mario hacks


You know, it kinda makes me happy that somebody created a video on how to create a Creepypasta-type sinister-used-Paper-Mario-cartrige without hacking using solely their knowlege of glitches in the game…

Also @furbearingbrick, @bogleech, look

adambrycethomas  asked:

Would there ever be any reason whatsoever for you to revisist rise to the challenge using your "newer" approach to lp'ing mario hacks (ie no save states/ reqinds/ new editing/ etc)? You've revisited other old things before and I just figured I'd ask out of curiosity. Thanks for the great content!

was that not a game I replayed?
no wait no, it isn’t!

huh, if there’s interest out there please raise your voice peeps, I’d be into it!

i remember exactly where i was when michael jackson died i was sitting on the couch in my living room watching super mario 64 hacks on youtube