol), and basically live for music. I'm a history nerd. American mostly. Seriously if you want a fun fact I can pop one of at that second lol. I have depression and severe anxiety. I very much like to cuddle. And honestly I have an obsession with candles I'm sorry lmao

I ship you with Marius!

He finds your musical abilities fascinating, and he’ll often request that you play for him. He admires your knowledge on history, and we’ll sit and talk for hours about it with you. He thinks you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever met, and whether you’re having bad days or not, he’ll be with you every step of the way, and he’s always got your back.

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Yay! Eddie ships boi. Um i'm a Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie. But i consider myself an aggressive Hufflepuff bc i ain't afraid to fight with people who mess with my friends. I'm like hella insecure tbh. I play guitar and i sing when im alone. I want to study criminology and or maybe be on broadway bc i've always wanted to be in plays and stuff. Im also a huge nerd.

I ship you with Marius!

He loves the fact that you can be extremely sweet, yet know when you have to fight for the right reasons. He’s very much the same way in that regard. He adores when you sing, and of course will join in on occasions. And whatever aspirations you have, he is always there to try and help fulfill them.

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