mario&luigi superstar saga

I am so ridiculously excited right now, I haven’t even SEEN this game in years. This is my FAVORITE Mario Bros game. It’s RPG style (like Bowser’s Inside Story and Dream Team) and is probably THE MOST FUN one I’ve ever played!

I’ve still not officially beaten it, because the final boss is just… ridiculous. She takes literal chunks out of your HP bar with her weakest attack, but I guess that’s why she’s FINAL, so… (One day)

But like, this has been my favorite game. It was Fawful’s first game, and a character named Prince Peasley is debuted in here! It’s just so fun, and has that GBA aesthetic pixel art that a lot of people love!

If you can play this game, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is RIDICULOUSLY fun, happy, upbeat, but also has a dark twist. It’s great. It’s adorable. One of my favorite games when I was growing up! I might just buy it again to support it because I can and it’d be so fun to play on my WiiU! (I still have the game and a functioning GBA SP so I can play it either way.)

Happy gaming, pals!!!

ok so i haven’t seen anyone here on tumblr talking about german peasley and how gay he is and that is a crime so 

so there’s the scene in the english version of superstar saga where, after luigi rescues peasley, peasley calls luigi a zero, then immediately fixes himself to say hero

however, in the german version of the game, peasley misspeaks the saying hut ab, meaning “hats off!” and instead says hose runter, meaning… “pants down

and then later in the english version of the game, there’s peasley asking where luigi is, then proceeding to make a comment about his ‘luigi dunk’

however, don’t worry, it gets gayer in the german version. peasley, after asking about luigi, proceeds to refer to luigi as an ‘amüsantes schätzchen’, meaning amusing babe (schätz by itself means sweetheart/treasure/honey, while the -chen at the end makes it a “cuter” version of the endearment term)

in conclusion, peasley loves luigi and no one is surprised


‘why does tumblr always put Luigi in a dress its not like its canon!’

Idk here’s some examples from the top of my head but you tell me lmao

(also some fun things to note, in the second example M&L:SS Luigi not only looks like peach but sounds like her too. He’s a talented guy. He always seems to enjoy dressing up too, which is something interesting to note. Also the last one was included mostly as a joke. It is official though, these all are.)


This game is my heart and my soul and I freaking love this commercial XD