Conversations With A Mirror

Summary  A discussion of devotion spanning two generations 

Disclaimer: So I went little Hemmingway on this one(blame my lit degree) and there are no references in this to who is talking, the setting, or even how long the conversation had been going on before the piece begins. If pieces like this bug your brain feel free to skip.

This can be read as RPF or straight fic, as like said there are no identifiers, but some of the quotes used and/or referenced are real so if RPF bothers you and you can figure out whose these people are or you read my tags and are not interested, please skip.

Also the use of words like “mine” do not mean that I think anyone is an object to be claimed by anyone else in a negative sense, they were just the non descriptive term of endearment that I could find to fit the piece’s style. 

Thanks to @hewouldve for wanting to see the playful stuff I was texting her for fun written as a full fic and for reading this as I wrote. :)

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“He’s her rock, he’s her protector. Olivia has never had anyone to protect her. He’s the one who makes her feel safe and loved and it’s pure. It’s such a deep love, they stay together no matter what. He is her partner and I don’t think she’s in a relationship because no other man measures up to him.” - Mariska Harigtay