So this years spocom was held at the Anaheim Convention Center, and it was a fun and exciting experience. For some reason this comp felt much different than the others. When we were on that stage doing our thing, damn did we shake it more than ever!! Lol. From watching the video multiple times and from the cheers of the crowd I think we did pretty damn great!! I love my studio familia! I love dancing! Although we didn’t place, yet again, congrats to 1st place winners PAC Modern, 2nd place winners Bad Banana Monsters, and 3rd place winners Prime Beats. I felt as if we deserved to place, but then again doesn’t every crew feel that way. I’m hoping that the next comp we do, we will surely place for sure!!! Lol. I know it, I can feel it!

Afterwards was the best part though. Majority of the crew headed to the Block to eat and hang out at Dave & Busters :). It was sooo much fun and we had such great laughs! Omg, especially on the ride back home!!! That shit was epic riding with vickie james kayla and alex lol. We were laughing sooo hard, and I was tearing up so much hahahaha. Oh lord, unforgettable day for sure. Can’t wait for the next trip <3