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Super Mario Brothers Boo Rating Post

super mario brothers 3: this mans a real dennis the menace lookin dude… he looks like he’d pull off some wacky stunts and tricks but they’d all be light hearted and just for his amusement. 9.1/10

super mario 64: nintendo succeeded in making an enemy in mario that i would 100% call an enemy. plain evil and untrustworthy. 9.2/10

super mario sunshine: it seems they wanted to try out a new approach with our friendly neighbourhood ghost, but it falls completely flat! look at those teeth… dear lord! 8.091/10

yoshi’s story: now here he just looks like they didnt have enough resources to make him looks good. 8.606/10

mario kart: super circuit: oh my god what in the world is happening here. 7.7/10

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: ok NOW we’re back in business. kind of flat looking but reminiscent of our old friend from super mario bros 3. 9.33/10

mario tennis: ok now we’ve derailed once again. 4/10

super mario world: now this is just a picture of a galoomba. whos giving me these images?! 10/10

luigi’s mansion: FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!/10

marshmallow: marshmallow./10

papper mario: this ones just perfection, theres nothing else to enhance about him. thank you. out of 10

mario party 4: actually. this is the perfect boo. out of 10

mario party 5: Actually. this is the real perfect boo of all time

Conclusion: i love it

Nintendo: In Mario Odyssey, Mario can ‘capture’ enemies! But don’t worry, they only get a little dazed afterwards and aren’t hurt! Also you usually can’t capture anyone wearing a hat, so your powers are limited to certain things.

The fucking internet, frothing at the mouth: hes a demon, a body snatcher… gonna take over everything!11! hes gonna possess (X character that wears a hat and thus can’t be captured)!!! theyre all gonna die!!! we have never actually seen gameplay footage of this game and thus have no real understanding of this joke

Longer Post concerning the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga remake. If you are a fan of the older Mario RPGs, you may want to give this a read.


So, if you are like me you are probably pretty hyped for the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake that is coming out later this year. Also, if you are like me you probably really dig the older Mario RPGs for their unique takes on otherwise generic Mario characters and enemies. You would also know that Nintendo has been (for some inexplicable reason) running away from this aspect of their RPGs

Instead of having, say, unique characters with vastly different personalities, appearances, and names that are of, say, the Toad race, there are instead just generic copy-and-pasted Toads that SOMETIMES have slight variation. Its like this for the Mushroom Kingdom denizens as well as for Bowser’s minions. Every now and then we get a more unique character, but they are always unique because they are plot relevant. In the older Mario RPGs not only were plot-relevant characters really unique (despite being toads or koopas or what-have-you), but so were the random, non-plot-related NPCs that filled the world

So now, instead of everything feeling fresh due to the large assortment of unique individuals (even if they are they same race), recent Mario RPGs have followed the formula of copy and pasting generic members of the races and then sometimes throwing in a unique individual every now and then. Even if it’s a brand new race (like the Brocks or Shelltops from the M&L series) they are still just copied and pasted everywhere with only a handful of differing ones and the differing ones really aren’t that differing. If you are like me, you probably think this really sucks.


So, like everyone who enjoys the older Mario RPGs, I was (and still am despite what I will say in this) super excited about the remake of Superstar Saga because of the reasons explained above. Superstar Saga featured both Toads, Bowser’s minions, and new races like the Hoohooligans and Beanish. HOWEVER, unlike the newer Mario RPGs, there was a HUGE variety of all these races. Although there was a limited variety of NPC races, the game kept it fresh by showing a large variety WITHIN these races. And it was absolutely fantastic. It made you want to go out of your way to talk to different NPCs, learn about their stories, and enjoy the RPG to its fullest.

Here are some examples using Superstar Saga.

Note that these sheets are just of the “Generic” citizens (even though they are not generic to each other - ESPECIALLY when compared to recent Mario RPG citizens) there are numerous other “especially unique (more plot-related) characters of the races as well!



and Hoohooligans

Superstar Saga isnt even the best example of this aspect. The early Paper Mario games blow everything out the water when it comes to uniqueness and variety for NPCs!

So you may be thinking right now, “Well its great that Nintendo is remaking Superstar Saga! It will be great to see that aspect of the older RPGs again!”

Well now you shall see why I am upset. I shall show my sadness with VISUALS!


Royal Chamber Toads no longer get cool capes or SUPER expressive faces!

The Koopa Cruiser staff are no longer pilots with awesome bomber jackets, but just generic koopas!

You thought it was just the Royal Hall Toads that got dumbed-down? Nope! All the Toads in the Castle are generic with only different colored spots! 

No more unique outfits, heights, or weights! Call me cynical, but this probably means that the Toads in Little Fungitown all look generic as well - which especially sucks all butt everywhere because that location is supposed to be especially unique being an off-branch of the main Toad race living in the Beanbean Kingdom instead of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Unique Koopa species offshoot that greatly visually represents the outcome of the species originating in the Beanbean Kingdom rather than the Mushroom Kingdom? Naw. 

Lets just pallet-swap a regular Troopa and put the leaf on its head! Also, while were at it let’s make the protagonists of the new story just be regular minions with flags on their heads! (at least Private Goomp, Sergeant Guy, and Corporal Paraplonk have been confirmed to make appearances. But, why not use them in the first place?).


Anyway, I know this is a lot of complaining and I AM still happy about the remake in general. However, it is a huge bummer that Nintendo decided to do this in the remake instead of staying true to the original. It may not be instantly noticeable, but this aspect of the Mario RPGs has a HUGE impact on the feel of the games. 

We don’t recognize it, but uniqueness of the original NPCs is one of the reasons why the game was so tantalizing. Even if we were not directly acknowledging them, our brains were passively entertained by this sort of thing and it kept everything fresh - We never knew what we were gonna see next! This world felt alive! 

We should all still support the remake, as everything else about it is gold. I mean, just look at the images up there - it looks beautiful! By supporting the remake, maybe Nintendo will understand our love for these older Mario RPGs. HOWEVER, I believe that Nintendo should also know exactly WHY we love these older Mario RPGs - and its because of the little things like this.


I know I’m not the only one who wants a PAPER ZELDA game! [Like and Reblog if you would too!]

Other possible titles:

Paper Peril

Mystic Pages

Secret Scroll

Book of ..(blank)


I feel that he should look like a cross between OG art Link and Toon Link!

He looks better w/o a nose too!

Which one do you like?

Ive seen better Paper Zeldas…

Paper Mario had…Jump, Hammer, Item, Star, and Run/defend

Paper Zelda can have…Attack, Weapon, Item, Magic and Run/Defend

For the enemies I want the old skool art

Can’t forget Citizens of Hyrule…

Wouldn’t YOU want a Paper Zelda?

one thing about super mario odessey that’s got me super excited is how friggin’ weird and creative it looks

like, the polygonal food world, the mexican sugar skull world, mario in real, all of it is super weird and non-traditional

the big problem with the mario games in the past few years is nintendo’s apparent fear of straying too far from the norm. mario 3D world was okay, but it was also super safe and sanitary. there was no creativity to it. all of the enemies were plain mario enemies, everything was just kinda stale.

mario odyssey is totally bananas though. its completely off the wall. it has so much weird, original stuff that it doesn’t seem like a mario game and that’s awesome. it gives me hope for nintendo. if they’re willing to break away from tradition and do something so weird and exciting for mario, imagine what else they might put out soon?

hell, they might even make a good, creative paper mario game! like, if they’re willing to get this weird for a mainstream 3D mario, they might actually be willing to step outside their comfort zone for paper mario too! 

in recent interviews, miyamoto said that the company has started listening to younger employees after splatoon proved to be such a massive success and it’s beginning to show. mario is weird and unique. zelda is doing lots of weird new shit. nintendo just put out a fun and successful smartphone game instead of whatever the fuck miitomo was. 

nintendo is gonna be really interesting and creative in the next few years and i’m really happy to see it. 



Released: Aug. 20, 2016
Type: Enemy
Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Time for another Super Mario RPG enemy! This stone creature can create strong gusts of wind that will blow away even the heaviest of fighters. They can also generate fields of electricity to ward off anyone that gets too close. Pinwheels make for dangerous enemies in Subspace Emissary, often found hovering near ledges and other dangerous spots.

Pinwheel is another one of my favorite enemies in Super Mario RPG, not least because of the neat little interactions it has in the game. For my model, I redesigned it as a relative of modern Thwomps, with well-defined faces and a sturdy frame. As it turns out, Pinwheels have more in common with Thwomps than I ever realized before making this model. When a Pinwheel flips horizontally, it reveals that it has a second face on its back, just like some Thwomps. The green and yellow versions are based on unused palettes found in SMRPG’s data. I can only imagine what kind of names Ted Woolsey would have given these recolors if they had been used.