marisa kirisame cosplay


I’m sorry, it’s been a long, long while (´;д;`)
I guess I owe you guys an explanation…
My old laptop was being really noisy and getting on my nerves so I decided to buy a new one and therefore have been without a laptop for some time. That’s when I started playing PS3 regularly for some…weeks (?) and I kinda neglected my new laptop… which is Ayato-powered btw.

External image

It’s a removeable sticker so don’t worry.
I’ve also started playing Touhou again after a few years and decided to practice daily and watched some animes…yeah as you may guess I’ve done anything but draw the past month. I will try to draw more regularly again.

I don’t remember my SAI brush settings so the handwriting and probably the shading look kinda different, will try to fix that.

And thank you guys for actually worrying about me, I didn’t think I’d really be missed, it’s really nice to see that you care about me. ♥

Inb4 TL;DR.