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I met Jacksepticeye!

So I went to the Game Grumps Live Show in LA, they were playing Super Mario Party 10 and every time they got a mini game they called someone up on stage and I got called! I got to meet @therealjacksepticeye and @gamegrumps! They were all super nice and amazing! I was wearing my Darkiplier shirt and I told Jack he was my favorite YouTuber, so I’m glad he didn’t mind! I had the BEST night ever! 

*While playing Mario Party 6*

Lucio: *Commenting on one of the mini games* We are going into Daisy’s heart shapped box.

Soldier 76: *Face palms* OH MY GOD LUCIO! Do you even know what that means?

Lucio: No. I just thought it meant like a box shapped like a heart, possibly containing chocolates.

*some time later*

Lucio: Can you please tell me what it means?

Soldier 76: *Shouts* IT MEANS VAGINA!

your new favourite tune, be your black cloud by june

mortal au in which will runs for student council president, nico pines, and there is an abundance of memes.


After listening to Mr D. rant for the better part of half an hour about ‘pointless traditions distracting from the purpose of academia’, Nico doesn’t feel much more educated on the evils of Halloween trick-or-treating, but he has realised that Will is probably going to talk about nothing but being the student council representative for senior year until either he gets it or he dies, so. There’s that.

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Have you ever been sucked off

are you talking about the mini game from Mario Party DS where you have to run away from the vacuum cleaner
if so, yes I have been sucked off

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Scenario for our wonderful leader please! You're also an idol and get paired up on a variety show to do coupley tasks like the paper kiss game etc! Much love x

Hello and thank you for sending some love to our lovely leader! Eek, lack of updates, I know, I know, but again,,,,,midterms,,,, i keep failing em so I usually work on these requests on the train,, but i tend to fall asleep,,,.,,. MY APOLOGIES req’s will be more regular in dec/jan when I have my winter break but in the meantime I hope you enjoy! ITS REALLY LONG……….

How you got into this mess? One moment your manager is asking you if you wanted to appear on Weekly Idol, and the next, you were being informed that you and Seungcheol would be co-hosts on their new segment for their special anniversary ‘A Vs B’. 

You didn’t think it’d be that bad. Weekly Idol was your favourite variety show and heck, Seungcheol? He was a sight for sore eyes. You, of course, would be leading one team and Seungcheol would be leading the other, having a two hour special of rookies and idols competing in mini games. Kind of like Mario Party, except worse.

This was proven, when Hyungdon and Defconn present the game of Paper Kiss Game, saying that Seungcheol and you would demonstrate. 

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BTS during Mario Party

V: Unplugs the controller during your individual mini game

Jungkook: Acts like it’s “just a luck game” when he’s losing but brags hard core when he is in first place.

Jimin: Gets the opportunity to steal stars or coins but turns it down because he doesn’t want to upset anyone.

J-Hope: The one screaming in panic during the Bowser mini games.

Suga: Turns off the system when he is last place right before it lists the ranking.

Rap Monster: For some reason can’t roll higher than a two for like half the game.

Jin: The surprisingly really good player and can tap buttons really fast. Keeps getting special spaces.

(Help from @sugatokki and @chibimoon54)