mario in

perché sei mia
perché non sei mia
perché ti guardo e muoio
e peggio ancora muoio
se non ti guardo amore
se non ti guardo
—  Mario Benedetti, Cuore corazza, estratto, da Nozione di patria (Noción de patria), 1962-63 in “Inventario” poesie (1948-2000) - trad. Martha Canfield
Paper Mario Conspiracy Theory:

Paper Mario died and was replaced by a look-alike. 

Records show that back in 2007, after production wrapped on Super Paper Mario, Paper Mario insisted on a pay raise, as his bills were piling up from the inter-dimensional travel insurance.

At first, Nintendo begrudgingly agreed, but then they found a loophole: 

The VGAG (Video Game Actors Guild) only protects characters themselves, not duplicates.

That night, they stole Paper Mario from his bed and forced him into a cheap photocopier.

As the smoke cleared, trailing off into the dark, cold night, it revealed an abominable clone. 

No heart, no soul, light ink, thin paper… 

The real Paper Mario hasn’t been seen since; we’ve been bamboozled.

You want evidence?

Play Sticker Star and Color Splash again, but this time, look deep into those black, cavernous eyes, and know… 

Know that this is no Paper Mario of mine.