mario david fischer


Depth Within. Perspex, MDF, gold leaf, black permanent marker, glass paint, acrylic paint. 2012.

“Our inner structures are beautiful. We are perfectly engineered organisms. Your body, in particular the nervous system, is able to control temperature, allows you to sense touch, smells, sounds, and allows us to communicate; Our form is what connects us.”


“determination, passion, love, pride. this is football. this is the game who keeps you up all night, this is the game who makes you stand and cheer if it’s snowing, raining, or just extreamly hot. this is the game who makes you come back home with this warm feeling in your heart, even if your team lost, this is your team, you are a part from this team, and you know that today, you gave your everything, even if your team lost, the have won you as there fan, a person who don’t care about winning or loosing, doesn’t care about trophies, doesn’t care about money, the person who loves his team as it is. it’s not just 11 man running after a ball,those are your friends, idols, on that pitch, show them love and respect, so they’ll show you the same, thank them even if they loose, and believe in them, they do it all for you, cus just like you, they love this team. their team, your team, our team.” - josh levi, football commentator.