SDCC Day 2: Leigh Bardugo & Marissa Meyer.

Photo with Leigh came out weird, but I kind of love that it did?? Feels very her for some reason. Now to actually find a will to read again so I can finish Grisha and appreciate the Language of Thorns sampler she signed for me!

Marissa Meyer was a DOLL, for the record. Second time meeting both these ladies and they were as fab as ever.


female awesome meme: (2/5) female characters who deserve better - marissa cooper, the oc

You know, as awful as the shooting was, if I don’t let it go it’s just gonna ruin my life. […] I saved the life of someone I love. A college will either accept that or not. I can’t keep hiding from it. It made me who I am.

The only things you need to know about Spiderman Homecoming
  • Donald Glover is this film for all of 3 minutes but he has the best line:      “I like bread.”
  • Tony Stark is desperately trying to be A Dad™
  • Michael Keaton is A1 (that means gr8)
  • there is a 5-minutes scene that is stressful
  • suit lady
  • he crashes through a lot of things which is bad because he is very small and I want to protect him
  • he pets a cat at one point
On Jay Z

This Jay Z stuff got me thinking about falling in love young and being so in love with a man that you let him hurt you over and over. When you’re on the outside of a situation like that, it’s easy to be like “I’m never ever gonna let a man play me like that!!!” but damn, sometimes you get caught up and don’t even realize how you loving him so much gives him wiggle room to use that against you and get away with bullshit.

I’m ODEE in love with a person who has broken my heart twice before because he wasn’t ready and needed to grow; it really be like that sometimes. We’re young, we’re growing, we’re learning. We had to do that separately. Things are still up in the air but I find comfort in the fact that we’re too young right now to have settled down right away anyway.

What is different from my situation and HORRIFYING to me thinking deeply about what Jay Z represents on a grander scale, is how he dated her in her youth, married her, and repeatedly spat all over their marriage during his “growing pains” and now, when he is approaching his 50s, is saying “I was young and immature and I’ve grown now that I have children!”.

Stuff like this is why marriage kills women early and extends men’s lives.