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so there was a post floating around a while ago about ngozi saying during a stream or something that holster knew about Bitty’s crush on jack and thought jack was leading Bitty on and was a little annoyed with him about that and I just

I really want a fic where him drunkenly and stupidly calling jack out on it at the end of year 2 is the catalyst for Jack’s “oh” moment

Not his father quoting Gretzky at the last possible moment, but adam birkholtz, drunk on his trademark svedka & pepsi, going on a tirade about the Cruel Sheep Empire that briefly turns into almost incoherent rambling about being cognizant of Bitty’s feelings and not giving him false hope, and then turns into nothing but retching sounds because holster’s throwing up in the bushes because, really, svedka and Pepsi?? is a terrible combo????


“You better watch this one Dewitt, she’ll take you where you don’t want to go”

Yesterday’s Elizabeth cosplay with the adorable @spectacularly-odd alongside me as a Little Sister

top 10 movies watched for the first time in MAY 2017

10. Little Sister (2016) dir. Zach Clark

9. Planet of the Vampires (1965) dir. Mario Bava

8. Heaven Knows What (2014) dir. Ben & Josh Safdie

7. Irreversible (2002) dir. Gaspar Noé

6. Fruit of Paradise (1970) dir. Vera Chytilova

5. Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2014) dir. David Zellner

4. Our Little Sister (2014) dir. Hirokazu Koreeda

3. Don’t Look Now (1973) dir. Nicolas Roeg

2. Chungking Express (1994) dir. Wong Kar Wai

1. In the Mood for Love (2000) dir. Wong Kar Wai


Day 2 of Kuronekocon, same thing as the first, tag yourself or reblog if you’re in one of these photos. I’d love to know you all!
Also thank you to the Plumeria and grunts for giving me a Team Skull pin as initiation to the team, I’ll definitely get a Skull Grunt cosplay put together for next year!

So I am experimenting with a podcast about video game music. I’ve decided to call it Singing Mountain, and I’d imagine a few of you can guess why.

This is actually the third episode, and I wanted to get three up before I started promoting it. Please give it a listen if you are also unabashedly nerdy about video games and don’t mind listening to my gay voice. This third episode is all about the Great Giana Sisters, a video game that is a complete ripoff of Super Mario Bros. but also happens to have fantastic music.

You can listen to the first two episodes on on SoundCloud. I’ve just today requested to add it to iTunes, so that’s not quite available yet, but I’ll tell you when it is. 

Enjoy! And please – tell me what you think.

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[…]But then he placed his hand on her stomach and frowned. “There is a change in your condition that I was unaware of.”

“With Father pursuing an annulment, this has not come at the most fortuitous time. Now no one will believe that swine Giovanni is impotent, and your annulment will not be granted.”

“[…]My condition has nothing to do with Giovanni,” she said coolly. “I bedded him once, and that was on a marriage bed.”
Cesare looked angry, “Now what scoundrel shall I slay?”
Lucrezia reached up to touch her brother’s cheek. “This child is yours, my sweet,” she said. “And can it be more bitter?

—  The Family - Mario Puzo