mariposa miniatures


New charms! I’m back at school and have my lovely light tent again, so I can take some really nice pictures. They’re a little washed out, but nothing a little contrast edit won’t fix! I would rather have that than CRAZY distinct shadows. They’re so distracting o3o

So here are two little budgies, or parakeets. I used to own parakeets, so I was bound to make these little guys eventually! Here we have the two traditional color combinations: yellow/green and blue/white. They are super tiny and super precious and I can’t wait to make matching necklaces too!

Parakeet Charms || Mariposa Miniatures


Works in progress of my latest project. Animal necklaces with dangly tail charms~ The tails will hang from the animal face, making a long necklace that’s super cute and fun!

These are the first two, a Raccoon and a Gray Wolf. The Raccoon is just about finished in the second picture, and the Wolf still needs some yellow in his eyes and white on his tail. Otherwise, these will be glazed soon~


Faerie Miniatures! A Strawberry Faerie, a Peach Faerie, and a Bumblebee Faerie.

These little cuties were heavily inspired by she shape of Japanese Kokeshi dolls. I sculpted these myself, painted them up, and they are adorable little desk pals, faerie garden friends, or shadowbox pieces.

Currently all three are in made to order mode in my shop, because the originals were claimed (or kept xD) before I could even list them~

I’ll be finishing up a few more soon too! A Watermelon Faerie, Pumpkin Scarecrow Faerie, and Sugar Skull Faerie are on the way~

Strawberry Faerie | Peach Faerie | Bumblebee Faerie | Mariposa Miniatures

(Edit: Whoops! Meant to queue this. Very sorry!)


More animal necklaces with dangling tail charms~ Now I’ve got a fox, a black wolf, and a black cat. More will be coming soon. I want to kick out a few more generic animal patterns before I start going into more exotic ones.

These necklaces won’t be in my shop just yet, as I am hoping to save up stock for Anthrocon next year! Getting a huge head start, since I really need to spread out my product line when it comes to animal related items :P