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Recommended Reads of 2016

(in which I realize how horrible I am at describing books)

As 2016 draws to a close, I decided to make a list of ten of my favorite books I read this year (not necessarily books published in 2016 though).  I hope you all appreciate this, and I’d love to know what books you loved this year as well!

In no particular order:

1. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord: This was one of the first books I read this year, and it was so adorable I just had to put it on this list.  It’s about a girl whose first and only boyfriend died, so she is now living her life with a lot more caution.  Basically, it just chronicles how she copes with this and lives her life (I’m so sorry that was a horrible synopsis haha).   By no means was the writing beautiful, and there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments, but it was just a nice and (mostly) fluffy read.  All the references to literature (specifically to Pride and Prejudice) made my nerdy heart happy.  Also, I am such a sucker for a cute nerdy guy (both in books and real life, haha–honestly, if you know of a good book with this kind of guy, let me know) so I understandably loved Max.

2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: The Start of Me and You was actually what convinced me to finally read this classic, and boy am I glad I did!!! Honestly, I’m so obsessed with this story (which I don’t think I need to summarize).  Like, this obsession is unhealthy.  I’ve only read the book once, but I’ve watched the miniseries like three times this year and the movie (from 2005, obviously) probably (and I am not even kidding) 20 or 30 times this year.  Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen (if you’re as in love with him as I am, you HAVE to listen to him reading some of Pride and Prejudice – I want him to narrate my life omg) are literally my faves fajkldjgaoi I AM OBSESSED AAH.  But I digress, because this is about books.  Basically I love it.

3. First & Then by Emma Mills: Okay so this is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (are you noticing a theme?? – I could literally read/watch nothing but P&P adaptations for the rest of my life and be perfectly content).  As the blurb on Goodreads said, it’s like Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights.  Basically, it follows this girl named Devon and the football star, Ezra.  I’m so obsessed that I completely ignored my complete and utter abomination for all sports in order to enjoy the P&P aspect and it was so cute I finished it in less than a day.  

4. Winter by Marissa Meyer: I loved the entire Lunar Chronicles series, but this one was my favorite.  Basically, the series is a sort of sci-fi/dystopian fairy tale retelling with cyborgs and space travel and I really enjoyed it .  Also, the cover??? Amazing.

5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: This is a well-known classic, so I’ll spare you the details, but it was just so good (and it’s nice and short if that’s something that interests you) and so scarily accurate for a dystopian novel.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Again, a well-known classic about racism and basic human morality in a southern town during the Great Depression.  I have nothing to say that you haven’t heard before, so I’ll just say: it was absolutely wonderful.

7. Paperweight by Meg Haston: I want to preface this by saying it heavily discusses eating disorders, so that is something to be mindful of. It was such a raw and captivating story and I felt it handled the topic well.  I really felt for the characters.  The story was sad and disheartening (an intrinsic quality when it comes to mental illness) but I just felt Haston did a really amazing job with it.

8. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon: This book is about a girl with an illness so severe she can’t leave her own home.  It follows her life as she becomes interested in her new neighbor (I am blowing myself away with my horrible synopses hahaha - if you really want to know, click the book titles to go to their respective Goodreads pages).  It was a really interesting story that I flew right through.

9. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon: I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but I’ll do it again.  It’s about a Jamaican girl whose family is about to be deported and a Korean boy who doesn’t want to follow the plan his parents have set out for them.  They spend a day together in New York City and it’s pretty great.  I loved the little in-between perspectives we got and the blend of science and romance/fate/destiny kind of stuff.  I loved it!!

10. The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork: This is another book about mental illness – specifically depression, suicidal thoughts, and schizophrenia.  It’s about a girl who, after attempting suicide, gets to know three other kids with problems like hers.  It didn’t romanticize mental illness or sugarcoat anything, and it made me cry (and I don’t cry often at books) but it was a really captivating story.  

There you have it, folks! My top ten from 2016.  I sincerely wish you all a wonderful 2017 filled with happiness, love, and new memories!!! I love you all! 

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite type of ship/couple? Like any tropes you find yourself really enjoying?

I’ve been thinking about this last night and I don’t really think I do but I’ll just list the kinds of ships I like and maybe you or people who read this will find a pattern that I can’t see? Lol.

So I like my fair share of “ordinary” ships,  just happy, day-to-day, low-key ships but in which the two people are just so genuinely happy and in love:

I also like really angsty, soulful, transcendental, you have completely altered my life in the best possible way, once in a lifetime, passionate, life is beautiful ships:

I also really enjoy precious *SQUEE* my heart flutters, you two are ADORBZ ships:

I also enjoy just purely passionate, intense, emotional, breathless ships:

I also enjoy you shouldn’t work but you do and it’s glorious ships:

I also love it tears me up inside to love you relationships:

And of course a lot of these overlap, so like I dunno, lol, is there a pattern?


Wrath and Beth
Rhage and Mary
Zsadist and Bella (Nalla)
Butch and Marissa
Vishous and Jane
Phury and Cormia
Rehvenge and Ehlena
Qhuinn and Blaylock

Girls Movie Night

Bella glared at Butch as he sank the 8 ball in the corner pocket. Butch stood up and smirked, his hands held out as if he couldn’t help that he won.

Beth and Butch had been teamed up against Bella and Vishous who were gathered in the billiards room playing game after game of pool. Games that Butch and Beth had all won.

“You two are like pool sharks.” Bella said as she took a sip of her vodka and cranberry, her’s and Beth’s drink of choice for the night. They had also had a few straight shots of vodka, which V was not happy about having his Gray Goose pilfered. Of course with as much as Vishous drank, Fritz always made sure they had a few case of Gray Goose on hand to keep the bar and the Pit well stocked with V’s drink of choice, so it wasn’t like he was going to run out, but that didn’t mean he was going to be happy about the females drinking his Goose.

“What do you mean ‘like’? We are pool sharks.” Beth said with a wink as she clinked her glass against Butch’s glass of scotch as they toasted to their win.

“True? True.” Vishous said as he took a sip from his squat glass of Gray Goose.

“Remind me never to play against you two again.” Bella said as she put her pool stick up onto the rack that was bolted onto the wall. “And remind me to never have you as my partner.” Pointing at Vishous and giving him the evil eye.

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October Just One Word Book Photo Challenge Day 24: Shipping

I ship a lot of ships. Anne and Gilbert was one of my very first ships thanks to the film series. But I also like Katsa and Po, Anne and Captain Wentworth, Cinder and Kai, Claire and Jamie, Annith and Balthazar.They are sweet, passionate, and more. They cross times and places to be together, battle foes, and/or grow up. I adore these couples, and I love reading about them.

This book photo challenge is hosted by just0nemorepage. The photography is mine.

Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles) fanmix:

The Wolf-Fever Ray  //  Team-Lorde  //  Wolf & I-Oh Land  //  Be Free-King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe  //  New Skin-New Skin  //  Lil’ Red Riding Hood-Laura Gibson  //   Artifice-SOHN  //   Adore Adore-Yoav  //  The Road-Hurts  //  You Are (Null Device Mix)-Hungry Lucy  //  Red Riding Hood-Elysian Fields  //  Happy Together-Filter  //  Bluetrace-Stateless  //   This Night-Black Lab  //  Rescue Me (How the Story Ends)-Kerrie Roberts 

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Hey friends! My name is Anne and this is my studyblr. I created this blog because I had a really rough time with my mental health this past year (I was diagnosed with GAD/generalized anxiety disorder and I’m taking medication for it) and I want to get back on track with my studies. I’m always looking for inspiration, motivation, and positivity! 

A little (or a lot) about me:

  • Favourite subjects: English (language and literature), history (anything before WWII), gender/women’s studies, and biology
  • Weakest subject: Math
  • I want to work in the nonprofit sector (particularly advocating for women’s rights/health, mental health, education/literacy, or the environment) or working in a United Nations specialized agency like UNICEF, UNDP, or UNCSW
  • I’m fluent in Tagalog and English; I’ve also been learning French since Grade 3 but I suck at it (langblrs hmu)
  • I’m interesting in learning Photoshop, graphic design, and maybe even a bit of coding online!
  • I’m of Filipino descent and I live in Canada! Where my Filipino/Canadian studyblrs at?
  • I’m left-handed! Sometimes it makes hand-writing notes a pain haha
  • I’m an ISFJ
  • Sorted into Ravenclaw, chosen by Horned Serpent, and my Patronus is a calico cat
  • I love reading! My book/literary fandoms include Harry Potter, anything by Rick Riordan, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare
  • I’m feminist af and my inner SJW may occasionally come out in my blogging haha

My favourite studyblrs (if you’re not following them yet, you’re missing out!!):

@studyign | @peachy-studies | @izzystudies | @studylustre | @sundayscholar | @leviosa-studies | @cleonotes | @hermionegoals | @procrastilate | @nehrdist | @flyingthroughtheclouds | @studivation | @athenastudying

Join me in my journey towards recovery and academic success ^_^


“Fritz isn’t going to let you do it, Mary.” Bella said as they stood to the side of the brotherhood mansion’s foyer messing with a vase of freshly cut flowers. The two females were dressed casually, t-shirts and jeans for Bella and a polo shirt and khakis for Mary, and both of them in their bare feet.

Mary frowned as she took a hair tie out of her pocket and gathered her hair into a ponytail, wanting to get the hair out of her face. “I’ll have you know I am a very good gardener. My thumb is so green you could call me the jolly green giant. He has to let me use the garden.”

“You know how the doggen get when we …” Bella trailed off as something across the foyer had caught her attention. Mary turned to look at what was so interesting and her jaw dropped.

Striding out of the library being lead by George was Wrath. Usually this wasn’t a cause for a conversation to drop but this time however it was. And the reason was braids. Wrath’s long black hair that was usually worn loose to his hips was now just dozens upon dozens of braids. And adding to that, each braid was tied off or clipped off with a multitude of brightly colored ribbons and hair barrettes.

And poor George looked like who ever had made Wrath over also got the same treatment. The golden retriever’s fur was also sporting hair barrettes and there was a huge pink ribbon tied around his tail and another around his neck.

Immediately both Bella and Mary broke into huge grins as they looked at each other before looking back at Wrath and George.

Wrath stopped suddenly and turned his head towards the two females. Inhaling sharply he immediately knew who they were by their scent alone.

“Not. A. Word.” Wrath said menacingly. Of course it was hard to take the Vampire King seriously when his hair was a mass of braids, ribbons and barrettes and his dog no better off.

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Butch and Vishous’s Little Mascot

Phury smiled as he held Nalla in his heavily muscled arms. The little girl who looked like a replica of him and his twin brother would always hold a special place in his heart.

Long fingers threaded through her blonde, red and brown curls, so very much like his own, only his hair was wavy rather than curly.

Nalla cooed at her uncle, enjoying his ministrations. Her bright yellow eyes looking up at him with such pure happiness. She was dressed in a little Red Soxs jersey and matching shorts along with socks and running shoes. Phury was sure Vishous and/or Butch had gotten a hold of her before first meal this evening and dressed her. Not surprising considering there was a game on this evening and the guys always made sure Nalla watched it with them, cheering for the ‘home’ team.

Phury sat down at the table with Nalla in his lap, moving the silverware out of the young’s reach before she could even think to reach for it.

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Nalla’s Bed Time

Zsdaist’s eyes were a warm bright yellow as he walked into Nalla’s nursery. Nalla was sitting in the corner of the room with a bunch of stuffed animals surrounding her. She looked as if she was having some sort of meeting with them as she was babbling at each one and nodding her head as if they were agreeing with her.

“How is my baby girl tonight?” Zsadist asked as he walked over and lifted his two year old daughter into his heavy arms.

“Papa!” The little girl exclaimed as she wrapped her chubby arms around his neck and hugged her daddy tightly.

Zsadist flashed one of his rare grins as he hugged his daughter close and made his way to the rocking chair. Sitting down he cradled his young in his arms, cuddling her against his massive chest.

It was his daily ritual with his daughter. Every day after class, rotation or a night off, he would rock his baby girl to sleep and put her to bed. Bella had already bathed and fed her, Nalla was dressed in a gray and white sleep sack and a long sleeve yellow t-shirt. It brought out her bright yellow eyes and her blonde, brown and red curls.

Zsadist had already showered and shaved, he was also dressed for bed, in a black muscle shirt and plaid sleep pants. He had come off rotation and was going to get some much needed sleep after he put his little one to bed.

Bare feet pushed the rocking chair into motion and then Zsadist started to sing.


Bella smirked as she came up the mansion stairs and looked at all the people who were milling in the hallway by the nursery door.

It happened every morning. Ever since Zsadist had started his bedtime ritual with Nalla, most of the household would show up in the hallway, looking busy with some imaginary task to hide the fact that they were all there to listen to Zsadist sing.

Beth was walking back and forth in front of the door, holding Little Wrath in her arms to “soothe the fussy young” who was in fact dead asleep.

Quinn, Blay and John Mathew had developed an interest in art and were examining the statues that were standing against the wall next to Nalla’s door. The same statues the three of them have been examining for the past year and a half.

Fritz was to the left of them, polishing said statues.

Phury was in the doorway of the room he used when he stayed over at the mansion that was directly across from Nalla’s room. Butch, V, Rhage, Marissa, Manny and Jane were all in a circle around the doorway “talking”.

Wrath was a little ways down the hall with Mary and George. Both Wrath and Mary were kneeling, “fixing” George’s collar from the looks of it.

As Bella came approached Nalla’s door, she gave all of them a knowing look, which got her a lot of sheepish looks as blood hit some of their faces. Bella opened the door to Nalla’s room and walked in - making sure to leave the door open enough that everyone out in the hall would be able to hear Zsadist all the better.

The pure tenor of his voice always stole her breath away. Phury had once said that Zsadist had the voice of an angel and Bella was in full agreement of that statement. She doubted she had ever heard a more beautiful voice. She didn’t blame the household for showing up at the nursery door every morning.

Zsadist looked up and gave his mate a wink as he continued to sing to his daughter. The little girl had heavy blinks as she was rocked to sleep by her papa. Soon, she was fast asleep, and Zsadist softened his voice so that it was a soft whisper so not to disturb the little angel, finishing the hymn to the Scribe Virgin.

Zsadist took his time as he rose from the rocking chair, careful to lay his baby girl in her crib. Bella walked over to stand next to her mate and both of them stood quietly as they watched the little girl’s chest rise and fall with each breath she took.

Zsadist slid his arm around his shellan and tucked her gently into his side, his lips finding the hollow just behind her ear and pressing a kiss against her skin.

Bella smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned into him, tucking her head just under his chin and watched her daughter’s little chest rise and fall with each breath she took.

Both of them absorbed the quiet stillness of their young. The little girl was constantly in motion when awake, so it was nice to just enjoy their little angel sleeping peacefully. To see what was hidden in constant motion - that she was a little taller, her hair a little curlier and the little impish smile that promised mayhem when she was awake.

After both of them kissing their daughter on the forehead, Zsadist guided Bella out of the nursery, closing the door quietly behind them they both headed for their room. Z noted that Bella had an amused look on her face as she looked around the empty hallway. Arching a brow he looked at her in question and she just gave him a smirk and a slight shake of her head. Deciding to let his mate have her secrets he shrugged his shoulders and guided into their room and into bed.

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It is the weight of ritual, the sense of undergoing something that changes you, that stops me personally from ever considering a tattoo. But it must also be part of its attraction. Just by visiting a tattooist such as the celebrated Danish artist Eckel you can change who you are. The change is permanent. You are a work of art.

In the Pacific, anthropologists have associated tattoos with a fragmented conception of identity, a belief that a person is not one but many things. Putting on the shining painted skin of a warrior changes your nature.

Are people now seeking to change their natures, to become fabulous new beings? Perhaps there is something digital and post-human about it all, a new sense of self that is no longer bounded by being inside your own skin, but penetrated - as by a needle - by social media and constant internet information, so you feel part of a larger entity, that imprints itself on your body.

—  Art critic, Jonathan Jones
| Marissa and Jane

Marissa took a deep drink from her water bottle as she stepped into the Pit. She had just finished her workout and she was both invigorated and exhausted all at once.