◎ - finds the other injured (w/ vampire!yoongi)

If you were being honest with your perceptions of how a vampire’s being works, you’d think they were indestructible. Walking on the realms of earth with no fear of stubbing their toe and clutching onto it with a prayer it doesn’t hurt, yes, you thought it was like that.

But that’s very unlikely when you enter the bar to see him laying on the floor, no one else to be seen and your heart stops. It feels like an eternity passes before you react, five seconds in and you’re running to tend to whatever he needs but the gush of wind that gets to him first makes you lightheaded. Jimin’s voice eases into your ears and you can’t process he’s trying to hold you back when your arms are restrained by your side because you have - need to reach him. 

Someway, somehow, you had to… listen to Jimin and stay calm because - “Hyung’ll get things covered. He isn’t badly injured,”

Jungkook comes by with a glass of water, because he’s been around enough to know humans could try to feel better by staying hydrated. He doesn’t budge until you down the whole hundred and fifty millilitres and you’re not sure if it’s scarily accurate to the time Yoongi’s - “Y/N,”

Your eyes seal tight and the words that you’ve been wanting to say gets clogged up in your throat, refusing to let up as they trap themselves there. Not even his hand brushing up your arm can get you to speak, let alone open your eyes.


The first thing you say as you open your eyes is: “So that’s how it feels like, huh?”

Yoongi only looks at you, his hand still stroking over your forearm. He stops when you lift yourself from your seat, to the sofa he’s on where hie arms automatically rest upon and it’s like where they belong and the familiarity and-”Y/N, don’t just go silent on me-”

“The torment of waiting for you to wake up and… the thoughts that come to mind while you haven’t,” Yoongi raises a brow when your hands rest on his chest, hitting him there, “It sucks,”

He scoffs a laugh, attempting to sit up after laying down for a moment to come closer to you. He grunts but manages, his hand touches your cheek and stays over your shoulder, “Are you saying you don’t like how it feels?”

“I’m saying I thought you weren’t going to wake up,” Yoongi knows you know his injuries weren’t as drastic as you thought it was but he understands how it must’ve made you feel. Nevertheless, he welcomes you to rest your head on his shoulder, careful as you hug him and you sigh when he catches on - “Your heartbeat’s really fast now,”

“I was scared,” You mumble, squeezing him a bit, “Still scared,”

You can tell he’s about to ask why even though he feels it but the answer comes anyway.

“I keep thinking you’ll never get hurt so I won’t know how it feels like to process things in the event you’re actually gone and now that I’ve experienced this I’m-”you pull back to narrow your eyes at him”-you’re never leaving my sight,”

He chuckles, out to humor you when you yourself know that’s impossible. But he plays along.

“Of course, my little bartender.”

Do y’all ever feel like you just……………. you know….. hallucinated Star Trek: The Original Series?? Like it’s some elaborate fantasy you’ve constructed full of soft lighting and romantic looks and dashing costumes and it’s so…. SO GAY???? The only time ANYTHING is that gay is in my imagination so, like, this show is a dream, right? It’s a beautiful, beautiful dream.