marionette girl


As embarrassing as this is for Star, you gotta admit those marionettes are adorable.


I’m soo sorry you all had to wait for so long! They were actually all already finished but because of my dad I couldn’t scan them :/

@mightyerror, @xthegreat, @bambi-kyuun

Ps. I don’t know why but I really want to make Rachel and Sebastian siblings.


AnimeNext 2016 was AMAZING!! 💕

(just gonna ramble in the tags :3)

#Join the clown army!

since the new animatronic Baby from the sister location looks kinda like a clown (and I bet the other new ones will be to) I thought like draw her with the other striped clown girl Puppet/ Marionette from fnaf 2 and her “everyones favorite” little brats Ballon Boy and Ballon Girl (I thought they would also fit in this whole clown scheme)

maybe I’m gonna colour it someday…

That’s the whole animatronic gang right? (excluding the bare endoskeleton)

Phew I finally finished this. 

All of the characters in this picture belong to Scott Cawthon, except the parrot thing, I made that one up (Mangle’s second head thing, y'know)

Countdown to Halloween: Day 2 (Puppeteer)

I hope you enjoy Day 2. <3

Also, please listen to this (X) while reading this. It will set the mood (also, the youtuber is an amazing musician)

-Admin Kat

Must Read First: [Day 2, 2015]

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