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What do you think the role of Yukari is, for Touhou in genera (meaning plot-wise and worldbuilding-wise)l? Now that I'm at it, what do you think about the role of the few main character in there, like Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya? IMO, Yukari is the mysterious foil, Reimu the balance checker and Marisa the human, but what do you think specifically?

Yukari is, to paraphrase ZUN, the border of Touhou. The outer limit of what’s possible in the setting, the one who defines what Gensokyo is and what it isn’t. Prior to her introduction, the setting was somewhat haphazard and “anything goes”, but afterward ZUN’s put more thought into worldbuilding, starting with IN.

With that in mind, her role is to continuously expand the setting by being mysterious. She’s the “youkai-like” youkai who can never be fully understood. She represents the unknown out there that we haven’t seen yet. If we ever knew all her motivations, then we’d basically have Gensokyo figured out and there wouldn’t be much else to surprise us. Which is why we won’t ever know.

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What’s going on in Brazil? #09

Sooooo  in spite of a popular saying here being that the year in Brazil only starts after Carnival, a fuckton of stuff has happened since January. I’m gonna try to cover them all quickly, but brace yourselves. Written at 11/02/2017.

The year started with the total meltdown of  our prison system. Basically, gang fights lead to the massacre of some 60 people in a prison in Amazon, then another governor from another state asked for federal help cause they thought they were gonna face the same issue, then our Minister of Justice said “nah” then SURPRISE shit happened and some other 40 people died and more prisons were taken by organized crime and long story shot some couple hundred prisoners were killed by other prisoners in a bunch of different prisons (and by killed I mean decapitated and their heads thrown over the prison walls). Government says situation is under control now but tbh we don’t really know that and we don’t even know how many people died or who’s really in charge in a few prisons, so. 

Then, a few days later, the judge (Teori Zavascki) who was in charge of the investigations of that famous corruption case, Lava Jato, died in a plane crash just when he was going back to the capital to approve on some quite dangerous papers. So our president had to name someone else to fill in the vacancy for the Supreme Court, right? He named Alexandre de Moraes last week… Our former Minister of Justice. Yes. The dude that did nothing on the thing above. And a man who has been linked to organized crime before. Waiting now to be confirmed as the next name to the Supreme Court. Yeah. Great. Also, speaking of the corruption investigations, a bunch of people got named, then the president decided “out of nowhere” to create another cabinet and name one of the accused guys to that position cause then he can’t be investigated by regular police, supreme court only, then a judge decided that that wasn’t legal, then the government appealed and it was overthrown, then another judge decided it was illegal, then the government appealed again and again and again and so on and they’re still fighting on it. 

 And if thought that was enough disaster for a year, there’s more. The entirety of the State of Espirito Santo was left without police for a week and, well, exactly what you think happened happened. Like in those distopia movies, people didn’t leave their homes, and the ones that did probably got mugged or killed. Hundreds of stored were sacked, cars robbed, etc. About a hundred people died, mostly murdered. This happened because police officers found a way to strike cause they happened to be the most underpaid officers in the whole country and their salaries haven’t been readjusted for seven years (and the state government still didn’t concede the increases after this). Federal government sent in the army, didn’t really solve the situation. Troops in other states, especially Rio, threaten to do the same thing now.

Coming back to policies, the High School Program reform was approved by the congress this week and every single teacher I know is pissed off which is probably not a good sign for a High School reform. What it does is making some subjects a mandatory base, like maths and portuguese, and others become optional… Like History, or Geography, or Chemistry, or Physics (they were all previously mandatory before). And now you kinda don’t need to have graduated in the subject you’re gonna teach to be able to teach, just prove you know the thing. And more hours of school for everybody, also. If it all sounds like a shitty idea, it’s because it is. 

On minor news, the new Mayors of Rio and São Paulo have been busy proving me they’re just the assholes I thought they were with the first naming his kid for a thing and the second embarking on a crusade against street art in general. Also, the Yellow Fever is back. Probably due the death of most mosquito predators like a year and a half ago in an area due to the biggest environmental disaster of the history of this country for which no one has been prosecuted yet. And our ex-first lady (wife of Lula) died and people became really mean and shitty about in online. 

I think this about covers it. Not an easy month, not an easy month at all.

Hey everyone! I started this piece like four months ago and I’ve had such terrible writer’s block since. I originally had intended to write this piece using Sonata Allegro form but when I decided to revisit this piece I decided to go with a simpler ABA form instead since I already had the first two themes written. Then I polished up the return to the A theme and switched up the bass line a little. I’m kinda happy with it now though!

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I’m finally finished with this piece! It took for goddamn ever but it was worth it. I started at the beginning of the school year but I set it aside, so recently I decided to revisit it. 

So this piece is a bit different than my normal compositions. I wrote this one for a larger orchestra (I usually only write solos, duets, or trios) which is my first time doing so. And this is also my first attempt at program-like music! The piece is made up of 7 (not including the prologue and epilogue) main themes that work together to tell a story. I really hope you guys like this one! And if you want, tell me what you interpret the story to be (I’d be interested to hear!).

The themes are:

Prologue (0:00)

The Unicorn (0:22)

The Huntsman (1:01)

The Woods (1:42)

The Tortoise and the Hare (2:09)

The Gunshot (2:36)

Dark Triumph (3:31)

Death of a Unicorn (4:11)

Epilogue (5:37)

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6 books you need to read if you loved “Big Little Lies” on HelloGiggles

Percy: Oh, my god. Did your father find out?

Terry: Yes, he did. 

Vax: What’s happening?

Percy: We’re all sitting down, for some parental issues. 

Marisa: (We all scoot our chairs a little closer.)

Keyleth: So, what happened? 

Vax: Welcome to Vox Machina, this is part of the initiation process.

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOUR TAGS ON SASHA'S POST!!!!!! It's so disgusting and it's literally the very first posts I saw when I woke up, everyone all celebrating and joking and laughing that he wrote about coke but Zayn's a dangerous addict who "clearly had a problem" and "needs help".

It’s like: “New fandom rule: because of Harry we’re allowed to talk about drugs and the band in a lighter way. Let’s support him.”

A big fuck you to everybody now saying we’re puritans and shit. Some of these people were the first ones to demonize Zayn and spread rumors without any foundation. But now it’s cool. Now it’s the media who wants a rock n’ roll image for him. No bitch, he’s the one writing about it. No one asked for it. There are always excuses when it comes to Harry and Louis. Always. But Zayn apparently isn’t worthy of this treatment.