I highly suggest reading The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Why?

Not to mention that the quartet just has a wonderful plot, there are so many aspects to it that are important.

Book order: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter

  • There are nine main characters, out of these nine, a majority of them are POC. That’s right, the majority of them are non-white.
  • Cinder is a cyborg. Human with mechanical parts due to an incident as a child that caused her to lose her left arm and foot/leg. She is the main-main protagonist, who has a disability. She is also non-white; canonly she’s black, I believe. Cinder does not allow people to use her youth as an excuse to claim she’s ignorant. She comes from an abusive family but doesn’t use it as an excuse for anything and overcomes it.
  • Kai is another non-white character. He is Japanese, emperor of new Beijing [the set of the story is future].
  • Scarlet doesn’t judge by outward appearances. She’s kind, but resilient and strong. And selfless.She is, though, a canonly larger-bodied character. 
  • There’s another thing, there are multiple different body types in this series.
  • Wolf was taken from his home and family from a young age, but refused to become a monster that people tried to force him to become. He’s strong and loyal. Despite his terrifying outward appearance, being large and modified, he’s a big teddy bear [unless you piss him off or mess with Scarlet]. He has a big heart, probably the biggest of the group. He is eager to learn new things. He’s described to have a tanner-color skin, so I don’t believe he’s white, but I’m not sure hat ethnicity he is canonly.
  • Cress was born a shell, someone without powers, which is a discriminated group of people from Luna [land on the moon, in the story]. Even though, she is extremely intelligent. She’s small and nervous and never has been out of her comfort zone. Though she gets over that, and even though she’s been discriminated and mentally abused/manipulated, she sees the good in people and tries to be strong no matter how scared she is. 
  • Thorne is just a fukin self-absorbed dork who’s a criminal, but can’t fukin acknowledge his own feelings, goddamn it. Calls himself captain even though he ain’t no captain. The fucker doesn’t think he’s good enough, that cheeky bastard. He has no chill. He steals stuff but we love him anyway. He’s loyal as fuck. Captain is king.
  • Winter is a canonly half black, half Indian girl who is described ridiculously beautiful, even though she has 3 scars on her face. She refuses to use her gift, of which has caused her to have a major mental disability. Despite her scars and mental illness, she’s kind and caring. She’s been mentally and physically abused in her life by her stepmother. 
  • Jacin loves Winter and believes she is gorgeous. ‘Nuff said.
  • Iko is an android, but is later canonly black. She’s hardcore but girly as hell and loves fashion. 
  • So basically, there’s POC, bi-racial couples, different body types, overcoming mental/physical abuse, mental and physical disabilities that aren’t used as crutches, overcoming those disabilities as well as bad backgrounds, pro-youth, and so much more. It’s a positive story, as well as a well-written one.
  • It’s basically a rewrite of fairy tales, but turned around to make it totally original. There is also major sass and tears and asdfghjkl; I can’t get enough.
rampion crew x sorting

Cinder: the sorting hat has to deliberate for a while, longer that the others. because she’s so unique. finally it asks her what she wants, and shes so surprised that she just points to the sea of red- a gryffindor.

Kai: the hat considers slytherin, ravenclaw and hufflepuff at first, but hes too savvy to be a hufflepuff and too sweet and genuine to be slytherin, so the hat ends up sending him to sit with the ravenclaws. 

Iko: oh, the sorting hat is in a dither. shes smart, shes brave, shes ambitious and loyal. its taken nearly ten minutes, before the hat decides that loyalty is the prevailing characteristic and makes her hufflepuff. 

Scarlet: the first of the group to be sorted. the sorting hat practically shouts “gryffindor” the second it touches her head. she goes confidently to the table with no small amount of cheering, and proceeds to fit right in.

Wolf: he walks up and everyones intimidated, immediately pegging him for a slytherin, and so he and the others are very surprised when the hat proclaims him a hufflepuff. he blushes, embarrassed, but very pleased.

Cress: shed thought she was a hufflepuff, and at first, the hat did too. but it took a moment to look, and found the reason and capability shed developed as a young shell, and announced that shes a ravenclaw.

Thorne: the hat only takes a moment or two to make its decision- slytherin. at first he doesnt understand, is he not good enough? but its because of his ambition to do better and be better that slytherin fit him. 

Winter: she sits on the stool for a good while before the hat can make its final decision. it proclaims her a gryffindor, and she goes to sit with scar. the hat saw what many others hadnt been able to- inner courage.

Jacin: hes exasperated as he sits down, complaining to the hat, and its inclined to put him in slytherin for that alone. but it catches him watching winter across the room, seeing how much he cares, and hes put in hufflepuff.

Helping Smaller Blogs

Hello everyone! Me and a few others are putting together a project to help shine a spotlight on smaller blogs that have fancasts, artwork, headcanons, etc. they want to voice but either they’re scared to or don’t have the popularity to really get their ideas out into the fandom. If anyone would like to assist in this attempt to better the fandom or find out more feel free to message me. This will be open for everyone to participate hopefully by the end of the week. Hope to see everyone then!

Thank you!


Didn’t manage to get the fanart collab squares in time for Sunday, but there’s Marissa inquiring about them! (Video includes captions if it’s hard to hear.)

Here are the squares that did finally arrive on Monday. I will be mailing them on to Marissa. Going clockwise from the top-left, these are by @velvetblush, @heilo4298, @toinfinityandbeyond277, and myself (bottom-left and center). I also really loved @kat-adara‘s thank you card!!! :D

(Where is the Artemisia tapestry, you might ask? Well, just wait for it… *wink wink* More on the book signing later.)

The Lunar Chronicles Fanmix (LISTEN HERE)

1.) castle-halsey// 2. live like legends-ruelle// 3. written in the stars-the girl and the dreamcatcher// 4. wonderland-natalia kills// 5. yellow flicker beat-lorde (Cinder’s song!)// 6. bird set free-sia (Winter’s song!)// 7. satellite call-sara bareilles (Cress’ song!)// 8. l’il red riding hood-amanda seyfried (Scarlet’s song!)// 9.) i am not a robot-marina & the diamonds (Iko’s song!)// 10.) no rest for the wicked-lykke li (Queen Levana’s song!)// 11.) compass-zella day (Cress + Thorne)// 12.) moondust-jaymes young (Cinder + Kai)// 13.) i know places-vance joy (Winter + Jacin)// 14.) work song-hozier (Scarlet + Wolf)// 15.) once upon a dream-lana del ray