If you are attracted to middle aged actresses, middle aged female characters or middled aged women in general and  think it’s ok, like or reblog this. 

I want to prove a point to myself. 

You know what I love about Olivia Benson???

She’s this total badass woman who kicks ass and takes names and puts up with absolutely zero shit

But you know what else she does???

She cries when they find a child alive, she screams when things go wrong and people end up hurt, she coos over babies, she mothers victims who need somebody to care about them

She was completely set up to fall into the “strong female character” trope, but she transcends it time and time again in favor of having real emotions, real vulnerability, real pain

In my younger and more vulnerable years when I believed in the deception of the Strong Female Character, I thought that vulnerability was a weakness. Every time she cried or screamed my response was “why isn’t she being Strong™??”

Now I know better: being Strong™ is nothing compared to being Human, something not many female characters are afforded the right to be. Olivia’s been consistently human for seventeen years, and that’s fucking incredible

I just really love Olivia Benson and everything Mariska Hargitay has done with her

“SVU” star Mariska Hargitay has seen “Hamilton” so many times and is so well-connected with the show that the actors say she would probably be a better hook-up for tickets than they are.

“If anyone really needed tickets, they should ask Mariska,” Ramos says. “That’s the queen bee right there. Mariska is pretty resourceful. She knows her way around the ‘Hamilton’ community and she is family now. She can basically do whatever.”

Hargitay tells Confidenti@l that she is indeed a big “Hamilton” fan with serious connections.

“I’ve seen it five times,” the “SVU” star admits, adding that she also had tickets on her 52nd birthday last week, but got snowed in. However, the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda,sent her a happy birthday video message to make up for the inconvenience.

“Best birthday present ever!” she said. “I’ve never felt this way about a show.”