Guardiola: You see this guy right there? Yes that one, that is Marco Reus! You will have to get him tonight Götze.

Mario: *He probably means Marco. OFC I know him he thinks I’m dumb doesn’t he? Hell yeah I know that I have to get him tonight what’s wrong with him I’m 23 Years old gosh..*

Guardiola: You know what Götze? You will do it like this. You jwill ump on back and try to get him down like this *shows finger* and then you walk around and get to different postion and you will jump on him again and again.

Götze: *What in the world? I don’t understand anything and his stupid finger show is just disgusting*

Guardiola: After you’re done with jumping on him you will move backwards and again you will make him angry, because he will keep looking at you while you will go back and he will follow you

Götze: *This is the worst plan I have ever heard and mostly it doesn’t makes any sense like follow me during the game? I’m will have to try though*

Götze: So I think I understood the plan
Guardiola: Yes good! You will have to go and hunt him Götze! Come on you will have to keep walking 
Götze: So I will just caugh him up? Or what now?


haha these three 😂🙈🙉🙊

Presenter: You have whatsapp group with Marco Reus and Mario Gotze, have you already talked a bit with marco reus about the cup final?

 Andre: Ummm Cup – not yet but we have seen each other when we played at home in Wolfsburg last week and we talked a little bit but in the cup not yet probably….

Presenter: there are many people that would give a fortune in order to read the whatsapp group messages once. Whatsapp is not so technical does it make you worried?

Andre: There is no worry it is all yes, you can read all of it

Presenter: if we want we can read all ok (audience laughs) that is good, that is good, we appointed an expert and found that it was fairly easy to get hold of. I hope it is ok for you that we use the chat from this afternoon now in sportstudio. I ask you to read your messages yourself and I will read the rest.

Andre: that’s ok

Presenter: It beings with marco reus, he says ‘Mario congratulations on the championship trophy’

Gotze writes – ‘Schu congratulations on the runner up trophy

 Andre:  I wrote- ‘Marco congratulations on non-relegation😉😉😉’ (laughs)

 Presenter: That is so mean haha – then marco reus – ‘the three monkeys from the goal celebration 🙈🙊🙉-for that I will hold the cup next week🏆

 Andre: ‘I look forward to our fight’ (laughs) ‘What is Mario actually doing next Saturday? 😉Watching tv📺?’

 Presenter: Mario says ‘no, no time, I have a hair appointment😄’ ‘Schu we will see you in the champions league next season 👑’

 Andre: ‘yeah but unfortunately without marco….. he must watch ZDF😂’

 Presenter: ‘die drei affen🙈🙉🙊’ his reply – ‘Hey Schu I play for a club of love💛and not in a car 🚙club’ What was your reply?

 Andre: ‘Well atleast I can drive😜