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Marion Ravenwood Appreciation Post - because appreciation of her is entirely lacking!

The first time we meet her she out-drinks a guy in a shot contest.

Then proceeds to immediately punch the hero of the film.

She stands up to four armed men and doesn’t take their shit.

She stops to take a drink during a gun fight in a burning building

She helps out in a fight and doesn’t cower away. She bashes heads in.

How’d this get in here??

Who cares about table manners while starving in the desert and being held captive by Nazis and a crazy French guy?

More head bashing, saving Indy from being shot.

Shoots a whole mess of Nazis with a double-barrel machine gun like it’s nothing.

Indy never actually saves her in the end, regardless of her somewhat Damsel-like role in the movie.

So yeah, can we all show Marion some well deserved love please?


so I know you’re busy and all of that, but if you’re lurking can you follow Manca @dancingswifts13 - she had your follow before but her blog got deleted and she lost it, I am sure you remember her, Jehle @13alltooswiftie you’ve met her in Texas, she travelled all the way from South Africa to the show, and wow she’s so amazing person you would love her posts, and Marion @got-a-short-list-of-ex-lovers who is real MVP and so kind and lovely and supportive and she’s amazing friend? So if you could that would be super awesome, I would be so happy cause those girl are wonderful to me and I just want to help them somehow. Love you always! And sending you a hug! 

anonymous asked:

Lottie, help! I'm completely blown away by The Song of Achilles. Can you rec anything similar/equally amazing?

i’m assuming by “similar” you mean queer, historical and a little bit sad, in which case YES, I BLOODY CAN: 

  • the last of the wine by mary renault (ancient greece) 
  • the alexander the great series by mary renault (ancient greece)
  • eromenos by melanie j. mcdonald (ancient rome) 
  • as meat loves salt by maria mccann (c17, english civil war) 
  • the vintner’s luck by elizabeth knox (c19, france)
  • maurice by e. m. forster (c20, pre-wwi)
  • the stranger’s child by alan hollinghurst (c20, pre-wwi onwards)
  • at swim, two boys by jamie o'neill (c20, wwi/easter rising) 
  • the absolutist by john boyne (c20, wwi)
  • the city and the pillar by gore vidal (c20, 30s/40s) 
  • the charioteer by mary renault (c20, wwii) 
  • giovanni’s room by james baldwin (c20, 1950s)

I’m back ! BACK ! On my tumblr, after 2 months of vacation without wi-fi, etc… but with the sea, the sun and little cats. Now i’m in my new apartment (very cool) in Paris, I have finally internet, and soon I’ll go back to school, my new school Melies, in october. Before that, some Obs, fanart, doodles !

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