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hiiiii, everyone!!! this is the official masterlist for 1DFF authors that update on Tumblr! i feel like this list will always be a WIP so PLEASE do not hesitate to send in new stories for it! the only requirements are that theyre full or mini fics and posted on both platforms! i also wanna give a huge thanks to everyone that sent in their info to make this happen, y’all seriously rock! @1dffofficial

( * ) denotes completed fics. 

Fics under more than one boys name center around both and/or are love triangles.


Such Great Heights by mackabees (@mackabees)

Oh, Arizona by sophrosyne (@harktheharold)

And We Meet Again by oneofhistattoos (@oneofhistattoos)

*If You Give A Boy A Ballpoint by sophroysne (@harktheharold)

the photograph series by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

Mitochondria and his Nucleus by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

Come Home to Me by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

 Fanfiction by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*Silver Girl by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*Frosted Flakes (and Avacadoes) by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*Red, White, and You by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*When Harry Met Sally by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*Above Average by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*First Base by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*The Photographer by stilesharrystyles (@stilesharrystyles)

*Matched by ladymiresa (@ladymiresa)

Odds On by ladymiresa (@mrsmiresa)

*Evaporate by standingfacingwest (@standingfacingwest)

*The Golden Hour by standingfacingwest (@standingfacingwest)

Young Blood by standingfacingwest (@standingfacingwest)

What a Feeling by stylmao (@ninetyfovr)

Lost Stars by stylmao (@ninetyfovr)

*silver springs by gitgat (@lifeisbetterasamermaid)

*Breathless by gitgat (@lifeisbetterasamermaid)

*Tonight, You’re Mine by gitgat (@lifeisbetterasamermaid)

Around my Bones by gitgat (@lifeisbetterasamermaid)

*A Rhapsody of Sorts by silverglass (@silverglass)

*Sugar on the Asphalt by aboutfalling (@justanchorandhope)

*Tennessee Teacakes by aboutfalling (@justanchorandhope)

*Just Anchor and Hope by aboutfalling (@justanchorandhope)

*When We Sink, We Float by aboutfalling (@justanchorandhope)

Covert Affairs by 1dharrystylesluver (@wild3flow3r)

Life As We Know It by 1dharrystylesluver (@wild3flow3r)

Slow Burn by allyoopxo (@allywrites)

With the New Crowd by goodcricket (@likeamisfit)

*Youth Decay by goodcricket (@likeamisfit)

We’re Not Friends by zarryeternity (@heartnsideofmine)

Journeyman by littlebird006 (@littlebird006)

Under My Skin by booksncoffee (@booksncoffee)

Lock Yourself Out by team-styles (@team-styles)

*False Pretenses by zaynourholyfather (@harrieheaux)

*Sturmflut by Escapist (@fuckyeahfics)

Pure Feeling by bloomfields (@aceofstyles)

Close Your Eyes (and Count to Ten) by bloomfields (@aceofstyles)

Crooked Love by bloomfields (@aceofstyles)

Whole Lotta Rosie by addisonlee (@addisonleexo)

Stardust & Silk by alluring (@ineffably-styles)

*Into that Good Night by abejas (@abejas-fic)

Do Not Go Gentle by abejas (@abejas-fic)

*Burning Daylight by abejas (@abejas-fic)

*Truth Be Told by abejas (@abejas-fic)

*Middle of Nowhere by abejas (@abejas-fic)

*Solitary by abejas (@abejas-fic)

Bittersweet by stairwaytostyles (@stairwaytostylesfic)

Rubber Ball by sel1dff (@full-fics)

*As Lovers Go by inmadhouses (@in-madhouses)

*Fists Full of Flowers by inmadhouses (@in-madhouses)

*A History in Rust by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

The Double Plaid by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*Let’s Pretend It’s Love by CrumpetsAndTea (@daydreamsandafternoontea)

How Hard I Try by americanbleach ((@americanbleach)

Snapshot by dgstories (@curlsgetgirls)

Matters of the Heart by dgstories (@curlsgetgirls)

Spit Fire by showingthroughtome (@showingthroughtome)

No. 14 by showingthroughtome (@showingthroughtome)

*Live in my Imagination by showingthroughtome (@showingthroughtome)

*Anytime You’re Needing Me by showingthroughtome (@showingthroughtome)

*Skinny Legs by harryscribbles (@harryscribbles)

*The Long Way Home by harryscribbles (@harryscribbles)

*Give My Love to Huckleberry Finn by harryscribbles (@harryscribbles)

*Nom de Plume by astrophe (@stylesprimes)

*Dandelion & Burdock by astrophe (@stylesprimes)

*These Days by astrophe (@stylesprimes)

*Nothing Without You by whisicalstyles (@softzindagi)

You Can Never Stop Running by whisicalstyles (@softzindagi)

Come Home to Me by whisicalstyles & stilesharrystyles (@softzindagi & @stilesharrystyles)

To Not Feel Alone by whisicalstyles (@softzindagi)

Between Jasmine and Reason by anubis (@austenlouis)

Before I Met You by ktrssss1 (@ktrsss1fics)


*Fill You In by beautifulletdownfics (@beautifulletdownfics)

Offside by Escapist (@fuckyeahfics)

*zugzwang by Escapist (@fuckyeahfics)

*Shot in the Dark by abejas (@abejas-fic)

Resolutions by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

Pride by sel1dff (@full-fics)

Los Angeles PD by DeathOfABachelorette (@sundownlouis)


Silhouette Dreams by abejas (@abejas-fic)

*By Surprise by abejas (@abejas-fic)

Pins and Needles by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

Of Sons and Fathers by sel1dff (@full-fics)

A Girl In A Million by sel1dff (@full-fics)

On The Line by inmadhouses (@in-madhouses)

*Left My Heart Out by wakinguptired @wokeuptired

Different Strokes by mdanielle (@marisa-writes)

Coming Up Roses by primetimewrites (@primetimewritings)

Saudade by whisicalstyles (@softzindagi)


Tell You Now by anubis @austenlouis

Time Stands Still by abejas (@abejas-fic)

*Beating Hearts by abejas (@abejas-fic)

Hesitant and Hopeful by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

Now That You’re Here by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

Across Mountains by madminnie (@boricuamermaid)

A Girl In A Million by sel1dff (@full-fics)

*Stairway to Heavan by sel1dff (@full-fics)

Fool’s Gold by inmadhouses (@in-madhouses)

Stars in Your Eyes by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

Little Giants by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

Bright Baby Blue by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*The Panic Cord by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*Screaming Color by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*You and I Need to Have a Little Patience by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

*Left My Heart Out by wakinguptired (@wokeuptired)

Elementary by mdanielle (@marisa-writes)

*I’ll Be Your Safety by ktrssss1 (@ktrsss1fics)

Settle Down With Me by ktrssss1 (@ktrsss1fics)

No One Does It Better by ktrssss1 (@ktrsss1fics)

Latch by ktrsss (@ktrsss1fics)


*zugzwang by Escapist (@fuckyeahfics)

*quatervois by Escapist (@fuckyeahfics)

Rubber Ball by sel1dff (@full-fics)

Pride by sel1dff (@full-fics)

*Serendipty by whisicalstyles (@softzindagi)

yooooo i can’t believe i’m getting to actually make this post and on solo harry eve nonetheless i’m so grateful to have all you wonderful people who follow me and for all the wonderful people that i follow as well y’all are amazing and i love each and every single one you x

so before we get this thing started i’d like to give a super duper extra special shout out to my soul sister @sohoharry94 words cannot explain how much i love this girl and i’m so glad that she’s in my life she’s a wonderful support system and deserves all the love in the world now i’m gonna actually do this thing before i get sappier than i already have: 

*special peeps in bold


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Hey guys here’s a new piece I wrote! I have so say this is one of the few pieces I’ve written that I’ve actually really liked. I’m pretty proud of this one! I think it’s one of the best I’ve written so far. I hope you all enjoy it!! Tell me what you think!

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obvharry  asked:

Sooo I've never read a Niall fic and have no idea where to start? Any recs?

hiii!!! okay wow there are a lot of amazing Niall fics out there, here’s a list of them: 

  • screaming color and its sequel you and i need to have a little patience by @wokeuptired​ (it’s been over a year - i think - since i’ve finished reading these two and i still can’t stop thinking about how good Natasha is at writing these fics!!! Cole and Niall are the cutest, i swear)
  • left my heart out by @wokeuptired​ again because she’s super amazing & i love everything she writes. (this one is a love triangle between quentin, liam & niall - you’ll immediately fall in love with niall, i’m sure so this is a must read)
  • stars in your eyes by again, @wokeuptired​ !!! (this fic, i swear, i just, i have no words for it and yes it’s that good!!)
  • elementary by @marisa-writes​ (niall is a music teacher in this fic and how can you not love that?! reading this fic makes me want to be in it so i could get to know music teacher!niall)
  • 13 versions of a heart by…..yes, you guessed it right, it’s by @wokeuptired​ (it’s a one shot/mini fic and i’m sure you can finish reading this in one sitting, i know i did and it’s just so damn good i think about it a lot after i’ve finished reading it)

here comes the self promo….

  • come what may  (it’s a time travelling au and it’s sort of a love triangle fic as well? hahaha anyway this is one of the niall fics i wrote that is actually on tumblr so yeah)
niallisdramafree 1k follow forever

Originally posted by statexfdreaming

So I just hit 1k followers and I’m so happy, I’ve been running this blog for 2 years now and this is a big accomplishment. Thank you to every one that read my stories, I appreciate every single read, like and reblog I’ve ever gotten. I know I’m the shittiest updater ever, but I just want to be sure all of my stories are good quality, so thank you for sticking up with me. Also thank you to all my mutuals who support me, you guys mean so much to me. 

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Do people even do these things anymore? I’m not sure, but I went ahead and did one because I’ve really been enjoying all of these blogs this Summer and wanted to show some appreciation towards them. I love you all very much, thank you for making Tumblr fun for me:

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Hiiiiiii, hope you had a great Tuesday! Was just wondering what fics you're reading at the moment? I'm getting the feeling that I've read everything Harry and it makes me sad

HIIIII I spent most of my Tuesday in a car, but at least it was sunny out! I hope your Tuesday was awesome, too!

Errrrrrmmmmm I haven’t been reading much of anything lately because I am TRASH™, but I’ll happily list all of the non-Harry fics that I’m currently reading and any that I’ve had intentions of reading!!! Also I’m sorry if I missed any!!! I tried to do ones that weren’t finished, but I can edit it later if you’re intersted in reading completed fics too! <3 Also, like usual, if there’s something I should be reading, lemme know! <3

But if you’re just looking for more Harry fics, here are some that you may or may not have started? And ones that I haven’t either because, hello, I am Trash™

ANNNNNDDD if that’s not enough of a list, here’s an ask I answered a while ago of all of the fics that I’m currently reading, sans links because I was lazy that time around. 

I should’ve put this under a cut, but I’m the worst. ANYWAYS, I hope this helped!!! <3 Let me know what you end up reading && make sure to send some love to the authors too because they’re all lovely gems and rays of sunshine. :)

anonymous asked:

Have you read any good one shots or mini fics recently? I don't have that great of an attention span so help!!

Oh, my friend, I feel you so hard on the attention span thing. I’ll link you to my fic rec which has a list of one-shots that I’ve read! And then I’ll give you a list of completed mini-fics that I know of! I have a lot more reading to do, so this is by no means a complete rec list and I wish I could tell you about loads more! <3

Also, all of the spring fic exchanges are coming out! So check those out here for some new daily content as well! <3 And as always, if there’s something I should be reading and I’m not, always feel free to shoot me a message! :D Happy reading!

anonymous asked:

What would be some of the main reasons for hating 03 Mustang? (I definitely agree, but you obviously seem to know what you're talking about more)


(putting it under a read-more because it’s like 1700 words long)

Keep reading

Helle Searches for Hell

Hades was to wait for Belle at the stables for whatever reason. Those had been her instructions. Could you believe it? Belle giving him instruction, and Hades listening? He’d had half a mind at the time to ream her clean about it, just rip into her, but she’d been so excited that morning as she bustled around the kitchen, rambling on about their forthcoming walk through the woods, that he’d not really found a moment to cut in. The order left her mouth among the rest of her babble and he’d been so bored of the book talk (just have to do abc for xyz and order bla bla bla dewey decimal system etc. etc.) that he’d just nodded along. 

So here Hades was, ‘round 3 in the afternoon, sun high and golden, smell of horse and hay pervasive in the air. In retrospect, he should’ve countered with Belle, said um, waste of time meeting up there, let’s meet at the dam instead, but it wasn’t his fault she’d nearly put him to sleep at the breakfast table this morning. 

He was playing Sudoku on his phone when he heard the rustling of bushes and movement among the leaves. Glancing up, he cocked an eyebrow at her, twirled his phone in his hand before shoving it in his pocket. “You’re late,” he said. She was…by about one minute. 

He was just trying to give her–well–hell. 

I see you everywhere I go
Your face takes the place of everyone I come across
I battle myself to say hello, but words are at a loss
When my brain finally allows my mouth to speak,
I fall to my knees and blurt out the things I should’ve said long ago
“I’ve fallen in love with you since those early days I’ve seen you everywhere I went”, I revealed.
I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly you’ve done to me. But I’d rather put your hands in mine and show you…
You teased
You entered
My eyes shut, lips separated: both
My back arched, feet curved in
My hands connected to the back of your head, while mine rose north
Your lips make their way to my neck where they perform a duet to my favorite song
You imprint the lyrics on me to stay forever
And just when I thought you and I were getting better
I’m brought back to reality through heavy breaths, light sweats
My dilated eyes contradict how small I begin to feel
I see you everywhere I go
That smirk you ever so genuinely gather together, as if we’re familiar faces
Your face takes the place of everyone I come across, as if you’re trespassing
I see you everywhere I go, this battle is everlasting.

I think it’s worth pointing out that after Riza, Ed and Scar manage to talk Roy down from his rampage, his eyes look exactly the same as they do in the Ishval chapters.
Even after he’s decided NOT to kill Envy, even after he’s backed away from the line between monster and human, he has the eyes of a killer. It’s not until he’s realized how far he almost went that Arakawa draws his eyes like this, btw. Here and in volume 15 there is a sorrow and a weariness in his eyes that only comes with the guilt and self-disgust that he feels when he realizes he almost crossed that line between human and monster.

Plus, he looks like this for the rest of the scene. Realizing he almost let himself become “a beast hiding in the skin of a person” (in Scar’s words) affected him more deeply and lingered with him a little longer than I originally thought.

anonymous asked:

What is this bit of character development in the manga that is so dear to you

Hey, Nonny! Thank you for asking. Sorry it took me a little while to answer, I’ve been pretty busy.

You know how feeling useless is one of Roy’s big struggles, exemplified here in @psycho-alchemist‘s heartbreaking gifset? 

Here’s Roy before they stop Father:

But then! After they’ve defeated Father, Dr. Knox finds him sitting alone, and talks to him. Roy has accepted the fact that he’s going to have to be discharged  from the military because of his blindness. But look at this panel here:

He doesn’t feel useless anymore. 

But it’s more than that. He doesn’t feel useless in the Brotherhood ending either. He’s sitting up in his hospital bed studying for his AP Ishval exam. He’s gonna help out even if he is blind. I like the manga ending better because it’s clear that there has been a HUGE change in Roy’s plans. He knows he’s not going to become Führer. He’s not even going to make brigadier general. But he’s not devastated, and if he is, he still has a really positive outlook. He’s going to keep trying to change the country for the better. Like, damn, in case anybody thought he wanted to be Führer for the power and status that would give him, this panel proves that he’s not. We just don’t see any of that in Brotherhood. 

While I think Arakawa should have kept him blind and actually let him do things for his country without his eyesight (because, ya know, healing a State Alchemist with a philosopher’s stone made of Ishvalans is pretty yikes and also I’m pretty tired of fiction always wanting to cure disabled characters but that’s for another post), I still really prefer this ending.