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Vowed For Eternity

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Summary: Belle, princess of Avonlea, had been promised to marry the Dark One ever since she was sixteen, but when the time comes and he cames to cash in his debt and wed her, things doesn’t happen the way she expected them to. Now, locked in a tower by her new husband the only thing Belle has to distract herself with is a magic mirror that might show her that there is a man behind the beast.

Notes: This story is a gift to my dear friend and beta @ethereal-wishes. Here is my thank you for all the help you’ve been given me these last few months, I really hope you like this fic.

In all the realms, girls expect anxiously the day of their wedding. They made plans, daydreamed about the ceremony, wondered about the marital life and talked over and over again about their gowns and jewels. Most girls were happy when they got married, even some of the ones that had an arranged match, but inside the giant castle at the centre of Avonlea, was the saddest bride anyone has ever seen.

Belle, the king’s only daughter, had been promised to a man, that wasn’t exactly a man, but a monster. Everybody talked about, about how cruel, how nefarious and how mean he was which only got her to fear her wedding day more than anything else. The young girl had been dealt to the Dark One when she was sixteen, some months after her mother passed and the war against the ogres had almost destructed their kingdom. Now, three years later, he had appeared in the castle, claiming for his debt to be paid.

She knew that somehow, he had been kind enough to let her grown fully into a woman before taking her, but even so, Belle was terrified of what life with him might be like. Only once, she had seen him, in the occasion her father made that deal with the monster, that said that he could easily send the ogres away if the king promised his daughter’s hand in marriage for him, and without other option, the deal was sealed. At that time, Belle was a young girl, with prominent pinkish cheeks and bright blue eyes, while the Dark One was a scaled skinny creature with reptilian eyes and a unique green-gold skin.

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Let's talk about marital rape

Marital rape is still common among our societies and still not being fully acknowledged by most of us. Marital rape is a criminal offense in other countries but unfortunately in some countries like Malaysia and India, marital rape is actually legal because most of the people in the population believe that marriage itself is consensual so why would the term rape even exist?! When we discuss about marital rape, I see a lot of people question the term. For example, there are two types of people in this world, A and B .
A: “If she’s already married to me then why does the term ‘rape’ still exist?”

B: “If it’s not consensual sex, it’s still rape!”

Now let’s try to distinguish the characteristics of A and B. In my opinion, A might be heavily influenced by his religion identity. First and foremost, I am a Muslim but I want to talk about how most men perceive islamic teachings when it comes to marriage. Based from my observation, I see a lot of men taking advantage of this. We women are to 'provide and feed’ our husbands no matter what situation we are in. Some men see this as an opportunity to dominate their wives, oh and don’t get me started on polygamy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Islam but when it comes to how some men perceive the teachings and might see them as their 'advantages’ , it makes me sick. So today I came across this headline where Nancy Shukri stated that marital rape is not a crime but then according to her, it is only a crime when the acts (which can cause injury ) are implemented by the husbands onto their wives when carrying out intercourse. Something like idk, non consensual BDSM?

So my question is, what do u mean by 'injury’? Does it include emotional / psychological injury as well? Or do u only mean physical injury ? I’m utterly confused.. And also has it ever crossed your mind about those who are being forced into marriage and arranged marriage? It’s not consensual u know. It’s like saying, even if ur partner is still a stranger to you, you have to have sex with him! Because he’s your husband, it’s ur responsibility. What a sick statement

On Saturdays I used to go to the local library with my mother. It was a highlight to walk along the shelves, filled with books and have the opportunity to select some books to take home. I still enjoy visiting libraries. I enjoy the tranquility and can almost feel and sniff me the stories behind all book covers.
—  Crown Princess Mette-Marit talking about her love of books and reading

The wedding of Eddie and Waylon

He did not understand why his fiancée cried so often. Was he not as ecstatic as Eddie, with the thought of starting a proper married life? Weren’t women supposed to be more excited than their fiancées involving upcoming nuptials? Eventually Eddie conceded that it was just because his darling was much too shy, too nervous. Who knew what vulgar men he had run into before meeting a true gentleman such as Eddie? 

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I feel like I have been away from tumblr for a long time and I kind of dont know what people do on here these days, like which shows are most popular and what is the meme of the week and stuff