Favorite movies #7

          A Good Year

Uncle Henry Skinner: The thing is, Max old boy, I’m dying. I know this because, uh, Dr. Karr, my physician, has stopped talking about my health and begun discussing the weather.

Uncle Henry Skinner: You’ll come to see that a man learns nothing from winning. The act of losing, however, can elicit great wisdom. Not least of which is, uh… how much more enjoyable it is to win. It’s inevitable to lose now and again. The trick is not to make a habit of it.

Fanny Chenal: [to Max Skinner] I’m sorry, I’m too busy to ignore you now.

Max Skinner: This place does not suit my life.
Fanny Chenal: No Max, it’s your life that does not suit this place.

Fanny Chenal: There’s something you should know about me, Max. I’m very, very choosy… I’m also very, very suspicious; very, very irrational, and I have a very, very short temper. I’m also extremely jealous and slow to forgive. Just so you know.

Fanny Chenal: Don’t waste my time. Choose something we have.
Max Skinner: I would like a lifetime spent with an irrational and suspicious goddess, some short-tempered jealousy on the side, and a bottle of wine that tastes like you, a glass that’s never empty.

Watching Macbeth (the newest one with Michael Fassbender & Marion Collitard) and its great. Really great. All the actors are amazing. Collitard kept her French accent which is interesting since everyone assumes that Lady Macbeth is also Scottish. There’s four witches in this version but one is a mute child so its kinda still like having three. There’s an added scene in the beginning where Macbeth & Lady Macbeth are having a funeral ceremony for their kid which I thought was some interesting added subtext. The guy who was Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise is King Duncan and he does a great job.

It’s all going great!! All the actors are doing phenomenal jobs even the minor characters. Amazing scenery & camera shots as well. There’s a cool scene of the battle at the beginning where Macbeth sees the witches. He stands still while everyone fights in slow mo around him. It was awesome. I think they cut some of Lady Macbeth’s letter reading scene. (I know for sure they cut out the attendant entering with news of Macbeth’s arrival but I think they cut some of her lines.) She tells Macbeth her plan to murder the king & he agrees. Then Duncan arrives for a celebration dinner.

Then Macbeth has his second guessing internal monologue/soliloquy. He leaves the dinner, after Duncan drunkenly making his son Malcolm the prince of Cumberland, to think and pace. The monologue is performed beautifully by Fassbender. So then he goes to Lady Macbeth and tells her he doesn’t want to kill Duncan that he changed his mind.

They argue. Collitard delivers Lady Macbeth’s famous lines amazingly. And then they have sex. And while having sex they argue some more. Then Macbeth’s all like “ya honey you’re right let’s kill the king”.