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The first objective I considered for the #ReadWomen December challenge was to finish The Lunar Chronicles. I’m really enjoying Marissa Meyer’s books and I’m pretty sure I’m finishing Fairest tonight or tomorrow morning. However, I won’t be able to start Winter because I ordered it online and I haven’t received my copy yet. And, since this weekend is a long one in Spain, there won’t be post until Wednesday 😭 I mean, a four-day weekend is fantastic because it means I have a lot of free time to read, but I need to know what happens to the Rampion crew ASAP 😣


Rules: Choose a book or character for each prompt and post a photo of your finished bookstack! MAKE SURE YOU USE THE TAG #conquering kingdoms and Don’t forget to tag more people to do it. BONUS POINTS IF ALL THE AUTHORS ARE WOMEN!!!

I was tagged by @buttermybooks, @b00kstorebabe, @emthetiger and @thebookblr. Thank you <3

  • Conquer a kingdom (which kingdom you want to rule): Luna
  • Toss an enemy into the dungeon (arch nemesis): Dolores Umbridge
  • Secure a sidekick (partner in crime): Lizzie Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  • Wield a power (what power would you use to help take over the world): I want to be a warlock and live forever and ever with Magnus Bane
  • Off with their head (who do you wish would disappear and never come back): Clancy Gray

I tag @bibliophilecats, @bookishmadness, @emnotamundane, @novelreveries, @refrescorojo and @snoopymudblood :)