mario cornejo

Never has the quest for fame, money, power, and pleasure been more prevalent in the Philippines than in the noughties. Partners Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez took on the challenge of translating this societal insatiability on screen with Big Time. The movie tells the story of two small-time crooks trying to score a windfall, an aspiring actress trying to make the headlines, and a spoiled brat trying to prove his worth in the family business. When all four accidentally meet up in a heist, things get messy and quickly turn into a quirky fiasco.

In the center of it all is a big-time mafia boss, played effortlessly by Michael De Mesa, who wants to get to the bottom of it. Its segmented narrative coupled with playful edits and shots work for the benefit of the film’s hilarity. The movie’s dialogue, which heavily references icons of contemporary Pinoy cinema, makes it a fitting tribute and a generally enjoyable film to watch. Jansen Musico