Seeing what lives in the stuff that occupies 70% of the surface of the Earth. 

1- Upside- down jellyfish, possibly the most entertaining tank to watch. 

2- The friendliest fish I’ve ever met.

3- At the right angle,  you can see right through this fish’s eye.

4- A family of clownfish.

5- A common lobster I think. Maybe a rock lobster… I’m not sure.

6- An urchin

7- The underside of a Crown of Thorns starfish

8- A blind Loggerhead turtle (with epilepsy) that has a flattened shell due to the fact it keeps bumping into things in the tank. This means the coral in this tank are fake to stop it hurting itself on sharp edges.

"In disputes upon moral or scientific points, ever let your aim be to come at truth, not to conquer your opponent."

A fantastic review of a genius classic piece of work. The art of conversation has lost a lot of very important rules. Reading this really helped ground me in the field of conversation.

There was a kid in my class who recently said that because my opinion and my professors opinion were different and that we weren’t going to agree we shouldn’t even discuss because there’s no point. She was grossly wrong. The goal is never to “win” in a conversation. (A debate, sure.) A conversation consists of sharing and gaining. Not winning and losing.

Read this and start practicing. Don’t be a fool!



1000 gems/ 500k each

Evvi ——— Maritin ——— Onex
(names are linked to respective dragons)

Too lazy to train up a coli team in time for festival grinding? I have a fully trained team right here. All are equipped with:
-Scratch, Shred, Eliminate, Rally
-2 Berserker Stones
-2 Ambush Stones

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"Glory", Common y el emotivo discurso en la academia del muchacho de Chicago inspirado en Maritin Luther King y Nina Simone 50 años mas tarde.