mariska being a momma

nemesis729  asked:

KC: "We are neighbours and your cat got my cat pregnant… so, wanna raise this little kitty family?"

Guest Writer @a-little-blonde-distraction wrote this next drabble and it certainly made us laugh!

And They Called It Kitty Love

Caroline teased the loops of her long fishtail braid, and spritzing her entire head with hairspray.

After clipping her embossed belt over her Rebecca Minkoff dress, she slipped her plum Liam Fahy pumps on and gave herself a once over in the mirror. Stylish, but not overdone or screaming that she was trying too hard.

Perfect for a quick intro with your hot new neighbor before heading in to work.

Caroline quickly but carefully descended the stairs of her duplex, grabbing her long strapped Vince Camuto purse and briefcase that carried all her work documents and files. She glanced around as she retrieved the foil-wrapped platter from the kitchen counter.

“Mariska… Mariska… here, pretty kitty kitty kitty…” Caroline called lovingly, expecting her white Scottish Fold to appear as she typically did when her mommy called to get her ‘Mommy’s going to work’ treats.

After a few minutes the sweet, blue-eyed cat was still M.I.A. Caroline glanced down at her watch and noted that she didn’t have any more time to spare for her fluffy child.

“Be a good girl for Mommy, Mariska…” Caroline called back into her house, balancing her bags and the welcome dessert.

She’d made it for the hunk that had moved into the duplex next to the one she jointly shared with Bonnie, a sweet girl who owned a holistic herb shop she’d inherited from her grandmother. According to Bonnie, the new occupant of 3B had an accent and an equally attractive brother.

Caroline’s job working at the local news station meant that she kept odd hours and was always leaving and coming back to the duplex at atypical times. Bonnie’s more lax schedule at her own business meant that she could be home a lot more than Caroline. Therefore she had more spying opportunities, or “observation opportunities” as Bonnie liked to call them, than Caroline. She was, however, more than happy to report back and keep Caroline informed in the long text message thread they kept up together.

Caroline crossed to the door, closing it and locking it behind her, then made her way to her Ford Fiesta. Setting the covered dish on the hood, she opened the door and set her personal bags in the passenger’s seat.

Quickly she retrieved the dish, closed the door and smoothed out her skirt then put on her thousand watt, wannabe-news anchor smile.

Confidently she strode to the door and brought a manicured hand up to knock just to the right of the gold 4B lettering on the door.

Less than a minute later, the handsome new tenant opened the door. He took her in for a moment, before a dimpled smile spread across his stubbled face.

“Hello, love. Can I help you?”

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