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Kick-Ass Chicks: Marissa Smith of NYLON Magazine

We can’t imagine that being NYLON’s Senior Fashion Market Editor is easy, but Marissa Smith sure knows how to make it look FUN. We’re constantly checking in with Marissa to stay in the loop for upcoming collections and collabs, and thought it was about time we introduce you to our go-to girl. With a closet filled with color and checkerboard, we just had to take Marissa to the Brooklyn USA Diner for a bright and bold photoshoot. Checkerboard on checkerboard? Yes, PLEASE! Read on to hear about Marissa’s journey at NYLON, and why Vans have been her style staple from the start.

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“Murderer, Martyr, Monarch, Mad”


If anybody needs something good to read, go check out Heartless by Marissa Meyer because DAMN THAT WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK


drove 11 hours within 30 just to watch the sunset from my favorite spot, hike my favorite exhausting mountain, and drive my favorite road. next weekend i’m with marissa, and the following i’m in berlin. my bank account keeps almost running out, but for the first time in a long time i feel like myself, and that’s a product of experience and doing right by myself at every junction.
i’m not perfect, but i’m doing what makes me happiest. and right now? that’s what matters most.
(i’ll put up the nice photos later tonight!!)

ok so one of my jobs on campus is to give tours of residence halls and it happens in the middle of regular tours so their campus tour guides essentially drop them off with us and then we hand them back after our little part of the tour is done and there’s this one tour guide who only works on tuesdays and she is just… so pretty i genuinely can’t even describe to you how pretty she is and i always get her tours and i always get SO FLUSTERED anyway today when she dropped her tour off she said “i’m gonna hand you off to my favorite res life tour guide, marissa” and i was A Mess™


the oc meme: seven episodes [2/7]

“Well being a family is hard under any circumstance. Creating a new one? That’s gotta be weird sometimes.”