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A beautiful pin made by a beautiful man.

(Credit for the picture goes to my good friend @/saint.rouge on IG who also made the pin and sells them on his etsy ( Yes I was given permission to use this image.)

Les Mis RPers Needed!!

@revolution1832 and I have decided that we want to make a Les Amis roleplay group chat. It’ll be taking place over WhatsApp and we need other rpers to join us! Right off the bat, we’re snatching Ferre and R.

Ships and other plot points will be discussed when we pull our group together!

The characters we’ll need are:


In My Life-A Heart Full of Love

Marius: She has burst like the music of angels, the light of the sun.

And my life seems to stop as if something is over and something has scarcely begun.

You’re the friend who has brought me here- thanks to you I’m at one with the Gods and heaven is near!

And I saw through a world that is new, that is free!

Both: There is someone who touches my life-

Marius: Facing near.

Eponine: Waiting, here.


Oh god, for shame, I do not even know you’re name..

Won’t you say- will you tell?

A heart full of love…

No fear, no regret!

And mines Cosette!

Then make no sound!

Cosette: I am found.

Marius: One single look and then I knew.

Cosette: I knew it, too!

Cosette: Everyday- 

Both: Not a dream, after all…


((Thank you so so much to @notyouraveragehalfblood @ny-music-lover for helping me out with this. Especially you Katie (Eponine) this is her first time making gifs and she killed it! (Especially cuz he’s like actually played Eponine ya’ll. She’s fan-freaking-tastic. And Zoe of course makes a beautiful Cosette :)

Also I’m really sorry if some of the gifs aren’t moving, I had to just kind of give up on them because my computer was being stubborn. ))


that’s a lotta fantrolls for someone who used to prefer just one or two but then again I’ve had two of them for two years already~

  • Spines Cargot - my very first fantroll. about 8.5 sweeps old. loves gardening and traveling, often just donning goggles and a large hat when taking care of plants in the morning. lives on a greenhouse on the shell of his giant snail lusus.
  • Nostre Patern - a fairly recent fantroll. about 9 sweeps old. in a moirallegiance with Marius and serves as an auspistice to everyone else in his session. takes care of everyone and types like an old dad getting used to smartphones. Constantly coddles and fusses over Marius.
  • Shaiva Santa Tantra - my second fantroll (I remember having him already when my drawing style was still kinda wonky haha). 8 sweeps old. loves to mix music and dance but is bad at dancing. has a sash modus which only spits out his stuff when he properly performs a few dance moves assigned to them. he uses it to force himself to practice.
  • Marius Knacke - also fairly recent. 8 sweeps old. used to be a brilliant mechanic but lost a horn and his legs in an accident. was able to patch himself up as his final major project. still loves to tinker with machines but prefers to make small manageable things (like toy soldiers and musical instruments) nowadays. Is very fond of Nostre.

HERE IT IS. AT LAST. I have been slaving away over this for the past week because I am horribly slow at digital inking, but this was one of those times where I kinda wanted the practice? ANYWAY. 

This is my thanks for the cool people of Riskbreakers for doing the RP thing with me, and letting Goober finally be free from those dumb Garleans.

Story behind it: Gaufrier’s been under the loving totally awful Garlean army as a captive as they try to develop some sort of Aether Supressor Thing. Jenesis got a bunch of people together to assault Castrum to finally free him!

TL;DR, I got to use my Echo power to give em one last push against the bad guy and their Device and it was REALLY EPIC AND I HAD A LOT OF FUN OKAY.

…so I had to put it into a drawing, cause that’s what I do.

So thank y’all for giving me an RP outlet, and I look forward to doing more with you! <3 

…now it’s onto those other doodles I wanted to do finally.


@dat-paw​, @thefateofivalice​, @ivaan-ffxiv​, @onwesterlywinds​, and @jenesislabariel


With a blade of steel and spirit unbreakable…
He came. 
           Casting down foul believers and wicked men…
           He came.
                      An unbeliever of Gods and Protector of the people…
                      He came. 

“Be with mercy!” Beseeched them as they grasped at the statues of their /Gods/. He would have none of it, for what God would allow their followers to spill the blood of innocents and to let Knights prey on the weak? Gods of Falsehood. God’s whom welcome to fervent prayer of cowards and traitors. 

                      With Righteous fire and sight unhindered…
                      He returned.
           Freeing the people and breaking their shackles…
           He returned.
A Knight earnest and Guardian of man…
He returned.


[Apartment - Finished!]

I lied, I finished it about a day ago, but I spent all day yesterday grinding out levels and watching Youtube videos like a chump! But here it is, the apartment suite that Marius has been living in with his Brother, Cyrus. (His room is through another doorway.) Would that I could get an actual home, my dreams of actually decorating  a full house could come to fruition. But an apartment shall suffice til 4.0. 

Mists Subdivision, Ward 12, Apartment 85! Stop by sometime, just remember to knock first!
Marius has returned (Open)

Marius was on his way back to ABC as he kept running into people he hadn’t seen for months. He had been with under the close watch of his uncle. Inspector Javert. He knew that he would always search for him and he was fine with that. He needed to get away from that lifestyle again. It was not for him anymore and he left a letter explaining his point of view.Ephonine saw him returning and she ran to alert Enjorlas and she then talked a little then went back to the inn for her family before her parents noticed her missing.Marius rounded the corner as he saw Enjorlas talking to another abc member and he smirked putting his clothing bag on the chair near by. “Well, if it isn’t (name) himself/herself…?”he said smirking as he wondered what his reaction would be to him leaving for three months, no word, being cooped like a prisoner.  

pmduteammavericksteamlightblade  asked:

Another curious afternoon in Andalusst, it would seem. The Meowstic known as Marius was walking towards the cafe, Florence by his side, to see if Lolita was there today. What he got instead was her Kirlia 'friend' and... a crying Buizel?.. What in Andalusst was she..?"Hey Roselina," he said as he got to her. "What's going on here?"

“C-Come on, stop doing that already..!” She pleaded to the crying Buizel. She quickly turned to Mariu when she heard her name. Great, it’s that meow meow idiot. She wanted to tell him to go away but the the Buizel came into her mind. “Do you know how to shut down this thing?” She asked quickly, already holding out the little one towards the Meowstic.  “It won’t shut up and it’s ALREADY giving me a stupid headache!”

When A Good Man Goes To War

Marius sat on a bench int he courtyard of the ABC Cafe, trying to clear his head of pretty girls and the revolution. His Grandfather had shown up at the protest rally today, calling him a disgrace and told him that his father would be ashamed of him. He hadn’t seen or spoken to his Grandfather in months, he preferred it that way. What the old man didn’t realise was that action may not always bring happiness, but there is not happiness without action.

He sighed and put his head in his hands. Enjolras and the students were inside planning away, setting into motion their plans, finally come into reality, instead of talk. His mind was not on their project, he’d seen a woman. A woman like no other.  She walked through the marketplace like a beam of sunlight, her beauty eclipsing all others. He knew what Enjolras would say if he told him, Grantaire would never leave him alone and till he told him everything about the young Mademoiselle. 

He wanted to find her, but before he could go to her, she was gone. He didn’t even know what he’d say to her. “God in Heaven I don’t even know this woman….  You’re an idiot Marius…”