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Nintendo: In Mario Odyssey, Mario can ‘capture’ enemies! But don’t worry, they only get a little dazed afterwards and aren’t hurt! Also you usually can’t capture anyone wearing a hat, so your powers are limited to certain things.

The fucking internet, frothing at the mouth: hes a demon, a body snatcher… gonna take over everything!11! hes gonna possess (X character that wears a hat and thus can’t be captured)!!! theyre all gonna die!!! we have never actually seen gameplay footage of this game and thus have no real understanding of this joke

Super Mario Brothers Boo Rating Post

super mario brothers 3: this mans a real dennis the menace lookin dude… he looks like he’d pull off some wacky stunts and tricks but they’d all be light hearted and just for his amusement. 9.1/10

super mario 64: nintendo succeeded in making an enemy in mario that i would 100% call an enemy. plain evil and untrustworthy. 9.2/10

super mario sunshine: it seems they wanted to try out a new approach with our friendly neighbourhood ghost, but it falls completely flat! look at those teeth… dear lord! 8.091/10

yoshi’s story: now here he just looks like they didnt have enough resources to make him looks good. 8.606/10

mario kart: super circuit: oh my god what in the world is happening here. 7.7/10

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: ok NOW we’re back in business. kind of flat looking but reminiscent of our old friend from super mario bros 3. 9.33/10

mario tennis: ok now we’ve derailed once again. 4/10

super mario world: now this is just a picture of a galoomba. whos giving me these images?! 10/10

luigi’s mansion: FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!/10

marshmallow: marshmallow./10

papper mario: this ones just perfection, theres nothing else to enhance about him. thank you. out of 10

mario party 4: actually. this is the perfect boo. out of 10

mario party 5: Actually. this is the real perfect boo of all time

Conclusion: i love it

one thing about super mario odessey that’s got me super excited is how friggin’ weird and creative it looks

like, the polygonal food world, the mexican sugar skull world, mario in real, all of it is super weird and non-traditional

the big problem with the mario games in the past few years is nintendo’s apparent fear of straying too far from the norm. mario 3D world was okay, but it was also super safe and sanitary. there was no creativity to it. all of the enemies were plain mario enemies, everything was just kinda stale.

mario odyssey is totally bananas though. its completely off the wall. it has so much weird, original stuff that it doesn’t seem like a mario game and that’s awesome. it gives me hope for nintendo. if they’re willing to break away from tradition and do something so weird and exciting for mario, imagine what else they might put out soon?

hell, they might even make a good, creative paper mario game! like, if they’re willing to get this weird for a mainstream 3D mario, they might actually be willing to step outside their comfort zone for paper mario too! 

in recent interviews, miyamoto said that the company has started listening to younger employees after splatoon proved to be such a massive success and it’s beginning to show. mario is weird and unique. zelda is doing lots of weird new shit. nintendo just put out a fun and successful smartphone game instead of whatever the fuck miitomo was. 

nintendo is gonna be really interesting and creative in the next few years and i’m really happy to see it. 

I know I’m not the only one who wants a PAPER ZELDA game! [Like and Reblog if you would too!]

Other possible titles:

Paper Peril

Mystic Pages

Secret Scroll

Book of ..(blank)


I feel that he should look like a cross between OG art Link and Toon Link!

He looks better w/o a nose too!

Which one do you like?

Ive seen better Paper Zeldas…

Paper Mario had…Jump, Hammer, Item, Star, and Run/defend

Paper Zelda can have…Attack, Weapon, Item, Magic and Run/Defend

For the enemies I want the old skool art

Can’t forget Citizens of Hyrule…

Wouldn’t YOU want a Paper Zelda?

Luigi’s partners as seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, rendered in the style of the original N64 Paper Mario. 

This was an interesting one to do for the following reasons:

1.) Paper Mario sprites are weird; without slamming the graphics artists, some sprites seem to be rendered better than others

2.) ultimately, I chose to render them with higher resolution like some of the sprites in the game

3.) I didn’t want to EDIT existing sprites to make these; this was especially tempting for Hayzee. But, to be fair, none of the original partners in Paper Mario look like existing enemies. Kooper looks different that koopa enemies, Goombario from regular Goombas, and so on. 


Super Mario Movie AU Expansion Ideas:

To give it its own post instead of being just a reblog, I actually had an idea of how I might continue the Mario Movie Universe nowadays if I ever got to write/create the story of a sequel/series-of-sequels to it.

And while I know there’s a semi-officially-endorsed comic based on that idea, mine would be a bit different:

  • There’d be a version of Princess Toadstool, also a “daughter” borne of a bit of leftover biomass that didn’t quite get re-evolved with the Mushroom King, into a bizarre fungus/dinosaur-person hybrid, producing smaller homunculus-like “Toads” from her as a new “kingdom”
  • Bowser’d come back as a dinosaur-monster, but also hybridized with elements of weird pre-dinosaurian life to make him look like his main-series incarnation. He’d want to abduct Peach due to her primordial slime-genes being able to enhance his army (As well as a remnant of his “human” lusts), and he’d act kind of like a mix between the JRPGs portrayal of Bowser and Frank Booth from Blue Velvet.
  • He’d also have part of his consciousness located in primordial slime to produce his army; with it also happening to be red and hungry (Making for a biologically plausible version of the “lava” from the games, complete with primordial-blob “podoboos”) The “new” Koopas and Goombas he’d produce would have elements of such disaparate elements as dinosaurs, trilobites, animalocarids, gastropods, ect, also leading them to look like the versions from the games.
  • The main plot (Of the first revival at least) would be negotiating peace between the city of the dino-people and the new “Mushroom Kingdom,” and between Daisy and her new “sister” in particular, while ultimately having to stop the resurgent “Koopa Kingdom” from destroying them both.
  • In later works, Subcon would appear as a series of horrifying other-dimensional forces that take over your body and turn it into a Cronenbergian nightmare version of the Mario 2 enemies if it kills you in your dreams (Think Freddy Kreuger meets The Thing) This’d include an amorphous fleshy spontaneous-combustion-y version of Fryguy and an even more yonic and freudian version o the Bridos.
  • IT would also be implied to have once been a benevolent force, implied to be taken over by a great bactratian evil prescence (This continuity’s version of Wart), whose ultimate goal would be to take over either Toadstool or Koopa’s biomass to produce its own army.
  • There’d also be a version of Princess Rosalina, a dinosaur who “ascended” via the comet’s impact to become a goddess watching over the dinosaur people, who looks much more saurian and travels in a weird techno-organic asteroid space-station.
  • She’d also be accompanied by energy beings that are given shape and focus by strange star-shaped crystals at their core, but most of whos’ mass would be made up of “hard light” and could shapeshift at will. These would be the universe’s versions of Lumas.
  • Like a hermit crab’s shell, their cores would be discarded when “outgrown” to be replaced with larger ones built of even more crystal, and the discarded cores (Still containing some of the Luma’s enegy) would function as this universe’s Super Stars/Power Stars. Larger relatives/”regents” of these beings would be this universe’s version of the Star Spirits and Geno.
  • Smithy and the Smithy Gang would be pretty much like a darkly comedic parody of Michael Bay’s Transformers, with the goofy aesthetics of their Mario RPG designs combined with the overdesigned-shrapnel/weird-body-types aesthetic of the Bayformers and a desire to create a society based on violence satirizing the themes of said Bayformers films
  • Shroobs = 50s B-Movie Aliens + Cordyceps-zombies from The Last of Us
  • Wario and Waluigi would be what happens when Koopa tries to make copies of the Mario Brothers but spliced in possum DNA to replace missing sections of the genome (Because “they’re both mammals, that’s close enough right?”) Their creation would go as well as you expect.

And why yes, I have put a distressing amount of thought into the continuation of an unpopular film-adaptation-and-sorta-AU that will never ever happen. Maybe I should re-use these ideas in my own works…