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Law & Order


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Raúl Esparza


My friends, I finally decided to make a masterpost for my Raúl Esparza and Broadway drawings. This post shows my development as an artis, since I came over here from the Fassbender fandom. It contains old and new ones, as well as good and bad. I thought of deleting the bad ones first, but then I realized, that they are also an important part of my journey, so I kept them. Yet there are a few I left out on purpose, but they weren’t important anyway. I hope you find joy in this post and I wanna thank all my friends in the Raúl Esparza fandom, who always support me and are there whenever I need them. I love to draw for each and everyone of you! :-*

PS: Please excuse any typos. I can’t believe I’ve made so many drawings by now!!


Looking at all these pics from today reminds me that behind all the ship wars, character hate and negative nellies, there are these lovely human beings who not only love what they do, they love each other and as Kelli and Peter said in the FB Q&A, they’re just happy to have a job to go to every day where they treat each other with respect and kindness because that is not always the case. It’s easy to forget that their experiences as actors, writers and crew members is vastly different than ours as the viewers. These jobs represent their livelihood, their careers, it’s how the support themselves, their families and their children.  

Season 18 is disappointing for me as a viewer, but I’m so happy to see them enjoying life on set, with each other and doing what they have love and passion for.  May they have many more days like this one.


Blue is my favourite color and I love when Barba (and Raúl) is wearing it.
So here’s a little “Barba In Blue” special. It contains old and new drawings and it always feels weird to see how much I developed. The artist always sees flaws in their own works. Yet I hope you enjoy it. Have a lovely day, guys! 🦋 Can’t wait to see Raúl tomorrow!!!!!!