mario is killing me


do the mario but every time captain lou teleports the audio adjusts spatially to his location


You’re wrong…I’m a Lucian! I’m not one of your experiments!


i made a comic of all my favourite parts in the new trailer :   )

Pizza People

Prompt: Hey there! Could I request something? Like, imagine working at a pizza place the Avengers are always calling so you’re like they’re #1 pizza deliverer & one day after the civil war thing you deliver the pizza & then Peter is sitting at the table too & is too shy to act properly or something. (Like the other Avengers know you already & he gets all flustered & shy) …does this even make sense? Idk, but thank you anyway & I hope you have a great day! 💗

Characters: Avengers x Reader

Requested by: todiewouldbeaawfullybigadventure

Words: 400+

It was once again a calm day at work; people hadn’t really been ordering anything today. A couple of kids had been in the store, but quickly turned around and walked out, when they saw that you didn’t serve burgers. 

The phone rang and your boss was quick to pick it out. “Crazy Dough Pizzeria, you’re talking with Mario, may I take your order,” he sounded really desperate; he scribbled something down on his note block and smiled. 

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do you think sid has ever accidentally called mario lemieux dad (not in a sex way, just in like a "i lived with you for years and you're basically my hockey dad" kind of way) because i totally do. and maybe another pen heard and they chirp him forever

Lol geno is at dinner and Sid goes “can you please pass the salt dad” and Mario and geno both reach for it

Hours passed as they walked by the lake, and more hours as they talked by the roaring fire in the cottage. Later they made love. And it was better than ever before. They lay together for a very long time, before either of them was willing to break the bond of silence, and then it was Lucrezia who spoke first. “Our baby is the most beautiful cherub I have ever seen,” she said, smiling. “And he looks just like…”

Cesare leaned on his arm and looked into his sister’s clear blue eyes. “Just like who? he asked.

Lucrezia laughed. "Just like…us!” she said, and laughed again. “I think we will be happy together, even if he is your son, and can never be mine.”
“But we are most important,” Cesare reassured her. “And we know the truth.”

—  The Family - Mario Puzo

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