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Official list of people who Deserved Better™

- Noel Kahn
- Wren Kingston
- Travis Hobbs
- Holden Strauss
- Bethany Young
- Carla Grunwald
- Pepe the Dog
- Tippi the Bird
- The N.A.T. Club (as a whole)
- Alex Santiago
- Dr. Sullivan
- Jake the karate kid
- Marion Cavanaugh
- The Wine Moms™

Feel free to add anyone I forgot

PLL THEORY: Katherine Daly is Bethany Young

Ever since Emma Dumont was announced back in August 2016 to play a character named Katherine Daly, the PLL fandom blew up with theories believing she was going to play a younger Mary and that the name “Katherine Daly” was a lie to cover it up. As we now know, her character IS called Katherine. It wouldn’t make sense anyway to make a fake name to hide the fact she’d play a “younger Mary”.

Everyone started to believe she could be playing a younger Mary when Emma Dumont posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, “Asylum chick vibes.

First of all, she is wearing the RADLEY gown patients always wore, as well as slippers. Her hair is BLONDE and she resembles (well, to me) Bethany from 6x10 (”Game Over, Charles”).

When we first see Katherine in 7x11 (”Playtime”), she greets Hanna after Mona got in contact with her so she could see Hanna’s clothing designs (Katherine is a fashionista of some sort). Where do they first meet? THE RADLEY.

Bethany, obviously, was in Radley as we all know. Katherine Daly has a creepy vibe to me. She greets Hanna and mentions that she is the daughter of Senator Daly, and is running a fundraiser for her dad. I believe Katherine had a disturbing past and was, indeed, Bethany Young in Radley. Perhaps this was an alias so no one would discover she was the senator’s daughter, or maybe Bethany is her real name.

Katherine notes how she likes designs, and we all know how much Bethany loved to draw…

Most characters that are related with “A” (Bethany knew Charlotte/Charles) or are “A” are fashionistas. Mona and Charlotte were, and we first met Charlotte when she mentioned she was a stylist in a boutique. We knew from the very beginning Mona was into fashion after she stopped being “Loser Mona”.

I am assuming that Katherine is from New York because Hanna said she voted for her dad whilst in New York. Why would she come all the way to Rosewood just to look at some clothing designs? Perhaps she’s always been here and is working with A.D. Maybe Bethany/Katherine moved to New York after being in Radley.

As for the night Bethany died, I’ve always believed that no one actually died that night. We all know how Charlotte had access to medical cadavers, as mentioned by Marlene in an interview when she revealed a cadaver was in the barrel from S5. Maybe Charlotte put a cadaver in the grave and put Katherine’s/Bethany’s DNA on it so it’d be identified as her, along with a blonde wig and yellow blouse. Maybe there is a reason to why she did this. If not, maybe she really was hit by Mona and buried alive by Melissa, but she was pulled out. She wants revenge on them all for what happened as she’s mentally insane! Don’t forget, Bethany supposedly killed Toby’s mother Marion.

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How could I forget Allison and Catherine from The Pierces and in the Secret music video (PLL’s theme song)? Even though Allison was the brunette and Catherine was the blonde (the lead singers from The Pierces), and they’re spelt differently from Alison and Katherine in the show, maybe they’re bringing this to PLL itself. Catherine killed Allison in the music video for exposing her secret! Could we see Alison vs Katherine in PLL?

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There isn’t much else to go by, but I will definitely keep my eye on Katherine as her next appearance will be in 7x13 (”Hold Your Piece”). 

Thanks for reading!

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Remember when Jessica came to Peter so she could stop Spencer from trying to get answers from Radley about Toby’s mom. It was weird how he instantly switched from supporting Spencer’s cause to telling her to get Toby to take the settlement from Radley. It was strange because with one look from Jessica Peter just changed his mind. Maybe it wasn’t to protect the fact that Spencer had been in Radley or whatever the reason was but rather because he was trying to hide that Spencer was adopted and is the child of one of the patients at Radley, aka Mary Drake. And if Spencer kept digging she probably would’ve found the truth about Charlotte, her connection to Marion’s death, Mary being Charlotte’s mother, and in turn Mary being her mom.

The Killer Three: Cece, Bethany, and Mary Drake

I had an epiphany the other day, and I mean the kind of epiphany that only happens when I’ve actually figured something completely out and checks out factually and can’t believe it.

This is it. This is how everything connects. And this is where we find out everything we were told by Charlotte was a lie.

Everyone complaining about the plotholes… I have heard you, I have answers. FInally.

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, I had a theory. That theory involved Charlotte hating Jessica and Alison to the point where she wanted to kill them. This is true. Charlotte wanted to kill Alison and Jessica, but… So did Mary Drake. They teamed up together, they planned this together, they were in this together, they wanted revenge TOGETHER.

I wondered why, why in the world would Charlotte do all these things to Alison if she loved her? Why would she torture her best friends and watch her suffer? It’s because she absolutely 100% DESPISES HER. And she despised Jessica, after all- who could love someone who put you away in a mental asylum as a child and forgive them for that?

And Mary… Ohh Mary, sisters that fight over things only for one to stab the other and get sent to an insane asylum, and then later have their only child be taken away from them and given to said sister? Who WOULDN’T be mad? 

And now, getting to Bethany Young, Bethany was the start of all this. Something about what happened with her and what the tapes said happened never added up to me. If you remember, one of the tapes Bethany was recorded saying “Everything she said, every visit was a lie. I mean is it like mother like daughter? I wonder if I can trust anyone in that family.” This never made sense to me… Until I connected these two events. 

In “The mirror has three faces” Jessica tells Emily and Hanna a story- we have a flashback of Jessica storming in and slams the piano lid down- scaring Alison. Alison asks why she’s so pissed off, Jessica said she got a phone call from Radley saying Alison was there, that she wants to stay there, that she wants to hurt herself. Jessica says she got to Radley and Cece was there head to toe in Alison’s clothing calling herself Alison DiLaurentis. 

I believe it’s quite possible that yes, what Charlotte said about her being Charles is completely true- but I believe Charlotte did not return to Radley after she transitioned and after they faked Charles’ death. Charlotte was free, she was free until… That party at UPenn. I believe it was Wren who said Cece had a psychotic break because of Alison and getting kicked out of UPenn- which had been backed up by multiple people. So, she decided she didn’t want to get even, she wanted revenge. She lived through hell and just when she thought she was getting her life together, another DiLaurentis comes around and ruins it.

Getting back to Bethany and Jessica’s story, this is how it all began. Remember when Emily and Spencer went to the riding stables? The man said Jessica used to go there with a girl who had anger issues and whenever she asked the girl to call her “Aunt Jess” she would throw a fit. It was Mary. Mary was taking Bethany out, Mary took her to riding lessons. Why? She was preparing her. 

She and Cece came up with a plan to kill not only Jessica, but Alison as well. You see, parts of what Cece had said were possibly true. What she said about Bethany being very violent and having outbursts were backed up by what the man at the stables said. Which means it is entirely plausible that Bethany did in fact kill Marion and blame it on her.

 This is where the plan also comes into play, you see… Bethany Young only knew Charles DiLaurentis, a young boy… What do you think happened after Charlotte transitioned? That’s right. Charlotte got out of Radley, transitioned from Charles to Charlotte, and returned to Radley as Cece fucking Drake years later, JUST AS JESSICA SAID SHE DID. But Bethany didn’t know a Cece Drake, she knew someone blonde, beautiful, and the daughter of whom everyone assumed was Jessica DiLaurentis. Bethany knew Cece as Alison DiLaurentis, the daughter of Jessica DiLaurentis, whom was really Mary Drake. 

This plan… This plan was the mother of all plans… Mary and Charlotte wanted revenge, Mary and Charlotte wanted revenge on Jessica for the lives she took away from them, and Charlotte wanted revenge on Alison why? Do you remember that story from a while back about Alison getting Cece kicked out of UPenn? A story she repeated to people over and over, a story her roommate repeated to Aria when she came looking for her? It was all true. Mary and Charlotte planned to befriend Bethany as Jessica and Alison DiLaurentis because they planned for Bethany to MURDER Alison and Jessica DiLaurentis. And Bethany was going to go down for the entire thing. They were going to get away with it too.

Cece, Bethany, AND Alison wore the yellow tops, she wore them and planted Bethany and Alison’s… Why? Because she was going to murder Alison, and since Bethany was SUPPOSED to kill Jessica, anyone who saw it happen would BLAME IT ON BETHANY. Charlotte fucking LIED about everything. And since Bethany didn’t kill Jessica, Jessica witnessed Charlotte hitting Alison, the plan was ruined the minute Mona hit Bethany over the head and Melissa buried her.

And now, Melissa… Remember the little flashback of Melissa and Charlotte?

Yeah, this happened. Melissa most likely called Cece and told her she thought Spencer killed Bethany and then Melissa buried her. This is exactly the reason Cece and Mary thought it was SPENCER who killed Bethany, not Mona.

When we heard that Charlotte called Wren and told him what Melissa had done, this further catapulted my suspicion that Cece had been evil the entire time. Gotta give you props, Cece, I am proud of your performance… Now let’s see what mommy dearest and your psycho sidekick have planned.


Okay so i blogged this before but in-light of recent events i need to update it ( and I didn’t want to ruin the other one because that maybe right… 

Okay so, it has been confirmed that there are a set of twins in PLL, I think these twins are Mrs Dilaurentis and Mrs Cavanaugh…look how similar they look!

In the story Ali tells on Halloween about the two little girls, she is telling the story of her mum and Marion Cavanaugh.

Obviously Marion Cavanaugh survived but I think that’s why she drinks and acts so depressed when she is older because she is really damaged by her psyco sister, Mrs Dilaurentis.

Remember how creepy Mrs D was in that episode where she snuck into Spencers room! She’s crazy and should be locked in Radley, but instead her sister got put in because Mrs D convinced everyone Marion was the crazy one (like how Alison and Courtney get mixed up in the books)

That’s why Mrs D was on the board at Radley, so she could keep an eye on her sister.

Next, onto Bethany Young who I think is Mrs Cavanaughs daughter, that’s why Mrs D wanted Bethany to call her Auntie Jessie! because she literally is her aunt! It would also explain the two yellow dresses Ali found as a kid

Mrs D brought one for her niece as well as her daughter, but i’m betting she never told her husband about her crazy family so she hid them

EDIT: thanks to for the image and can i just say i love how they wrapped the baby in a yellow blanket, but anyway, firstly i think its possible this baby is Bethany- yellow is her favourite colour, the filmer could be Marion? and i think the boys are Toby and Jason. Mrs D only tells one of them to kiss their sister which makes me think only one of them is her brother, we all know Jason is 7 years older than Ali and in this picture the boys cant be more than 4/5 which makes it impossible.

I think the reasons she is called Bethany Young are:

  1. Because, like in the books, everyone in Rosewood is conscious of their image and Mrs D didn’t want anyone finding out Bethany was mentally ill (mental illness can run in families, she probably didn’t want anyone getting suspicious)
  2. As Mrs D was on the board of Radley she admitted Bethany under a fake name so she could keep an eye on her too, also maybe family members couldn’t both be together if they shared the same illness.

I think her real name may be Christine because on the visitors list to the blind school we see someone called Chris Cavanaugh, after all Jenna would be her half sister

EDIT: this is such an amaing pick up by when Jenna is moving in with Toby the box on the top left says ‘Jenna and Bethanys room’!!!!!!!!

 and again on the dental patient records we see C. Cavanaugh

EDIT: omg i just realised this but C.Cavanaugh/Chirs, these names are so similar to Charles!!!! Bethany is Charles.

This would also make her Toby’s sister/ half sister, we all know Bethany drew creepy pictures of demons, well according to prettylittlesecretsinthewoods, in season 1 episode 5, Toby is also drawing pictures of demons…

This could be a serious clue as to their connection! Also I just read that apparently Marlene posted a picture of a boy and posted brother

I googled it and i’m not sure if this is it but I think so, anyway I know Toby isn’t black but he’s the only character who really wears those checked shirts and I they cant make it too obvious, and the doll behind looks like a boy but if they were both boys then wouldn’t Marlene have written Brothers? Maybe she just has her hair tied up or short hair? Also the general idea is that Bethany has some sort of deformity and the blonde doll is missing a finger!

EDIT: i knew that blonde doll was a girl!!! these pictures are from the finale

this picture was in Arias fake room

this is from -A’s lair/vault, theyre the same dolls!!!!

Once Marion was put in Radley again, Mrs D stopped her from being able to see her son, Toby, maybe because she thought she was an unfit mother, or maybe because as the twin story goes they resented each-other so Jessica Dilaurentis wanted to punish her sister. In S04E04, Toby talks to Marion’s old doctor. He said “She hated being away from you, but there were forces that were just too much for her” the forces being Mrs D

In the first picture Bethany draws a demon stealing a boy, I think Bethany drew this as a depiction of Mrs D (the demon) keeping Toby (the boy) from Marion Cavanaugh (the woman in the dress running after them).

The second is Mrs Cavanaugh falling from the roof at Radley, you can see the woman is wearing the same dress as in the first picture, Mrs D and Marion had a fight, probably about Mrs D not letting Marion see Toby, and Mrs D, being crazy, pushed Marion out of the window, she claimed it was suicide but Bethany saw it, which is why she hated her and drew this…it would make sense as Jessica D lied about the suicide…

Mrs D tried to apologise to Bethany by being kind to her and buying her a pony but Bethany wanted to hurt Mrs D like Mrs D hurt her.

So Bethany becomes the first -A (she dosent actually use the -A thing yet) and begins to send Ali creepy dolls/ messages like “its my turn to torture you”,

We all used to think that it was someone that Ali used to be mean to but I think its like Bethany saying, your mum tortured my family so now i’m going to torture you. From Bethanys picture of Mrs D watering the roses

it shows Bethany knew what the Dilaurentis house looked like, (look at the porch area! its exactly the same!) I think Bethany drew herself as the monster because she is going to become Mrs D’s demon.

She knew because she had been spying on them (Mrs D definitely wouldn’t risk taking Bethany to Rosewood, she knew how dangerous that could be) then on Halloween, Bethany escapes to torture Ali some more…

We see a Radley car outside the old house where Ali leads the girls to ‘test’ them. I think Bethany stole the car in order to escape Radley because she knew what was going to happen that night so she hid in the house to wait for Ali. I think she dressed as that creepy doll, you can see the person is wearing gloves, Bethany could have dressed as a caretaker or janitor to get out of Radley un-suspected because you can see that they just have a black top on and not the matching costume. Then she scares Ali in the Halloween costume shop, after sending her the “im watching you” message to let Ali know things are getting serious. Then later, she attacks Ali in the house when Ali thinks its Noel, and sends her the last message of that night, “dying to know who I am? You’ll find out soon” and starts the whole -A thing, to show she is dangerous.

Which brings us to the night Ali went missing, according to Ali we see Mrs D on the phone she is looking out the window really worried and she says “how could this happen” “I don’t understand”

I think that she’s on the phone with Radley, they are calling her to tell her that Bethany has escaped, that’s why she tells Ali “I do not want you going out tonight” she’s scared that something will happen to her. The phone rings for a second time and she asks if there is any news and says she is worried at tells them to send someone, like send a search party.

Ali gets really scared about -A after she gets the message saying that she is going to die on that night,

Although Alison didn’t remember I think somehow Bethany knew about the two yellow dresses, its clear from the lipstick on the mirror that Bethany was in Alis room so why couldn’t she have planted the top there too?

Bethany forged a letter from Alis mum to make sure Ali wore the yellow top. In this recent episode in the recording of Bethany Young she says “She’s not the only one who can make plans” I don’t think this evil bitch Bethany keeps referring to is Alison, I think its Mrs D, after all Mrs D did murder her mum, Bethany then made her own plans to make Mrs D suffer.

Then, as she told the girls she went round trying to figure out who it was before it was too late. However, she changed the ending, we all know ali bases her lies on the truth, so here is what really happened, credit to SpencersBarn.Tumblr for the upcoming images…

After Ali and Spencer have the argument Spencer goes home, leaving the shovel in-between the Dilaurentis and Hastings houses

We all know Cece was dressed the same as ali that night, as jason saw her, I think Cece is a double agent, she is pretending to be friends with Alison but is actually working with Bethany, keep your friends close but your enemies closer right! Also, after all the people who have told the girls how much Cece hated them and Alison and blamed them for her getting kicked out of UPEN why would she be BFF’s with Ali? Also we all know Cece went to Radley dressed as Alison, my bet is Bethany mistook Cece for Alison and when crazy on her, Cece explained she wasn’t Ali but hated her too and Viola! An alliance is formed. 

So anyway, Cece dressed the same to confuse Ali and distract her 

Ali is looking at cece confused then…

Bethany thought she killed Alison and left her body there to be found by Mrs D

But, Melissa finds Ali and after seeing Spencer go after her with a shovel buries her to protect Spencer.

Using her powers Mrs Grunwald knew something was wrong,

Alison leaves the car because she was scared she would be vulnerable in hospital

This is where Ali lied about Mona finding her, you can see that she isn’t walking down a random road its her own drive. 

Mrs D is happy because she thinks she has found Bethany, but actually Bethany lured Sarah Harvey to Rosewood that night encase her plan went wrong.

Furious, Alison lifts the shovel

and hit Sarah in the head

Ali is still standing after the shot of a blonde (Sarah) falling to the ground…

Mrs D is shocked that her daughter was capable of that


once ali falls, mrs d becomes distraught

Then trying to protect her daughter

Mrs D then burries Sara thinking it was Bethany while asking ali, “what did you do” and helps ali run away. I think it was then that Mrs D told Alison about the whole Bethany thing, that’s why when Alison was telling the girls her version of the nights events she said “A made it clear if she wanted to kill me she could”, so Alison knew Bethany was the first -A but thought she was dead which is why she never knew who the -A after Mona was. Who else would Mrs D be protecting than her own daughter. Also in the episode -A is for answers the girls tell Ali they think her mum stole the game from Mona, and then comment on how she isn’t surprised, Ali may have thought her mum stole the game in order to protect her.

That’s why when Holbrook came to Mrs D telling her “Mrs Dilaurentis "were not certain your daughters in that grave” she acts so shady, because she knows its not! Normally if a mother who has lost a child finds out that there is a chance that they are alive they would be so happy but Mrs D just says “well I am” Also, we all know Mrs D never did a proper identification of the body she said the yellow top was enough, it’s because she felt so guilty for murdering someone.

However, Mrs D saw Spencer go after Ali with a shovel, and realised that she could protect herself and Ali by going to Mr Hastings. Mr Hastings didn’t want Jessica going to the police and ruining his daughters life (he had some dirt on Jessica so blackmailed her into silence…maybe he knew about Marion?) which, unbeknown to Peter Hastings, worked on Jessicas behalf too. That’s why Peter says to Mrs D “the police are still asking pointed questions about Spencer, do we still have an understanding?”

But then Melissa tells her dad she was the one who actually killed Bethany Young (or so she thought, she actually only buried Ali who survived), so Peter tells her to run away, hence Melissa going to London. 

When Alison returned Bethany, not realising Alison already knew about her had to kill Mrs D to stop her spilling about Bethany. Maybe Mrs D had worked out she was alive, that’s what the email was about.

The girls are -A free for a year, which Bethany used to get surgery to fix her deformity, change her hair and become…LESLEY! Listen to the most recent recording of Bethany from Radley, they sound exactly the same! That’s why Lesley wanted the book from Mona’s room because she knew it contained the tape and she couldn’t have anyone finding it, but because Mike made such a big scene Hanna followed Lesley around and made sure she put the book back, so Lesley had no time to look for the tape. That was the relevance of Hanna’s flashback that episode, it’s not Alison who changed so noone would notice her, its Bethany, she changed her hair and wore glasses and called herself Lesley so she could secretly spy on everyone! Until they find Sarah’s body, Bethany realises she has to make it look like Sarah is her so she she corrupts the files, by making it look like she is dead so noone is looking for her or suspects her, and she is free from Radley, she then goes about recruiting all of Alison’s victims because they are easy targets, however she remains anonymous to them. She befriends Mona that summer as Lesley (Mona dosen’t know she is Uber -A). Then Maya moves into the Dilaurentis house and finds Ali’s diaries while clearing out, then Alison goes back looking for her diaries, she cant have them falling into the wrong hands (Spencer sees Ali from her window the Pilot) But Maya sees Ali, she finds out so much that she has to run away “MAYA KNEW” Alison was alive. Maya then worked for Alison. analyzinga realised that the bag Ali took with her when she ran away was at the Khans cabin around the time Maya was there I think she met Alison.

I think that’s why -A gives flowers at Bethanys funeral because she feels bad for her family pretending she is dead.

EDIT: So, alot of you are saying that this cant be true because Marlene said Mona was the first -A, which is true. We all know Marlene likes to say things that are the truth with out actually being the truth if that makes sense. I think, Mona was the first -A, as in she was bethanys first fall girl, Bethany used Mona as her helper, then when she realised the girls were getting too close made Mona take the fall so noone would find out. From this last episode the melody lingers on 5x23 Aria has an interesting conversation with Andrew who says “the only thing Mona likes better than winning is taking the credit.”. (I think Andrew could be on the -A team too and hes talking about how Mona took credit for some of his doings) Later that episode Spencer says “-A knew this quality about me and used it against me” what if -A/ Bethany did the same thing to Mona? Marlene likes to refer to the -A now as Uber A, which she has never used to describe Mona, she just used -A!


Everyone is saying the “M” in the promo for season 6 stands for Mona or mayba Maya.

But I think it stands for Marion. Marion Cavanaugh

Think about it. She wrote it on the back of her closet at Radley, referring to somenone. Charles, Toby, Wren, Mr. DiLaurentis, Jason? Surely it was somenone who threatened to kill her. She tried to tell someone but no one believed her, because she had a mental illness. So she wrote that message in the closet for someone she trusted to find. Perhaps Bethany? She presumbably committed suicide. But maybe she was killed? Or is she alive?

Also, take note that the “T” in “to” is very similiar to the Ts in A’s handwritin

So whoever wrote that message on the closet (be it Mona, Mona’s twin, Melissa, Marion, Maya, Bethany posing as Marion???) is probably Uber A, while Charles is simply Big A. 


Charles DiLaurentis is Dead

Okay so I’ve been running through some things through my head lately about who Charles ACTUALLY is, and quite frankly… I think he’s dead.

When we are brought into A’s vault, we’re surrounded by photos, memorabilia, and mannequins depicting a family. As I was looking at the scenes I decided to take a closer look…

So, in the vault, we see a family… A mother, father, a son, and a daughter… This might not be mind blowing for anyone, but as far as who I guess the family is? It could be Marion/Jessica, Cece, and Charles (The father could be Kenneth or Peter?)… And that’s the weird thing, the son and the daughter look to be the same age.

And… Before you say “Oh! It’s Alison!” or “Oh! It’s Hanna!” no… no.. no no NO no no NO NO NIET! NE! NON! There are quite literally only 2 girls on the show that would be Charles’ age… And one of them is actually blonde..

And now we get into why I think Charles is dead… Well, let’s look around the vault shall we?

When Spencer first walks in the vault, a song begins to play, Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight” lets take a look at some of those lyrics…

“I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the moonlight, just like we used to do
I’m always walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for you

I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the starlight, just hoping you may be
Somewhere a-walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for me”

From what I know of the song, it’s meant to convey someone searching for a loved one they had lost, searching for them night after night, hoping they would be in the places they used to go together.

Something else that struck me about this vault is that the little boy is everywhere, in pictures, in videos, in collages… You DO NOT create a place like that for yourself. You create a place like that for someone you lost, and if the person we see IS big A, then it can’t be Charles. BUT it can be someone who is trying to give Charles the life he never had through doing it themselves… Hence the Prom recreation.

Now, for a second part… When Spencer is looking around, I saw the photo in the back and tried to see what I could make out of it. It looks like a baby boy’s picture on the upper right, right below that, it looks to be three or four figures, they almost look like statues, and finally… The lower left corner… A puzzle with a piece missing in the middle.

Whoever put this collage together obviously lost the child in the photo, leaving them with a missing piece of themselves.

Now, why do I think Cece was the one to lose Charles? Well, when Marlene gave us a list of episodes to watch before the finale- The PLL Christmas episode was one of them.

“When you lose someone, the first Christmas is always the hardest”

Cece had lost someone significant to her, she talks as though she knows the pain you feel with losing a family member. (Side note: didn’t she seem almost TOO sure of Mona’s whereabouts?)

And, if I had any guess around the circumstances around his death, I would say it had to have been tragic, as his life was obviously cut short… There are no photos or videos beyond the year we saw at the apple field, it’s just that age and younger. 

It still begs the question, why the hell are they torturing the girls? Well, we still don’t know, but as I’ve seen Maddie Zeigler possibly playing a younger Cece we’ll see more insight for what exacty happened to her, and what family she ACTUALLY belongs to.

Also… Something that was also shown in the PLL Christmas episode was the two yellow dresses, now… I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out before, BUT:

Double, double, toil and trouble…

Courtney DiLaurentis, Charles DiLaurentis, Cece Drake… CD. CD. CD.

Need I say more?

eddie lamb suggests to spencer that wren was never at radley ‘for the right reasons’ and may have created fake passes to get in and out of the place and that wren may have been visiting mona. perhaps letting her in/ out of the place. eddie looks strained when he sees wren and wren looks strained when he sees eddie. wren tries to keep eddie away from spencer. what if wren is the person mona passed the game onto. aka wren is charles/ -A.

but also. eddie knows something about marion but won’t tell toby what it is.

eddie knew about the cover up of marion’s death/ wilden’s part in it.

spencer tells eddie she doesn’t really think it was a coincidence that Bethany Young was buried in the DiLaurentis backyard, eddie tells her he doesn’t think so either. eddie knew bethany. so he could identify her/ give us her story.

eddie knew ezra.

eddie even goes on as if he knew aria, though aria makes out she doesn’t know him.

and then Eddie disappears. no longer works at radley. what if eddie knew absolutely everything about radley/ bethany/ charles/ marion/ mona/ ezra/ wilden/ even aria and WREN.


I'm still calling it now.....

…CeCe’s story from the 6A finale was a complete lie. She is not “Charles DiLaurentis/Drake”, she is actually “Bethany Young” (cover name for CeCe/Charlotte Drake), Mary Drake’s daughter and Alison’s cousin. Wren is the real Charles, born to Mary but adopted by the DiLaurentis family. That would still explain the two boys at the farm, Wren and Jason. CeCe just told the story the way she did to cover for the good doctor…which is very obvious he has a connection to Elliott, considering they have both been referenced as the “good doctor” and have British accents. Another thing I found fishy is how Mary Drake was in Radley and so was Marion Cavanaugh, who also looked an awful lot like Jessica. Marion…Mary. Strange coincidence. Or maybe a plot twist? Maybe I’m hoping but it all seems very strange and coincidental.


Here’s my theory to who hit Ali in the head and who pushed Marion Cavanaugh.

And remember this is just a theory. No way am I affiliated with PLL.

Side Note: not everything may add up but it’s an idea I came up with.

I think Spencer has a twin sister who takes the place of Ali’s twin in the books. Think about it.

Say Spencer’s twin was in Radley(the show could figure out some excuse for why Spence never saw her in 3B). And say this twin (call her Courtney Hastings) hated her twin sister, Spencer.

Now say Courtney made “friends” with Bethany Young, who was also a patient in Radley and was buried in Ali’s place. If for some reason Courtney pushed Marion off the roof, Bethany could have been a witness, therefore her drawing of Marion falling.

After doing some digging, Peter Hastings finds this out himself. That his psycho daughter that their family doesn’t like to bring up often is the one who pushed Toby’s mom, therefore giving him to motive to want to “shut Toby up”.

(Never forget how uncomfortable Peter/Spencer were in 4x14 when Toby was talking about Radley).

Now back to the Alison. Maybe Jessica, who was on the board at Radley, only knew Bethany escaped Radley that night, when in reality both Bethany and Courtney escaped. But she did know that both girls were friends or allies. This would explain all the cryptic comments about the Hastings family to Ali (she would know stuff about the Hastings because being on board at Radley Sanitarium), but it would also match up with my main point in this theory.

What if Courtney hit Alison in the head with a rock, maybe because she hated Mrs. D or maybe she just knew Ali was Spencer’s friend and hated everything to do with her sister.

Clearly, the person who hit Alison over the head with a rock had something over Mrs. D. Maybe Bethany knew about the affair with Peter Hastings(Jessica has done a lot to keep Jason’s paternity a secret.) Maybe she did something in Radley, maybe she has another secret that Bethany would know that made Jessica bury Alison alive.

Now what if Courtney became paranoid though and turned on Bethany. What if Bethany, who was an innocent bystander, but witnessed all Courtney had done, got murdered by Courtney, in order to keep her quiet and/or to cover when Ali came out of the ground with Grunwald’s help.

This theory also matches up with Melissa’s inconsistencies. She claims to be “protecting” Spencer from the truth. She was seen on the phone-possibly trying to figure out where her sister Courtney was/what trouble she was causing. She ran into Alison’s house, as seen in video, claiming to be looking for Ian but she said “where is she!” Everyone thinks its Alison she’s talking about but what if it’s Courtney Hastings, Spencer’s crazy twin. 

This also explains why Melissa and Peter would be protecting the girl who hurt Alison and killed Bethany. Peter said he always did what was best for his family. Crazy or not, it’s his kid.

And Melissa’s comment about blood(family ties) being slippery would make sense.

And Peter in 4x15, saying to Spencer, “if you keep pushing, you’ll ruin our family.” If he didn’t her knowing what her twin did, maybe because she’d never forgive Courtney for hurting Marion/Alison, maybe because Veronica doesn’t know what Courtney did, maybe just because he doesn’t want their family name ruined.

Now, the next thing. Jessica blamed Spencer the very next day after Ali went missing, when she clearly saw who hit her daughter. What if she wasn’t lying though and she actually believed that it was Spencer. If she didn’t know that Courtney had escaped(maybe she sneaked back in and they never knew. Mona did that multiple times.)

Now Peter has something on Jessica, something shut her up. What if it’s the same thing that made her willing to bury Alison.

This wouldn’t be farfetched with how sneaky the Hastings family is. They (at least used to) care so much for appearances, well a crazy-criminally insane daughter would be enough of a blemish to want to cover up. And remember how much Veronica didn’t want Spencer in Radley in 3B? Maybe just being a concerned mother, maybe didn’t want her to get caught up with her twin.

Side Note again: In 2x24, Melissa threatened Spencer to be careful and said she’d seen videos that make her look pretty bad, not necessarily saying that she did anything wrong. What if it’s a video of Courtney Hastings doing something ? Identical twins, therefore it may be incriminating to Spencer ? Alison saying she isn’t sure she could trust all the liars in 4x16 and her not denying in 4x24 that Spencer was the one she couldn’t trust. Maybe she knows about Courtney and wasn’t sure that Spencer wasn’t in cahoots with her sister.

  1. Who is Charles DiLaurentis?
  2. Why did he harass the girls?
  3. Did they do something terrible?
  4. Did he really steal the game from Mona?
  5. Who is Uber -A? Is he the real bad guy?
  6. Who is Red Coat?
  7. How many Red Coat are they?
  8. Who is Black Widow?
  9. What really happened that night?
  10. Who hit Alison DiLaurentis?
  11. Who Jessica DiLaurentis was protecting? Charles? 
  12. Why Jessica Di Laurentis hides so much things to Kenneth?
  13. Is Kenneth taking revenge?
  14. What happened to Bethany Young?
  15. Why we never saw her face?
  16. Is she twins with someone else?
  17. Then who?
  18. Why she called Jessica DiLaurentis, his aunt?
  19. What happened to Marion Cavanaugh?
  20. What really happened to Maya St. Germain?
  21. Why Sara Harvey is shady? Why so many showers?!
  22. Who attacked her after her first job day?
  23. Why Aria Montgomery is shady?
  24. Why is she always representing with dolls and mirrors?
  25. Is she mentally ill?
  26. Why Noel Kahn is strange af too?
  27. WTF is going on with Wren Kingston?
  28. Is Rhys Matthews a cop?
  29. Is Wren Kingston a real doctor?
  30. Where is CeCe Drake?
  31. How is she connected to that story?
  32. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis (if it’s not -A)?
  33. Is Freddy is an undercover for Charles?
  34. What about the Carissimi Group?
  35. Why Jason DiLaurentis is always away from Rosewood?
  36. How is big the -A team?
  37. Is there a team helping the girls?
  38. What is the link with Leslie Stone? What happened with her?
  39. Why everything is connecting to Radley?
  40. Why so many references to Varjak? Is he -A?
  41. Who killed Ian?
  42. Who pretended to kill Mona on the video at her home?
  43. Does Melissa hide more secrets than we know?
  44. Why we never saw Wren in London?
  45. Why Varjak number (727 242 7839) lead us to Sara Harvey? 
  46. Who’s Blood in Spencer’s bag (in London)?
  47. Why Edith Piaf songs? Why any relations to Paris?
  48. What happened at Melissa and Ian prom? Who was there?
  49. Who was the dancing girl Spencer saw at Radley?
  50. Why Hanna saw the twins so much?
  51. Who killed Garrett? -A?
  52. Why Jason is the only one alive in the N.A.T. Club?
  53. Was Alison pregnant or not?
  54. If yes, from who?
  55. Jenna and Lucas are together now? HOW?

But in Marlene King’s imagination, 42 minutes is enough. (Answers here!)

Twin Theory; Mrs. DiLaurentis & Marion Cavanaugh are Twins

If Bethany Young has any relation to the DiLaurentis’, the most plausible thing I can think of is that she is Jessica’s niece.

Marion had two children with a man, currently unidentified, prior to her marriage to Toby’s father. Her maiden name was Young, which is why Bethany’s second name is Young- she kept her mothers name, not her fathers. Charles was the other child, making him Jason’s cousin, not his brother.
Cousins who are of similar ages can be quite close when they’re young, but if something happened to Charles while him and Jason were still children, it’s fair enough to say that Jason wouldn’t really remember many of the details. The baby in the video in Charles’ vault, is Bethany. Marion is taking the video, Charles is the child who kisses the baby and Jason is the other little boy.

Cavanaugh and DiLaurentis are Jessica&Marion’s married names, so no one would make the connection if they hadn’t known before they were wed to their respective partners.

Now, it’s entirely possible that both the Young children had mental health instabilities, as did their mother. If Marion was struggling with something like post-natal depression, perhaps Charles and Bethany were taken away by the social and placed in a care home due to her inability to look after them. She was admitted to Radley, and Charles and Bethany were placed in separate foster homes. A vulnerable, scared Bethany lashed out, possibly getting passed from home to home as many would have found her to be a ‘problem’ child. Her mental state deteriorated as she missed her brother, perhaps feeling that all her family had abandoned her. Charles, meanwhile, was placed in a long-time foster care where he was abused for most of his childhood. (I have reasons for thinking this, bear with me.)

Meanwhile, Aria Montgomery began exhibiting signs of mental strain, worrying her parents due to the knowledge that mental illness runs in their family (Byron’s brother, Aria’s uncle) and she is admitted for outpatient care in Radley. When she doesn’t make enough progress, she is brought in for inpatient treatment. Aria likes to write; this could stem from therapy as a child. In the episode where the girls begin to see Dr. Anne Sullivan, we see that Aria already has a file on hand for therapy.
I think it’s possible that Aria was the 'fragile witness’ on the rooftop the night Marion C fell to her death. Suppression works wonders on the human psyche.

Aria is discharged when she recovers and goes on to live a stable, happy life. Elsewhere, Bethany continues to struggle, and does something that ends with her commitment to Radley. Jessica finds out that her niece is there, and joins the board to keep an eye on her. As time passes, Jessica slowly introduces her own children to Bethany, only getting as far as Alison before it all falls apart. Someone (Cece Drake) poisons Bethany’s mind, uses her fragile mental health to turn her against the DiLaurentis’. This results with Bethany hating Jessica and Alison, and raging about them in her therapy tapes. However, she plays Alison, planning to get out and visit her on Labour Day. Maybe Jessica found out the plans, being on the board for Radley, and stops them coming to fruition, only serving to fuel Bethany’s hatred even more. She escapes Radley, Jessica is alerted and asks Alison to stay in the house. Alison sneaks out anyway, goes about her business of trying to figure out who A is, before returning to her house and getting cracked over the head with a rock by the lovely Miss Bethany Young. Jessica panics and hides Bethany in the house, buries Alison, and returns to find Bethany gone. Unable to call the police or Radley, she goes and looks for her, tries to get her back to the house and a physical scuffle ensues. Jessica accidentally kills Bethany, and carries her back to the house. She finds that Alison’s 'grave’ had been dug up, sending her into a further panic. She hears a noise, so she drops Bethany by the fresh earth and runs to the house. Melissa finds Bethany, believing it’s Alison, and that Spencer killed her. To protect Spencer, Melissa buries the body, taking away the blame from Jessica and giving her no reason to confess.

That covers the events leading up to Bethany’s death - I mostly believe that yes, Bethany is in fact deceased, though some rebellious part of me likes to think Sara is Bethany - and gives Charles extra motive to torture the girls. Now, for what I think he was up to at the same time Bethany was being moved from place to place. I think someone in Rosewood raised him and so he attended school at Rosewood High, under a different second name of course. He knew Jason and Melissa, and was old enough to remember his mother. Maybe he recognised Jessica, who may have denied that she knew him, for whatever reason. Spencer feels like she knows him because he used to be friends with Melissa. Charles has always been clever, and watches Jason and Alison have the 'perfect’ childhood that he never had. I believe he was abused in his foster placement, made to play the same games he made the girls play in the dollhouse - who deserves water today, you or another child, or something similar - and grew resentful of the family. Jessica noticed this, as did Charles’ foster father and he was sent away - I don’t think he was ever a patient at Radley though. Maybe he was sent to a boarding school, something of the sort. He grew up, and searched for his sister, gathering information on Alison & her friends in case he needed it, before finding out that his sister died in Alison’s place 'that night.’ He was already sending text messages, using Mona and her hatred for Alison to his advantage. Mona didn’t know who Charles was at the time, and I doubt they ever met in person. But someone in a red coat- Cece Drake, at this point in time - visited Mona while she was in Radley and Mona told her that she’d done 'everything you asked me to.’
Cece has been betraying Alison from the start, she was the one who turned Bethany against them all, and worked for Charles. She went back to visit Ali at the ice ball to get a feel for things, to see in person how Alison was settling back in. Charles was just having a bit of fun with the nasty texts, watching Alison freak out and become afraid while he was looking for his sister. However, when the whole thing fell apart and Bethany died in Alison’s place, Charles lost his grip on reality and went full on vengeful. We know the story from here on in.

TL;DR; Marion & Jessica are sisters, if not twins. Bethany & Charles were taken from their mother when her mental health got too unstable, and their safety was compromised. Charles was put in an abusive foster home and attended Rosewood High, remembering his mother and aunt and resenting the DiLaurentis’ for getting the family he was robbed of. When Bethany died in Alison’s place, this gave him the motive to spend the next three years tearing Alison, and her friends, lives apart.

Comments/Thoughts? I hope I haven’t missed anything here. Let me know if I have!

PLL Looking Back on this 3x07: Terrified Patient Grabbing at of Aria?

Looking back on this scene, at first i ignored it thought it was nothing, but now im wondering if this is something & shouldn’t be forgotten. this scene always creeped me out, i almost don’t think it was a coincidence this patient was grabbing at the gate and flustered staring at aria, as aria starred at her. it looks like a fragile patient so to speak, a woman with boyish haircut named nicky (thats what i heard, lets not forget these patients can also have alias names, who knows nicky can be a clue or even the fragile patient that was in marions room, which we arent sure is bethany yet) Didn’t that guys voice familiar? sounds just like the guy who is talking to bethany on the tapes. (sorry dont know if this gif below is working but check video below instead)

Video can be seen HERE

Could there be more to what this is telling us about aria’s connection to radley and the fact that eddie lamb seems to know aria from being there before? I really dont think this is a coincidence, why  show a scene like this as if this patient is terrified of aria and wants to grab at her o_0 we had big ronda reach grabbing at aria. this is supposedly arias first time here at radley or is it? at this point i dont think so!

monariaisa rosewoodspy ariaisatheory ariaslair lucy-in-the-sky-with-troian aisforariapll spencers-bleeding-purse missariathekiller

**This is my brain on PLL. Ha! 😄**

So, during my quest to organize my brain of all things PLL, I thought I would make a family tree, consisting of most of the main families in Rosewood. 👪👱🐦👫👰👤 After I was finished, I thought about some of my favorite theories, and decided to add those as well. 💭💡✒

Lastly, I figured that if I posted it, you guys could add to it, change or remove parts of it, or whatever is applicable! ➕✅❌ I hope it’s clear and legible, if not, I would be happy to clarify lol. 😆 All of the information, except for any name accompanied by a pink dot, is accurate and has been proven on the show. 🔴 The pink dots hint at some of my favorite theories, which are then listed below the family tree.🌳

What do you guys think?! 😮 Please feel free to comment on, add to, or disprove any of my theories, lol. 😊 Thanks for reading!! 👀👍


Hey guys.

So I don’t know about any of you, but today I seem to be walking around with a giant black cloud hovering over my head. I am so bummed out about last night’s finale… not because CeCe is A, not because Charlotte is transgender, and not even because Sara Harvey, who is one of the newest characters in the show, ended up being a pivotal part of the story line. I am more upset because of the staggering amount of plot holes that have become so obviously apparent to the devoted fandom of this show. It’s like we know this show better than it’s own creator.

(Please refer to prettylittlesessions for the original post of Plot Holes, which you can view here ) - - prettylittlesessions refers to this post as Part 1… and it definitely only covers half of the shit that has gone wrong with the story, but I can think of so much more.

CeCe being A definitely explains a lot, and it is satifying in a lot of ways, but there are still SO MANY PLOT HOLES in the story.

For instance:

-Why exactly was CeCe targeting the PLLs again? I don’t think we got an answer that justifies ANY of the shit that A has done. What did she say her reason was again? Because they were “happy” Ali was gone? Ha! THAT SHIT IS WEAK!!! Ali bullied them all (enough for Mona to try and kill her That Night, but mistook Bethany for Ali instead). And even though Ali put them through hell, the Liars continued to try and track her down so they could solve the mystery and even try and protect her. The only Liar who actually admitted to being happy she was gone was Hanna. So are you trying to tell me that A’s entire motive for 2 entire years was based off of a rumor that Mona told her while they were in Radley together? And the only other motive that was given was “addiction to the game”. I know she was sick in the head, but ugh, seriously?! Our theory about the Liars killing Bethany Young/or someone important to A That Night & A was taking revenge on all of them because of it was so much better.

-Why did CeCe have Maya’s purse in 3x05 if Nate is the one who killed her?

-Why make Aria dye her hair pink, the same way that it was That Night? Why cover Spencer in blood like you are trying to get them to both remember something that happened That Night, when it turns out that NOTHING EVEN DID!!? It makes no sense. It would have made way more sense if Spencer actually killed someone & the Liars helped her cover it up. Once again, our theories are so much better.

-If Wilden was the first Queen of Hearts on the Ghost Train, then why would Melissa supposedly be the other? What the hell did she have to do with this game? It would make more sense if CeCe was the one behind the other QOH mask, so maybe it really was her. BUT NO EXPLANATIONS HAVE BEEN GIVEN either about that, or about Jason’s screwdriver-sized hole that he had in his hip the next day.

-How did CeCe & Sara meet? Did CeCe really kidnap her? Or was Sara there because she was just simply an evil bitch? How exactly did their alliance form and what is the deal with their entire relationship? (hopefully this will be covered in 6B, although I’m not really sure if I even want to watch anymore. But I will because I’m in love with the Liars.)

-Why was Jessica visiting Bethany in Radley & buying her horses? Or was this supposed to actually be CeCe? Obviously Bethany’s Radley tapes were about Jessica & her affair with Mr. Young, so it must have always been CeCe she was visiting, not Bethany. Guess I just answered that one myself.

-Okay so I know CeCe explained that every single time Jessica bought Alison an outfit, she would buy CeCe an identical outfit, like they were twins. So apparently Bethany put on her clothes That Night & left to try and do something terrible to Jessica because she had just found out about her affair with Mr. Young. This is why CeCe followed her and accidentally hit Alison instead of Bethany, because she was trying to protect their mother. I guess I can pretend that all of that makes sense, but the one thing that doesn’t make sense is that Bethany was buried while wearing the purple “Alison” friendship bracelet on her wrist. WHY THE FUCK WOULD JESSICA GET A DUPLICATE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET MADE THAT SAID “ALISON” & GIVE IT TO CECE? IT MAKES NO SENSE! Especially since Alison is the one who had those bracelets made for the girls in the first place. This was purchased at a separate time from the ugly yellow outfit, so why would Bethany know to wear it?

-Who killed Jessica? (another hopeful explanation for 6B)

-Why did Red Coat/Sara Harvey pull all of the Liars out of the Thornhill Lodge fire, but not Hanna?

-What was with Spencer’s nightmare about the hydrotherapy room in Radley & the Creepy Dancer? Was this seriously just a story line that was created so that Maddie Ziegler could be a part of the show? What the actual fuck? How does that tie into ANY OF THIS? Oh wait, it doesn’t.

-I know this was mentioned in prettylittlesessions’s post, but I must mention it again. Marion Cavanaugh was alive & well when Ali & Toby were both teenagers (flashback from 4x01), yet she was supposedly murdered by Bethany when Charles was a kid… yet Charles is older than both Ali & Toby? da fuq?!

-Please please please explain Wren Kingston. There are no doubts about it, his exit from Rosewood was one of the sketchiest of sketch moments ever. Was he working for CeCe? And if so, does that mean Melissa was too? Why would she want to hurt her sister so much?

-Speaking of Wren, where the fuck is Eddie Lamb? And why did he hate him so much?

-And speaking of again, how did Mona’s blood end up in Spencer’s bag when she was in London? Did CeCe pay off Colin, Wren, or Melissa? And if so, once again, why the fuck does Melissa keep doing things to hurt her poor sister? I guess being blackmailed about the fact that you committed murder by burying someone alive might sway a sister to torture her own flesh & blood, but I still don’t like it.

-Why did “A” put knives into Jake’s punching bag when Aria had already broken up with him? What did that gain? Oh, that’s right - - nothing.

-Why was Ambrose Pavilion so important to Alison? Was that Sara Harvey lurking in the shadows, or CeCe Drake herself?

-Why was Andrew Campbell outside of Mona’s house when the Liars broke in to search through her room? Did CeCe pay him off to plant the Charles DiLaurentis anagrams?

-Who shot the arrows at Ezra, Caleb & Mike in the woods? Was CeCe also good at archery? Or did she pay off Andrew once again (since we know he was a skilled pathfinder and had many awards for archery). And if so, why did he swear that he was only trying to be a “hero” by tracking the girls down after their kidnapping, yet most of the sketchiness related to him took place beforetheir kidnapping?

-Why did CeCe recreate Melissa, Ian, Jason & Garrett’s senior prom in the dollhouse if she didn’t even go to Rosewood High? And how did she become “PROM QUEEN” in the high school yearbook if she didn’t even go to school there? I know that we saw a flashback from when she came and crashed picture day & met Jason, but that doesn’t explain anything else.

-Why did CeCe dress up as a man during the dollhouse prom if she made her transition when she was 16 years old? She had boobs, but in that scene Charles definitely doesn’t, and it pisses me off that the writers gave absolutely no fucks about details like that.

-Jason & CeCe dated. Yea, that’s disgusting. Here I was, ruling out people like Ezra, Wilden & Ian because of the fact that they had romantic relationships with Ali. I could NEVER imagine that the PLL writers would actually bring incest into the show. But for fucks sake, I was so wrong.

All & all, I’m just so disappointed. I feel like I really do love CeCe as A, and I can get behind it because it really does explain most of the shit that has gone down. But all of these plot holes, including the ones by prettylittlesessions, cause me to lose an incredible amount of respect for the show. I’m sorta heartbroken over this :(

And then there’s this