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Seasons I Associate The Rampion Crew With:

Winter: Winter~ Winter loves seeing what her name refers to, and the delicate snowflakes and fluffy glowing snow. She likes to play in the snow, and she purposely goes outside without a coat so that Jacin has to follow her out with it, and then she pushes him into the snow. He can’t just go in after that, right? Also, her name is one of the only things she has left of her mom.

Cress: Spring~ After being trapped in a satellite for so long, she likes the idea of gorgeous flowers, perfect weather, and the actual feeling of the sun shining on her. She prefers spring over summer because her experience in the desert has caused her not to like way too much heat. And she gets sunburned easily, having been in a satellite without contact with the sun for so much of her life.

Cinder: Summer~ Although she was a mechanic in New Beijing’s heat for so long, and it’s not exactly her fondest memory, she still likes the idea of summer. She’s not necessarily a fan of the heat, but when she’s on Luna, it reminds her of home (namely Kai, and how his hair sticks to his forehead and his shirt clings to his back in the heat.) She also likes the view of New Beijing from the palace during the summer. (Yes I do realize it’s pretty much always hot there, but there’s a difference.)

Scarlet: Fall~ Scarlet loves the idea of all the changes that occur during the fall. The autumn colors (especially red) remind her of her hair and her precious sweatshirt. Also, she’s mesmerized by how leaves go from the color of Wolf’s eyes to the color of her hair during the season. But she really hates having to rake the fallen leaves on the farm.

Jacin: Winter~ Not only does the season remind him of his beloved princess, but it also gives him a feel of how different things are on Luna and earth. And let’s be real, everytime he and Winter are on earth during winter, she’s always really animated and excited. It makes him happy. *and the season can be harsh and bitter just like him aha love you jacin*

Thorne: Summer~ I think we all know where I’m going with this– it’s hot during the summertime, which means he’ll get hot, which means he can be shirtless with an actual reason, even though we all know he ends up shirtless at random times. Also, he associates summer with vacation and the beach (more time to be shirtless, and no work at times). {Okay picture this with me: a shirtless Thorne in sweats. Running. In the sun.} Exactly.

Kai: Fall~ Kai is NOT a fan of heat. He doesn’t get very many cool days in the EC, so he savors them when he does. He thinks the red, orange, and gold colors give the EC a gorgeous look, especially with the gold roofs of the palace. He loves having the cool wind in his hair instead of the sweat that makes his hair cling to his forehead.

Wolf: Spring~ Although he loves the fall because it reminds him of Scarlet, he prefers the spring. Being the cinnamon roll he is, spring is his favorite time to spend time outside or to take trips with the kids. He loves the way Benoit Farms looks during the spring, and the weather is downright gorgeous.