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Modern Amis (and co.) Coming-Out Headcanons

(I don’t even remember how the subject came up but @beatlemaniacinthetardis and I were taking about the Amis getting together at someone’s house and telling each other stories from when they came out of the closet. We stayed up way too late last night coming up with these so we felt the need to share) 

Bahorel comes out to his family when he goes downstairs in the rainbowest of rainbow shirts, announces that he’s going to Pride, and just sort of stares at each of them until they understand.

Courfeyrac realizes he’s gay in his preteen years and it takes him like a year to work up the courage to come out to his friends (Enjolras and Combeferre) and family (mom and dad). When he tells them they all just go “sweetie, we know”. Enjolras and Combeferre bake him a confetti cake that says CONGRATS in edible glitter. Courfeyrac cries. 

Feuilly doesn’t really have anyone to come out to, since he has no living relations and he went straight into a job at a young age. He kind of…forgets to, to be honest, so he’s not out to his co-workers. They only find out when Bahorel comes to get him from work one day and he kisses Feuilly hello.  

Like in canon, Cosette grows up into a pretty girl who loves attention. She’s very meticulous about the way she looks and is like nice when she notices guys checking her out. One day, though, a pretty girl smiles at her and does the checking-out thing and Cosette is like oh no when she feels her heart do the THING. She tells papa later that evening, and he’s amazing and supportive because, well, he’s Jean Valjean. He joins her marching in the Pride parade the following summer. 

Enjolras’ coming out doesn’t go so well. He’s pretty much known he likes boys since forever ago, but only tells his parents at the end of high school. His parents are cold and arrange a Nice Girl for him to marry at the age of 25 or whatever. Enjolras fights with them on it, but when they continue to stand firm he decides they don’t deserve to be in his life anyway. He moves in with Combeferre, who he came out to years ago.

Joly and Bossuet, who have basically known each other since birth, come out to each other before anyone else. They then make a pact to come out to their friends and family on the same day. Bossuet’s parents don’t take it so well–his dad is pissed, and his mom tries to push him to go back to church. His friends, too, say “yeah that’s cool” but he can tell every time he says something that even approaches the subject of his sexuality that they’re weird about it. Joly’s, on the other hand, went well. His friends start teasing him like “yeah man I bet you thought you had appendicitis the first time you saw a guy you liked” and stuff, but they’re cool with it. Joly’s family ends up pretty much adopting Bossuet, too. Bossuet’s parents come knocking for him one day and Joly’s four younger siblings work together to slam the door in their face. (Bonus: since those two have a hivemind, they tell each other about being poly the same day.)

The subject of their combined affections, Musichetta, was a total badass about her coming out. She told her parents straight up that she was poly/pan. They were not sold on the idea, but she told them to accept her as she was or she’d leave without a second thought. It takes them a while to get used to the idea, but Chetta answers whatever questions they have. They grow to understand her, and come to love Joly and Bossuet once the three of them start dating.

Jehan has a hard time with it all. They WANT to come out, to family and friends alike, but they want to understand themselves before they try and explain it to anyone else. They tell this to the Amis who are all just like…you don’t have to ever figure it out. It’s alright. No matter who you are or what you do or who you love, we’ll be here to support you. Jehan cries really hard because they’ve been so confused for so long and their found family is saying that it’s okay to be unsure forever because who needs a title anyway? The greatest of group hugs happens that day, Jehan smiling in the centre of it. (Bonus: shortly after that, Jehan asks the Amis to start saying “they/them”. Grantaire buys a ton of neutral-looking clothes with gross flower print that he knows Jehan will LOVE. Enjolras falls in love with R a lil bit more since he knows he doesn’t have all that much money but he spent a bunch of it for Jehan to be happy and comfortable anyway).

Combeferre comes out to all his friends shortly after he meets them, but he never comes out to his family at all. He knows they’re homophobic, and a) he doesn’t like to start fights, and b) he decides that they don’t deserve to know. In an act of silent rebellion, he secretly gets a part-time job as a sales guy at a boot shop for drag queens. Courfeyrac’s the shop’s #1 customer. (Kinky Boots AU someone back me up here)

While Marius is almost entirely on the straight side, but every so often he’ll meet a man who sets his little Pontmercy heart aflutter. Courf is one of those guys and when they end up roommates Marius kind of…”aksdjasgkdhdh Lord save my poor bisexual soul”. But then he meets Cosette. He doesn’t tell her for ages because he’s terrified of what she’ll think, but eventually he works up the courage. She laughs because hey she’s bi too!! From that point on, they point out attractive people of various genders to each other while they’re on dates. (Bonus: one day, Marius and his grandfather get into an argument about politics over dinner. In a moment of passion, Marius stands and yells “LONG LIVE NAPOLEON! ALSO, I SOMETIMES LIKE BOYS!” His grandfather faints into his chair.)

Eponine never really had friends, so she has no frame of reference for what romantic attraction feels like. When she meets Marius, she figures instantly that what she’s feeling is romantic love. Shortly after, she meets Cosette and feels the same way. Now she’s confused. And then she meets the rest of the Amis and feels the same way about ALL of them. It’s very strange to have a crush on everyone, she thinks. With Grantaire and Jehan’s help, she comes to understand that what she’s feeling is, in fact, platonic love. And god, is she relieved to know. The only family members she tells about being aro/ace are Gavroche and Azelma. Azelma is like “I think that might be me too” and Gav is like “sweet, more lovely ladies for me”.

FINALLY, Grantaire. He’s never really given a shit about what gender his lovers were, and never given a shit about who knows about it. He doesn’t know or care whether or not his parents know. But oh, god, then he meets Enjolras, and can no longer imagine loving anyone else of any gender. When the Amis share their coming out stories, he just snorts and says ‘does it count if you’re only attracted to one person?’ and he accidentally stares at Enj as he says it and the Amis collectively suck in a breath because if they didn’t know who he was talking about before, they certainly do now.  (Bonus: Everyone braces themselves when Enj stands up and goes to R, thinking Enj is going to try and start shit, but they start applauding when instead Enjolras grabs Grantaire’s face and kisses the life out of him). 

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Thank you!

A headcanon about one of my rarepairs: My rare pair is Courfiustaire and they like Elvis and other old fashioned cheesy love songs a lot and dance around the cluttered apartment in lots of twirls and careful steps to “Love me tender” playing from a grammophone that Marius’ aunt gave them while the tea is boiling with warm sunlight streaming through the windows which are loaded with succulents and the window panes are stained with splatterd paint.

A headcanon that I rarely get the chance to talk about: All Vietnamese-French Amis having their version of the Musain in District 13 of Paris, teaching children proper Vietnamese and having arguments about mundane things with Patron-Minette who run the sugar cane juice food truck.

alternatively: Marius and his Grandfather who loves Marius dearly but only knows abusive ways to raise him.

Jewish Amis

Orthodox Jewish Cosette who keeps kosher, lights shabbos candles and who’s outfits always cover her knees and elbows.
Orthodox Jewish Cosette went to a very strict school that was practically a prison
Orthodox Jewish Cosette who’s mom spent her lunch break working as a lunch lady to pay for Cosette’s schooling.

Jewish Convert in Progress Courfeyrac who became interested in the religion in high school
Jewish Convert in Progress Courfeyrac who met Enjolras through his conversion rabbi
Jewish Convert in Progress Courfeyrac who loves Jewish history and culture so much, he probably knows more about it than anyone but his rabbi.

Reform Jewish Enjolras who wears a kippah on top of his long curls
Reform Jewish Enjolras who helps all new converts in his synagogue and will literally destroy anyone who denies a converts legitimacy
Reform Jewish Enjolras who is actually an ordained rabbi and runs his own Friday night services for young people in a local cafe

Agnostic Jewish Grantaire who always struggled to believe in God, but finds inspiration in their new young rabbi.
Agnostic Jewish Grantaire who paints Samson and Moses and King David, but somehow they all look like the rabbi.
Agnostic Jewish Grantaire who plays the guitar at Friday Night services.

Asian Jewish Bahorel whose great-grandmother fled to Japan during the holocaust and fell in love with the young man whose family hosted her.
Asian Jewish Bahorel who loves his religion and his race ,and gets upset when people will only acknowledge one of his two heritages
Asian Jewish Bahorel who became a lawyer to work for the Comission for Art Recovery because his great grandmother always talked about her fathers stolen paintings
Asian Jewish Bahorel who punches nazis, but can also argue them into the ground because he knows his shit.

Polish Jewish Feuilly who’s grandparents met in the DP camps after their families were killed out in the holocaust.
Polish Jewish Feuilly who speaks Yiddish at home and cooks huluptzes, babka, and lukshen kugel.
Polish Jewish Feuilly who took over their grandfather’s tailoring business because he was too old to work but didn’t want it to close down.

Atheist Jewish Bossuet who sees Judaism as a culture and history rather than a religion.
Atheist Jewish Bossuet who celebrates the Jewish holidays, but because they are a part of his history
Atheist Jewish Bossuet who is nevertheless accepting of his friends’ religious beliefs

Reform Jewish Musichetta who was mocked for her Jewish hair and nose but doesn’t give a fuck, because she knows she’s gorgeous
Reform Jewish Musichetta who is studying for the Rabbinate and will be ordained in a few months
Reform Jewish Musichetta who writes her own music for prayers

Jewish Marius who used to be Hassidic, but became disenchanted because of his overly stringent grandfather
Jewish Marius who no longer puts labels on his Judaism
Jewish Marius who is awkward with women because growing up he was never allowed to talk to them at all.

Black Jewish Joly who’s always asked if he’s a convert but who’s family just happens to come from Africa
Black Jewish Joly who deals with antisemitism and racism all the time, but is most bothered by the casual racism in his religious community.
Black Jewish Joly who ran out crying when his 3rd grade rebbi (teacher who’s a rabbi) insisted that being black was a curse of ugliness put on Ham son of Noah, but got a different rebbi fired for the same shit 7 years later

Sephardic Jewish Jehan who never thought he could get along with Ashkenazim because of the tension between the two communities.
Sephardic Jewish Jehan who as a child wouldn’t even speak in front of Ashkenazim because he knew his pronunciations of prayer were considered weird
Sephardic Jewish Jehan who eventually stopped caring about being weird and gained self confidence that carried over to all aspects of his life

Patrilineally Jewish Combferre who’s Jewishness is often denied by Orthodox Jews
Patrilineally Jewish Combferre who almost decides to undergo conversion because of the pressure.
Patrilineally Jewish Combferre who learns that his identity is not decided by other people

Jewish Convert Eponine whose parents cut her off when she converted.
Jewish Convert Eponine who is told that “women shouldn’t study Talmud,” and “women just weren’t created with the understanding to GET Talmud”
Jewish Convert Eponine who switches to a new synagogue who’s Rabbi actually consults her on Talmudic questions.

Random Marius Pontmercy + amis things

-Technically, he actually met Joly before anyone else. Marius broke his arm when he was 10 and his grandfather took him to the hospital where a young Joly was waiting for treatment for his heart problems. (He didn’t actually have heart problems. He just had eaten something very very spicy)

-Marius has the absolute worst sense of direction. Like. Worse than Bossuet. He needs some kind of map to get anywhere. One day he feels brave enough to get to the Jardin de Luxembourg without one and he gets so lost that Bahorel has to drive to the other end of the city and pick him up

-he’s the guy who shows up to every university class in a shirt and tie. Even the 8 am ones. Jehan is staying over at Marius and Courf’s place one night and they’re still awake at 6:30 am when they see Marius get out of the shower in that formal wear. Jehan is mortified.

-Courfeyrac was his first kiss, under the mistletoe at the Amis’ holiday party. Courf was kissing everyone under it and Marius just so happened to wander past. He spent the rest of the night flustered and screaming into the pillow because THAT WAS HIS FIRST KISS. Five years after Marius and Cosette meet and fall in love he tells her that story and she laughs for a solid 10 minutes

-He and Combeferre don’t agree on all that much but it turns out they have very similar taste in movies and both secretly think that Titanic is a cinematic masterpiece

-He gets so fed up with the holes in Ep’s old clothes that he offers to mend them for her and does a really good job of it and that’s how Marius ended up being the Amis’ unofficial tailor. Feuilly is proud.

-he’s also unexpectedly good at drawing. He doesn’t do it much, just sketches in the margins of his notes when he’s early for class but they’re quite pretty

-Grantaire jokingly asks him to draw Enjolras one day. Marius decides to do it anyway when he’s bored. He shows the sketch to R who takes it and stares at it but he doesn’t say anything so he thinks the drawing is bad. But years later, Grantaire paints Cosette for him as a gift and it’s so beautiful he can’t speak and then He Gets It

-he’s low-key scared of Enjolras’ strong ideals but still backs him up as best he can at protests etc. because he admires his leadership and is thankful for his friendship in spite of their differences

-Cosette can see that Marius wants to connect with the Amis but doesn’t know how to so it’s her who helps him find points in common with them and he loves her for it and all the Amis love her for it and they all come to love Marius too and Marius loves them they’re all a very big happy family okay

-Years and years later, after Marius and Cosette are married, after the Musain closes its doors for the last time, after the Amis are hitting their 30’s (still working and fighting for a better tomorrow), and the title of Les amis de l'ABC has been passed down to the next generation of students, Marius and Cosette convert one their huge rooms they don’t need into a space that looks suspiciously like the second floor of the Musain. He takes the painting of Napoleon off the wall and replaces it with the French flag. It becomes their new meeting place.

-(he holds on to the painting, though. Puts it in the back closet with his all old coats).

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ur post really opened my eyes so consider: both marius and cosette are trans. nothing is different at all everyone still goes on for pages about how cosette is the most beautiful girl in the world and they still get a [mostly, all their friends are dead so] happy ending.

holy shit u have opened my eyes to a whole new world i never even knew

consider this:

  • valjean doesn’t know much about how to help his daughter but he spends weeks learning to sew so he can make her dresses until she has the confidence to buy them in stores
  • he teaches her to sew so she can sew her own dresses too :) the doll dress is the first one she made herself (well…..the first fit to wear in public that she made, cosette is a fast learner but there were a few Interesting outfits during the learning curve)
  • when marius leaves his grandfather he buys an ill-fitting outfit and overcoat and just….wears those nonstop until he meets courf and courf’s like “…..ohmygod you poor boy here take these they’re last season and they’ll fit your scrawny ass”
  • both of them are very nervous to tell each other bc they’ve lost so much and don’t want to lose each other too but obviously both of them are like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you too????” and they’re overjoyed
  • they made each other’s wedding clothes
  • they comfort and are there for each other in everything, in loss and dysphoria and marius is always there to literally cry over how beautiful cosette is and cosette is always there to fawn over how handsome marius looks
Les Amours De Marius - Chapter 1 - Elenchus - Les Misérables - Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

OR The Fakest Fake Dating AU: a farce in four acts.

All Marius wants is for his grandfather to give him permission to marry the girl he loves. He’s not quite sure how this led to him pretending to be engaged to two of the most disreputable of his disreputable friend’s disreputable friends, but here they are, and Marius is nothing if not committed in the service of love.

A (loosely) canon era fake dating AU, staring Marius Pontmercy, Bahorel, and Grantaire.

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I feel like a huge piece of character from Marius is missing in the movie and musical adaptations of Les Mis. The part where Thénardier is confronting Valjean in the inn room next to Marius's and Javert has asked him to fire a pistol to alert him of the illegal affair that is happening, but Marius realises that there's the very Thénardier who saved his father at Waterloo but there's also the love of his life's father and he's torn between his duty or love of who to protect

I knoooooow the whole awkward but brave part of Marius is seriously lacking. And I mean, I get it. They have a lot to cram in, and people who aren’t that into les Mis don’t want to spend 4 hours in the cinema, so they had to make choices.

But damn, I wished they showed more how rebellious Marius was towards his grandfather. We get a mini-glimpse of Guillenormand telling him he’s a disgrace, but I would have loved to see Marius reliquish shelter and fortune for the things he believes in

Les Misérables Manga: The Not-Scanlation, 3.1.1

Previously on Les Misérables Manga: Jean Valjean and Cosette find a new home at the convent with Fauchelevent.

Coming up: Little Marius, his domineering grandfather, and his very sad father. Also, the entirety of the Waterloo section, mercifully cut down to four pages.

As always, beneath the cut are scans, followed by the translated script. A big thank-you to this chapter’s guest translator, @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo! Translations of previous parts and overviews of more recent chapters can be found at the [manga masterpost]. 

If it’s within your budget, I encourage you to support the artists by buying the manga via any of the links [here]. The entire run of the manga is available in both Japanese and French! (alas, you’re stuck with my amateurish translations for English)

Preview is freaking adorable:

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My favourite Enjolras is the Enjolras who adores his friends. The Enjolras who confuses everyone who isn’t in the group because from the outside it looks like he is dating all of the les Amis.

Enjolras who never stops talking about how great Feuilly is, both in front of Feuilly and behind his back. Enjolras who jumps into EVERY fight bahorel gets in around him, like Enjolras is tiny but he bites like a motherfucker.

Enjolras who will spend hours with Courfeyrac talking and will go to every single event he plans without complaint because he knows courfeyrac loves these things. Enjolras who fake dates Marius with the sole purpose of pissing off his grandfather because he is the only one who isn’t terrified of that man. And when Combeferre adopts a cat Enjolras keeps his allergy secret and has to sneak tons of medicine to keep from sneezing constantly.

Enjolras being the first person joly bossuet and Musichetta come to with their relationship because they know he will not only accept them without question but also be at their side for every other time they tell people and he has a strangely comforting presence. And every time Eponine or Montparnasse need somewhere to crash for the night his couch is open and he always buys breakfast for them in the morning.

And when jehan has a poetry reading Enjolras is always at the middle front seat getting way too into it and making jehan blush afterwards with all the compliments. Enjolras who showers his friends with compliments, thanking them for every contribution they make and getting this earnest face on as  he tells them how much their dedication means to him.

Enjolras not being the best to come to with personal problems, but he will always listen, just don’t ask for advice. I mean just picture Enjolras with his serious face on looking Cosette in the eye and nodding along as she tells him all the fluffy details about her date with Marius. That’s a great mental picture okay?

I want to see more of Enjolras who knows all of his friends coffee orders and will buy them one whenever he has a chance, or Enjolras who will see something in a store and absolutely light up because it reminds him of one of his friends and immediately he buys it. Enjolras just being the most affectionate person, sometimes inconveniently so, calling his friends at three thirty in the morning to tell them how important they are to him, or pressing kisses to their cheeks and hugging them tightly every time he sees them as if they had been parted for years while it’s really been moments. And this often leads to people thinking he is dating multiple, if not all the members of the Les amis, this assumption is not refuted by the way he will sometimes find a friend and just hold their face and tell them how amazing he thinks they are.

Also in assemblies Enjolras is that annoying person yelling over everyone to find his friends so they can all sit together, and reserving a whole row with his books, bags, jacket, scarf and anything else so they wont be separated. 

And when Enjolras actually starts dating Grantaire people find out that he was actually being somewhat reserved before.

A Midsummer Night's Dream AU

(You can blame @vivalar for this spiralling out of control, just saying)
(I also apologise to Shakespeare because I basically took three things from the play, slotted it into the story and called it an AU but anyway)

First we have Marius, Cosette and Éponine:

  • So Marius and Cosette are in love right
  • And Marius’ grandfather turns around and is like ‘No you’re not marrying the daughter of an ex-convict’
  • So Valjean tells them to run away from Paris by leaving through the dense forest to his sister, where they can get married without Marius’ grandfather interfering
  • So those two sneak off in the middle of the night
  • But someone is following them:  Éponine
  • She’s still in love with Marius and cannot bear to be parted from him
  • So she follows them
  • And so those three are in the woods
  • As Marius and Cosette walk through,  Éponine follows from a short way behind
  • The walk is so long that she watches them both interact for a long time
  • And so she begins to come to term with their relationship and Cosette’s place in Marius’ life and how she will never have Marius like that
  • And it’s not like she’s suddenly stopped loving him
  • And it’s not like she ever will
  • But she’s finally seeing a future where someone other than her is with Marius and yet she’s still ok
  • A future where she’s still surviving

Now for Bahorel, Feuilly, Enjolras and Grantaire to enter the scene:

  • So Bahorel and Feuilly have decided to go visit someone (maybe an old friend or relative of Bahorel) who lives on the other side of the woods
  • And Enjolras realises and is like ‘wait no I need Feuilly’s opinion on this thing’
  • And because Enjolras is literally the most impatient person when it comes to things like that, he literally follows them into the woods
  • And of course Grantaire follows
  • He claims it’s because he was trying to stop Enjolras from following Bahorel and Feuilly for such a ridiculous reason but we all know he just wanted an excuse to talk to him
  • Along the way, Bahorel and Feuilly basically come to the realisation that they’re actually a married couple already despite the fact that they’re supposedly ‘not dating’ (they’re so dating it’s ridiculous)
  • Also along the way, Enjolras and Grantaire strike up an unstable friendship and they both start seeing each other in a new light
  • Enjolras already knew that Grantaire was more than just the cynic in the corner but by spending so much time together he realises just how much there is to the man
  • Grantaire also begins to see some of Enjolras’ flaws; they don’t make him love him any less but it’s the first step towards Enjolras being knocked off the pedestal that Grantaire puts him on a lot of the time

Now we get Montparnasse, Combeferre, Jehan and Courfeyrac:

  • So Montparnasse and Combeferre have this really strange friendship
  • Which basically stemmed from Parnasse attempting to do something relatively illegal and Ferre being the passer-by who started to talk him out of it before instead telling him how to do it more successfully
  • So one day Parnasse just turns around and goes
  • ‘You know what, I wanna go camp in the woods’
  • And Ferre just goes along with it, whilst being very aware that camping in the woods will probably entail some sort of illegal activity at some point
  • So they’re just sitting around chatting when suddenly these ethereally beautiful people come up to them and introduce themselves as Jehan and Courfeyrac
  • And Ferre is just kinda gobsmacked because
  • a) Courfeyrac
  • and b) he has never seen Montparnasse blush before
  • Meanwhile Jehan is still recovering from Courfeyrac elbowing them in the ribs because
  • Jehan is still kinda annoyed because they were meant to be helping Joly win his prank war with Musichetta but can’t actually stay annoyed when faced with a blushing Montparnasse

And now for Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta:

  • So Joly and Musichetta have been married for years
  • Many years
  • They’re kinda king and queen of the faeries
  • But anyway
  • They are currently in the middle of a very large-scale prank war which thus far has included quite a few disgruntled faeries, the odd startled woodland creature and of course the occasional confused human
  • So for his new prank, Joly planned to turn Musichetta into a donkey for the night (in his defence, she turned him into a llama two days earlier)
  • Except a very unlucky Bossuet (who had been lost in the woods), gets caught in the spell instead
  • And after Bossuet is changed back into a human and Joly and Musichetta have apologised many times, Joly and Musichetta are both happily surprised to find that Bossuet is one of the most endearing people they have ever had the pleasure of meeting
  • And if they don’t wipe his memory in the hope that he may come visit them again, that’s their business

So by the end of the night all of les amis along with a few others have basically gone through the woods and come out the other side a lot better off than they were when they went in
And Cosette and Marius now have a few more guests at their wedding
All’s well that ends well

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please tell us more about courifus headcanons

This has been sitting in my ask for, maybe, two days now because I haven’t been able to get to it but it’s starting to bug me if I don’t.

Also, before I start, this was Mute’s reaction when I told her about this ask:

OKAY SO I’m going to start off with more brick-centric headcanons before I go off into generic modern au things because I am a goddamn professional shipping garbageman and I will do this properly goddamnit. 

  • Marius likes wearing Courf’s coat more than he should. It’s still technically borrowed, so Courf wears it every now and then, so the coat ( more often than not ) smells like Courf usually does; Nice, floral scents that Marius will never admit to being because of Courf. He always, without fail, says he doesn’t smell anything. Courfeyrac knows better.
  • They sleep on Marius’ bed more often than you’d think, partly because his bed is not too far apart from Courf’s, but also because Courf likes being the big spoon to his tall totally “heterosexual” friend. People think Marius doesn’t complain because Courf’s his best friend and because Courf’s the host. Marius likes being little spoon.
  • Marius likes being the big spoon, too.
  • It’s implied that Marius has mentioned Courfeyrac to be his ‘intimate friend’ to his grandfather, which leads me to believe that Marius talks about Courfeyrac often and that his totally “heterosexual” self has gushed about his “intimate friend” in an extremely, strictly heterosexual way, and that his grandfather does not truly believe his grandson is totally, strictly heterosexual. Gillenormand is fuckin on to you you piece of shit.
  • Sometimes it’s Courfeyrac who brings him on the dates. Marius enjoys them a lot, but also feels guilty because he tends to feel that they’re partially out of pity – Remember, he does not like feeling he’s indebted to anyone. So anytime Courfeyrac does something nice for him he always partially feels bad. So Marius actually tries to save a bit of money whenever he can so that he can take Courf out.
  • Platonic & romantic dates. 
  • Marius is an early bird and Courfeyrac isn’t, but every now and then Courf wakes up earlier than normal ( he still wakes up after Marius ) and just joins Marius with his language stuff and what ever other work-related thing he starts first thing in the morning. Sometimes Marius recites a few things, either in German, Spanish, or English, to Courfeyrac. Most of them he translates, but anything that’s a bit too flirty he keeps to himself. Courfeyrac knows when it’s that because Marius blushes easily.
  • They have a LOT of inside jokes! Mostly from Courfeyrac’s end, and Marius likes to reference them in his small attempts at being witty and it makes Courf grin all the time.
  • For the longest time, Marius would strictly refer to Courfeyrac as 'Courfeyrac,’ but eventually shortened it to 'Courf.’ Courf loves it.
  • Marius’ ideal date is a nice walk on the Luxembourg; he really enjoys walking in nice places and he enjoys it when someone he really cares about walks with him. Walks in the Luxembourg are when Courf sees just how talkative and excited Marius can be. 
  • * on that note, Marius being extremely talkative and relaxed in Courfeyrac’s presence gives me SO much fucking life good fucking bye these nerds have ruined me to NO end.

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Friendly reminder that the first person Marius talks to after he had just fallen out with his grandfather is Bossuet.

Marius who has to be absolutely heart-broken and angry, whose father has recently died, who has just made his grandfather kick him out, who has just left his financialy stable, secure life, the only life he’s ever had, who has no idea where to go, what to do, with next to no money and literally no one left.

Marius who then hears this random stranger calling out his name, a man he has never even met before and who just got kicked out of law school for someone he didn’t even know. A completely poor, young man who doesn’t even has a place to live, who does something nice for someone he has never met without expecting anything in return simply out of the sheer goodwill of his heart.

Bossuet is literally the first good thing that happens to Marius in this new, probably absolutely terrifying part of his life that just started.

He is like, the epitome hope here, that things might not be as bad as they seem. That even in the most hopeless times, there’s the brightness of unconditional human kindness.
I just. Love. Bossuet. So. Much.


Les Misérables: Eponine  [INFJ]

Ni: Eponine looks inside herself for her dream – not to any outside influences, but her own heart. She envisions a life for herself in which Marius loves her rather than Cosette in order to escape her present circumstances. He gives her no reason to believe he’s in love with her, but still she holds to her dream and tries to make it come true. When forced with the bitter truth – that he loves Cosette – Eponine envisions what her life will be like in the future, and commits to one last action that will allow him to live on and her to die in peace.

Fe: The happiness of Marius is more important to Eponine than her own happiness; if he is content, she’ll find a way to be happy for him even if it breaks her heart. Even when Marius hurts her, Eponine still does everything he asks her to do, expecting nothing in return. She even risks her father’s wrath to protect Cosette and Valjean from her father’s thugs, simply because she loves Marius, and Marius loves Cosette.

Ti: She is rational enough to realize that her dream of Marius is something she invented for herself, rather than anything based in reality, and to accept this fact about herself. Eponine isn’t driven toward any real purpose, she merely seeks understanding. She uses creative logic to dress up as a man and pass herself off as one of the barricade boys.

Se: Eponine is extremely observant of what’s happening around her – she sees Marius and Cosette looking at one another, she notices Marius’ ring and his confrontation with his grandfather, and she sees the gun that will end Marius’ life. Eponine takes immediate action to save the man she loves.

a list of things cosette likes:

  • fancy coloring books and gel pens
  • watching vlogs from her favorite youtubers
  • family traditions with valjean
  • introducing marius, who never had any traditions with his grandfather, to all of her favorite traditions with her papa
  • visiting the ocean, leaving her shoes behind, and running through the sand because it’s too hot beneath her toes to stay in one place for longer than a second
  • shopping with her friends
  • meeting marius’ friends and making them her friends, too
  • eating jellybeans
  • talking joly out for tea
  • wearing rain boots, even if it isn’t raining out
  • going “camping” in the living room on winter nights, complete with sleeping bags and disney movies and a fire in the fireplace
  • midnight movie premiers
  • taking photos
  • journaling
  • saying hello to dogs on the street

anonymous asked:

k, so this is a mutual going anon with a legitimate question: So when I listen to Les Mis, all I can think is that Marius is REALLY ANNOYING! But it's clear that you and others in the les mis fandom think he's cool. So is there something in the books that makes him less irritating? Is there something you're seeing that I'm not? Enlighten me, oh awesome one! (please don't hate me, I'm actually curious!)

there are a few things i dont like about him but ok 

here are some cool facts about marius 

  • he grew up in a neglectful/maybe abusive household with his grandfather, who convinced him that his father was a douche. and then later his father dies and he goes and finds out that his dad actually really cared about him
  • his dad fought for napoleon and so marius goes and gets all obsessed with napoleon and his grandfather kicks him out of the house (and like. he learns SO MUCH STUFF about napoleon. hes REALLY SMART.) 
  • and then he meets courfeyrac and bossuet and one of the first things he says to bossuet is “what a beautiful name” because he’s a SWEETHEART 
  • and then (bc he’s homeless) courf offers to take marius home, and courf offers marius money and stuff but marius is like NO. I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR MONEY OK YOU NEED IT IM NOT A MOOCH
  • oh btw his grandfather sends him money too but hes like “nah” 
  • (aka another example of what a good and noble person marius is) 
  • and then courf is like “hey marius i have a translating job that u could do. do you speak german and english???” and maius is like “no but i will learn them” AND HE DOES. HE LEARNS TWO LANGUAGES IN A REALLY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME WHILE HE’S STARVING. did i mention how smart he is bc hes really smart
  • anyways then later, the ”””’jondrettes”””’ who are actually the thenardiers, but they changed their names (and they’re marius’s neighbors) say that they cant pay their rent
  • like wow ok he cant even pay his own rent but he’s paying theirs 
  • and then like later when he’s with cosette there’s this part where their knees touch and marius is like AHHHHH THATS GOING TO FAR and he blushes and pulls away and then cosette blushes too and its super cute 
  • oh and then you know that scene at the barricade where marius gets the fire and like saves the barricade??????
  • yeah well that actually happened except that the musical fucked it up. there was none of this “my life is not yours to risk, marius” bullshit
  • after he saved the barricade, courfeyrac “flung himself on his neck” and then marius asked courfeyrac “where is the chief??” and then enjolras comes up to him and says “YOU are the chief” 
  • and there’s a line that hugo says and its like “while enjolras might have been the chief of the barricade, marius was definitely the saviour” 
  • and this is getting long but yeah
  • that’s why people like marius 
Fakest Fake Dating AU update

Following directly on part 1 (in which Marius semi-accidentally convinced his grandfather he was engaged to either/both Bahorel and Grantaire in order to make Cosette seem more eligible by comparison.) 1486 words.

After several days of anxious contemplation, Marius was no closer to having a solution to his problems. Even the ever-faithful expedient of laying his head on his desk for several hours and crying produced no results.

The thought of going out in public where people might see him was intolerable. Clearly, the only thing to do was to convert his apartment into a hermitage and never speak to anyone again. He would correspond with Cosette by carefully coded letters, telling of his love and his wretchedness until he died of heartbreak and perhaps embarrassment. It would be very tragic; alas, no one would ever know or care besides his dear Cosette, if she even still loved him at all after she heard of his failure. He would be solitary, alone, solus cum solo

“Hullo Marius!” Courfeyrac’s voice called in from the hallway, disturbing Marius’ thoughts. “You’ve got a letter here!”

“Bahorel! Bahorel I need you!” Marius cried, pushing his was into the café.

Bahorel waved lazily from his chair in the corner, feet up on the table. “Ah, if only I had a sous for every time I’ve heard that.”

“You’d have one sous,” said Feuilly, sitting next to him. He tossed a card out onto the table. “Your turn.”

Bahorel laughed. “And wouldn’t that be a fine thing!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you had any ftm Marius headcannons?

Okay, but how about canon era trans Marius?  Because I haven’t written anything canon era related in a while and I’m in the mood for it

Imagine a boy who’s called Marie Pontmercy who doesn’t have any word for what he is (and won’t, not a commonly recognized one at least, for almost a century and a half) and has to live in his grandfather’s house, being told to be a good girl, being forced into dresses, taught womanly arts, listening to his grandfather eventually start to speculate on potential marriage prospects for him.  The pronouns make him uncomfortable, like a hand dragged the wrong way up a cat’s back, and he was always getting in trouble with his tutors for leaving the E off the ends of adjectives he uses to describe himself.

(“It’s je suis égarée, Marie, with the extra E.  My girl, I don’t understand how you always manage to forget that!  A child can manage it, you simple creature, really,” his grandfather scolds him one day after reading the letter he’d been writing to his father. Ce que je suis est énervé, thinks Marius rebelliously to himself but adds the extra E on anyways, even if it always somehow just looks… wrong.)

Marius who once (at least once) had to spent almost an entire day trying not to cry after he got a new corset and saw what it did to his silhouette in the mirror, how much it pinched him in and accentuated his curves.  Marius who insists on wearing the most conservative, unfashionable gowns he can get away with because he can’t stand any of his cleavage showing at all.  Fortunately his grandfather isn’t super up on the nuances of current Parisian women’s fashion and so doesn’t question why Marius isn’t wearing sloping shoulders or such things.    

Marius who has a pair of his grandfather’s trousers, a shirt, and a cravat hidden at the very bottom of a drawer, beneath a couple of particularly awful lacy chemises that he never touches.  He would take a jacket too except he knows those will be missed.  So he waits for when his grandfather goes to spend time around the town before sneaking back up to his room, locking his bedroom door, and anxiously taking out the clothes, putting them on, and tying his hair tight behind his head.  All while checking over his shoulder the entire time, as if he expects his aunt to come swooping in at any moment. Despite the fear and shame attached to it, those are calming times, to look in the mirror and see something that looks at least somewhat right.  After a while he steals several more cravats and uses them to bind his breasts down so that when he puts on the shirt his chest looks nearly flat.

Imagine when he and Courfeyrac meet.  Courfeyrac is going on and on about how a pretty girl like him shouldn’t be out in the streets on her own, and how he would of course help any fair maiden in need, and about being a knight for the lovely damsel in distress – all meant to be harmless and fun, of course, but after everything, after finding out about his father and the fight with his grandfather and losing his home Marius just snaps.  And he screams at Courfeyrac that “I AM NOT A GIRL.” In that moment he isn’t even really sure what he means, he’s never been able to fully conceptualize this feeling, except he knows that it’s right. More right than the curve of his chest and the E’s that get attached to his descriptors.

So he just stands there in the streets, in this ugly, black dress that pinches in his waist and makes his  hips look huge which he just hates, waiting for this kind stranger to laugh or scorn or point out the fact that he has breasts, right there, they’re very prominent.  You’re obviously a girl.

Except Courfeyrac doesn’t do that.  He considers this person in front of him and he doesn’t really get it but he finally says, “Okay.  My apologies.  What are you?”

“I… I’m a boy.  I’m a man.  I… I am.  I am.”

“Ah. Fair enough.  Then I suppose I can offer you the spare mattress in my own rooms if you like, without it being indecent.  Is your name really Marie then?”  After all, it’s not like Courfeyrac can make judgments about people altering their names to reflect who they are.

And on the spot Marius decides, no, it isn’t.  Because this Courfeyrac is giving him a chance to be whatever he wants – to be what he is – and what he is isn’t Marie.  So then and there he decides: Marius.  He doesn’t want it changed too drastically, because his father gave him the name Marie, but Marius just feels so much… better.  It fits.  So from that point on Courfeyrac only ever addresses Marius by the name Marius. Only introduces him to people as Marius, only ever refers to him in the masculine, never writes an extra E, or turns an F into a -ve, never does anything than acknowledge that Marius is anything but a man.

“I once had to listen to Grantaire debate whether or not we’re even humans,” Courfeyrac tells him one evening.  “Believing you’re a man is much easier than believing that we might be nothing more than wishful thinking.”

In fact the only time anything about this made Courfeyrac lose his composure was when he returned home one evening to find Marius in front of their mirror, hair around his feet and scissors in his hand. Courfeyrac will tell anyone who’ll listen that he has never seen such an offensive haircut in his entire life.  So Courf jammed one of his top hats onto Marius head so that it’d be big enough to drop down to Marius’ ears and hide his hair, and then hauled him off to his own barber so that Marius might be able to leave the house again without embarrassing both of them.

Or imagine when Courf gives Marius his old, green jacket.  It seems obvious to Courfeyrac – Marius obviously has no desire to go about in his dress anymore (in fact the two of them gleefully burn the corset over the stove one evening, and nearly get themselves kicked out for the amount of smoke they choke the place with), so he’s going to need some menswear.  It’s just an old coat after all, and it’s hardly tailored to Marius’ size, but it’ll have to do.  He’s really not sure how to handle it when Marius looks like he might cry over his old, ratty hand-me-downs.

And it does take Marius a while to get use to wearing trousers and jackets without feeling bad.  It takes him a while to shake the feeling of shame or deviance or perversity when he does it.  Having a friend who supports you whole-heartedly and who doesn’t seem to think it remotely strange definitely helps.  So does putting on a waistcoat and jacket over his shirt and binder and seeing his chest hidden completely and feeling so so so right about it.  So does every day he shakes free of his grandfather’s cloying shadow a bit more and is able to realize that he is free to be his own man.